Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Algerians investigating the Star of David Koran (clarified)

Algerian authorities launched an exhaustive investigation into finding out exactly how some Korans with a six-pointed star on their cover managed to make it into their country.

Algerian newspaper Echorouk has all the details. Their image is somewhat different from the one that was originally published in YNet.

A number of Islamic parties are demanding accountability and punishments for the scandal. One Islamic leader said "such incidents distort beliefs and myths touching the doctrine of the Algerians, making one wonder where was the control of the [Religious Affairs] Ministry for this incident?!" He also said that it must have been imported by some synagogue.

Another said that the incident was "unfortunate and should not be tolerated."

The Religious Affairs Ministry said that "the original copy delivered to the Commission had the star mixed within the geometric form and it was not prominent or separated from the rest of the decoration" on the cover.

The Koran was published in Egypt. The Korans will be properly disposed of.

UPDATE: I originally said "The Korans will be properly destroyed" but the translation I had was "disposed," so that was my mistake. There are some reports that Muslims respectfully burn old unusable Korans, others say they bury them or dispose of them in a river. Possibly all three, but burning seems to be a last resort.