Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The importance of shaming Hamas (Zvi)

From Zvi:

If you consider the honor/shame obsession that evidently runs rampant among many of Hamas' supporters, and Hamas' need to remain a menacing shadow in order to keep their own people enslaved, then insulting the honor and courage of terrorists who butchered a pregnant woman is a very sensible thing to do.

Terrorists try to make themselves seem like heroes in the Arab world by causing fear and anger among Israeli civilians. They positively salivate when competent Israeli generals and ministers and foreign leaders notice them and call them a threat or a military force, and their sponsor states and supporters crow about their supposed "achievements" and "great operations."

But they can't stand humiliation. They, and their foreign sponsors (Assad, Khamenei, Muslim Brotherhood) have an obsessive need to be threatening, a menace. Why is this?

These terrorists, and the people who support them, have a secret fear. They are terrified that the world will realize that they are simply pathetic, whinging, bullying losers.

These are the kind of losers who ambush a car containing an unarmed father, mother and hitchikers. They slaughter these four helpless civilians, evidently indulging in blood-drunkedness. And their so-called "military leaders" and their so-called "political leadership" jump up and down with excitement as they claim "credit" for murdering a pregnant woman. Because that is exactly the kind of emotionally dysfunctional, worthless cannon fodder that they are.

They are the kind of losers who attack a hotel or blow up a pizza restaurant. I mean, a pizza restaurant. Such amazing heroism! Such a "military" operation!

The reason that these losers pretend that they think that killing unarmed civilians is a brilliant military success is because they are simply emasculated gutter trash armed with guns and explosives. They can murder civilians, but they are worthless when it comes to doing anything useful in society. They are a historic dead end, a bunch of mercenary traitors to their own people, in the pay of foreign dictators. They are supported by a bunch of ignorant losers whose sense of morals and humanity is as stunted as their own.

Those who support and perpetrate terrorism are worthless cowards, but they don't want to be recognized as such.

Call them on it.

I would add that the job of shaming Hamas should properly go to the so-called "moderate" Arab world, where it could get some traction among the Arabs who really are sickened by these sorts of attacks but fear saying so out loud.

However, if even Abbas and Fayyad cannot find it in themselves to denounce the terror attacks in terms of morality,  the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they secretly admire Hamas as well and their "condemnations" are purely for Western consumption. Indeed, the West reports these fake condemnations as if they are on par with the condemnations from Israel, the US and the EU, all of which describe the attack in terms that reflect its horror and depravity.

Shaming the terrorists is the best and most effective strategy to get them to stop. We have seen this happen before, when Hamas was shamed by no less than Al Qaeda's second in command for attacking civilians. Hamas responded, incongruously, that they do not intend to kill women and children.

This proves that Hamas would be embarrassed if the Arab world shames them. The problem is that the Arab street, by and large, applauds them and therefore strengthens them instead.

The problem is far deeper than just Hamas.