Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's PalArab news 7-24-09

Here are some interesting items I didn't get to this week....

A number of English-language stories came out about Jordan revoking Palestinian Arabs' citizenship. I mentioned that last month.

The current Mufti of Jerusalem condemned the publication of photos of the former Mufti talking with Hitler, saying it was "published out of context and was meant to incite violence against Palestinians." Actually, the context couldn't be clearer - his predecessor was a rabid anti-semite, terrorist leader, Nazi sympathizer and war criminal, and the current Mufti is defending him.

Maariv is quoted as saying that UNRWA head John Ging was threatened by Hamas and forced to flee Gaza. UNRWA denies it.

Children and the elderly are being discouraged from attending Hajj this year, as there is a fear that swine flu would spread among the millions descending to Mecca.

The An Nasser Brigades took credit for shooting "projectiles" towards Israeli forces near Gaza.

The Arabic press is again a-twitter over "far right" Jews visiting the Temple Mount again, which is of course "provocative." (In other articles it is described as "storming.")

Hamas now requires female lawyers to cover their hair and (apparently) wear veils in the courtroom.

Next year Mahmoud Abbas is expected to step down as "president" of the PA and Hamas plans to try to take over the position.