Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's only natural

One of the usual responses by Palestinian Arabs to terror attacks - besides celebration and joy - is to tell the West that these attacks are a "natural reaction" to "Zionist crimes."

Hamas used those words yesterday as they praised the attack, and a Firas Press op-ed said the same thing this morning.

No one seems to notice that only the Arabs are allowed to "naturally" murder. Israel doesn't have that luxury - its acts must withstand the tightest scrutiny before even being decided upon. Those evil Zionists cannot naturally believe in revenge or murder because those are, well, evil. But the poor oppressed Palestinian Arabs are naturally allowed to act aggressively.

In other words, those who defend terror attacks in this way are telling the world that all Palestinian Arabs simply do not have the same capacity for free will that the Zionists have.

The defenders and justifiers of terror are the racists, openly saying that Palestinian Arabs cannot act like adults - they are children or animals or mentally disabled people who cannot be blamed for acting in bad ways because they do not have the mental capabilities to think soberly and logically. Only the hated Jews have that ability, you see.

So only the Jews can be blamed for any civilian deaths, because they are the adults and know better. The Palestinian Arabs aren't.

The world buys into this farce to some extent, always assuming that the Israelis have more ability to act in a logical manner than Arabs can, and therefore asking more concessions from the adults than from the slightly defective children.

Only Israel seems to expect Arabs to act as adults, as people who understand the concept of responsibility and who realize that actions have consequences. For everyone else, including the Arabs themselves, the Arab world can act as it pleases because it simply does not have the maturity that the Jews do.

Arabs acting like animals is "natural," according to their defenders. Isn't that as racist as can be?