Sunday, July 25, 2010

Abbas unclear on definition of "violence"

Over the weekend, four rockets an two mortar shells slammed into Israel from Gaza.

At the same time:
President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday that Israel’s continued settlement building on what would become a future Palestinian state was impeding a two-state solution and renewing the cycle of violence.
This is a recurring Palestinian Arab theme: When Jews do something that upsets them, it is "provocative" and it causes them to react violently. This applies to building houses, visiting holy sites, or making municipal plans in their capital.

In the twisted worldview that Palestinian Arab leaders have, anything that makes them upset is considered "violent" and when they use actual violence, they are merely "reacting" to Israeli "violence."

The corollary is that Palestinian Arabs have no self control, no free will, no ability to retrain themselves. Their violence is natural, Israelis living their lives is "provocative."

It would be comical if the repetition of this inanity - that Jews living normal lives on their homeland is inherently "provocative" - had not been accepted as undisputed fact by most of the world.

Don't believe me? Here's a short list of terrorist acts that have been declared "natural reactions" by Palestinian Arab leaders:

Butchering a 13-year old boy with an axe
Murdering an 86 year old man
Running over a Jewish woman with a bulldozer
Massacring teenagers at a school

See? It's only natural!