Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tunnel collapses in Rafah, one more terrorist dead

From PalPress (Arabic, autotranslated):
Palestinian medical sources announced today, Wednesday, killing appeared citizen Mahmoud Abdel-Hamid alive "23 years" of the inhabitants of the city of Rafah following the collapse of a tunnel on the Palestinian-Egyptian border.
The number of Palestinian Arabs who have been violently killed by their own actions this year is now at 591.

A child-killer named Rami Khalifa has died "in mysterious circumstances" in prison in Gaza. 592.

UPDATE 2: On Tuesday,
at approximately 10:30, several farmers found a dead body under an olive tree on the side of an agricultural road between Far’a refugee camp and the village of Sireen southeast of Jenin. The farmers saw gunshot marks as well as marks of violence on the body. A Palestinian civilian vehicle was near the body. The farmers called the Palestinian police, who examined the body. The dead body was identified as that of Mohammad Nayef El-Shaf’i (37) from Fa’ra refugee camp. He was the owner of the vehicle. The body was transferred to the forensic laboratory in Abu Dis for examination; and the police are investigating the incident.