Monday, April 07, 2008

Bizarro world: Hamas pretends not to target children

In one of the more bizarre sideshows ever seen in the Middle East, last week Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri scolded Hamas for shooting at Israel "with the blessed Qassam rockets which don’t differentiate between a child and an adult, and moreover, perhaps [don’t differentiate] between the Jews and the Arabs and Muslims working in those colonies or in the streets and markets of Occupied Palestine, even though the Shari’ah forbids their killing."

Now, Hamas had to defend itself against Al-Qaeda's charges of wanton terror (and breaking Sharia law), and it came out with an even crazier statement:
Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on Saturday denied it aims at killing Israeli children and women by the rocket it fires from Gaza Strip.

"Hamas doesn't mean to kill children by its rockets," spokesman Ismail Radwan told reporters in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. His remarks were in response to al-Qaida's No. 2 leader Aymanal-Zawahiri who said Hamas' random rockets kill Jews women and children in violation of Islam law.

But Radwan added that "the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians may involve some killings of children," blaming the Israeli army on "deliberately killing children, women and destroying houses and mosques."

Yes, Hamas with a straight face is claiming that their Qassam rockets are not aimed at random women and children of Sderot and other Negev communities. They just have really, really, really bad aim. All those kindergartens and schools that got hit must have caused great anguish among the leaders of Hamas.