Monday, July 13, 2009

Operation link dump

Yesterday's book review took a lot out of me (and I am still thinking of other points I want to make,) and taking a day off means that there is too much stuff to comment on even if I could get my head out of micro-vacation mode. So here are some links to peruse:

Israel was kicked out of the International Federation of Journalists, and it is unclear whether it was a simple monetary dispute or whether it is political.

New blogger Jonathan Boyko looks at Javier Solana's plan to have the UN unilaterally declare "Palestine" to be a state.

The UK placed a partial arms embargo on Israel as punishment for defending itself in January from rocket attacks. Iranian media labeled this move "token."

Yisrael Medad brings us a funny Israeli TV commercial, which would be interpreted as fairly upbeat and optimistic by most people, and the Washington Post/Reuters' coverage of "outrage" over it - written by no less than five people. (I can fantasize on how comprehensive this blog would be if I had five people working on it, but apparently Reuters has staffers to spare.)

Israel Matzav shows us, via Palestinian Media Watch, a Fatah official on TV saying quite explicitly that peace is not Fatah's goal.

Barry Rubin brings us the best evidence that the Obama administration needs to read the Ross/Makovsky book.

Israel saving the world, again: Israeli scientists devise a way to have traffic generate electricity.

President Obama will be meeting with American Jews to address their concerns. Well, some American Jews. Those who believe that Jews have the right to live in Judea and Samaria are not welcome.

Anthony Weiner, who has traditionally been one of the more reliable pro-Israel Jewish congressmen, is marrying a Muslim aide to Secretary of State Clinton.

Another non-Arab territory is willing to accept "Palestinian" refugees from Iraq: Kurdistan. Isn't it amazing that the people who care most about these refugees are the people that the Arab world hates? Makes you wonder why the world still believes that Arabs have such solidarity for those of Palestinian origin.