Sunday, June 03, 2007

Zionist pigs return

I mentioned in April about the latest conspiracy theory among Palestinian Arabs, that Israelis are releasing wild pigs to eat their produce.

Like all good stories, it becomes a recurring theme. In Arabic PalToday (autotranslated):
A correspondent in the northern West Bank that the settlers deployed hundreds of wild pigs and wolves in Salfit, especially near the colony "down", where animals are those in the Al Matwi, by the presence of sewage mentioned in the colony, which is fertile ground for breeding pigs and reproduction is surprising and without interruption.

Transfer correspondent for the San Ibrahim Hamad, director of Salfit emphasis on the cultivation of this matter, stressing that the ministry has spared no effort in combating pigs, despite the weakness of the possibilities available to them.

His Praise "it is difficult to combat the phenomenon of pigs for two reasons : the continuing Israeli occupation forces and settlers deployment, and secondly, the rapid reproduction considerably."

Our correspondent also noted that the farmers in the governorate of Qalqilya and found large numbers of wild pigs roamed the rebel lands and ruining crops.

The correspondent reported that Mohammed Abu Asida director cultivation Qalqilya, saying : "The phenomenon of the proliferation of wild pigs disturbing and dangerous and detrimental to Palestinian farms, explaining that the phenomenon began to spread after the completion of the racist wall, and the establishment of the gates on a large scale in confined areas behind the wall."
So far the "racist wall" is responsible for pig proliferation as well as flooding. Those sneaky Jews manage to even have their inanimate objects multitask.