Friday, November 03, 2006

PalArabs flooded, blame the Jews!

There have been some heavy rains in Israel and surrounding areas over the past couple of weeks, causing some flooding.

In PalArab areas, flooding is especially dangerous because they often have open sewage ditches (the PalArabs haven't figured out how to build sewers, although they are excellent at building arms-smuggling tunnels.) So there is a higher possibility for disease when it floods.

But, the question remains - if something bad happens to PalArabs, somehow it must be the Jews' fault. How can they blame the floods on the Jews?

Luckily, our friends at the Palestine News Network (Arabic site, autotranslated) have found a way!
Qalqiliya / -A rubber boat in the western neighborhood in the city of Qalqilya north of the West Bank brings to mind the winter of 2005 when the racist wall detained in the western region and the rain water had risen to three meters and flooded homes, farms, livestock barns and forced the owners of boats used to transport Almahasseri n in the nearby houses of the apartheid wall.

Children in the neighborhood of al-Naqqar advantage of the opportunity to combine a depth of the water and brought high rubber boats and started swimming, exercising a hobby of them said : the occupation has prevented us from the sea and swim in it, Because praise in rainwater mixed waste water.

Mayor of Qalqilya, Wajeeh said Quas of the Palestine news : the municipality in the region setting up a giant project funded by the International Red Cross Society value of 200 thousand dollars. the drainage and waste water. It has been agreed with the Red Cross to begin soon in this vital project.

He added : Quas there was apprehension of the Israeli authorities prevented the project because it is close to the apartheid wall, There will accelerate the completion of the project in anticipation of the occurrence of disasters consequences in the event of heavy rains in the coming days.
So let's count the ways that we can blame Israel for the flooding:
  1. The separation wall can act as a dam, stopping floodwaters from damaging the Zionist side and flooding residents who live nearby. At least that's what happened last year so it might happen again.
  2. Children can't stop themselves from swimming in the contaminated water because the Zionists don't let them frolic in the Mediterranean.
  3. The Red Cross will build a sewage system, but hasn't yet because of Israeli reservations, but they will, somehow. It doesn't make sense but the upshot is that the Israelis prevented them from building the sewers that they will be building.

It seems that the word "responsibility" is not in the Palestinian Arab vocabulary (they are not responsible for building their own sewers and drainage systems, for building their own swimming pools, or for keeping their children away from sewer water.)

Oh - my bad. They do know how to take responsibility for terror attacks.