Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jewish plot to corrupt the Koran revealed!

From YNet:
Algeria ordered thousands of Koran books whose covers bear a Jewish symbol to be removed from shelves.

Algerians who had already purchased the books decorated with a Star of David were urged to return them to stores in exchange for another Koran or their money back.

According to the Algerian government, the symbol on the cover "is not in keeping with the general ethics of the state".

The United Arab Emirates-based Al-Bayan quoted an official from the Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs as saying that a private businessman had imported the books from Egypt, and that censoring authorities were accusing him of "disrupting public order".

Members of parliament also expressed outrage, placing blame on the religious affairs minister and threatening to outlaw individual importation of the holy book.
Some commenters at Islam Today are convinced that this was a Zionist - or Jewish - plot.

I need to remind the Quran Division back at the International Zionist Web HQ not to be so damn obvious.

(By the way, Islamic art has historically used the six-pointed star. Here is a tile pattern from Persia in the 13th-14th centuries.
And here is a detail from a decoration of a mosque in Lahore, Pakistan.)