Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stoning the hand that feeds you

It doesn't get better than this:
Some 300 activists from the left-wing group Peace Now gathered in Hebron on Tuesday for a demonstration marking 40 years since Israel annexed the West Bank in the Six Day War...

However, local Palestinians threw stones at the Peace Now bus and a police vehicle after the demonstration. No one was hurt in the incident.
How perfect is that - Jews demonstrating against the "occupation" and PalArabs throwing stones at them. Makes one think that perhaps the real object of their enmity is not "occupation," but "Jews."

The Jerusalem Post, editing this article from AP, inexplicably lets this sentence get through:
The group was protesting, among other things, the occupation of a Palestinian house by local settlers in April.
I guess AP thinks that this is more accurate than saying "the legal purchase of a house by Jews in March." Because when truth and the MSM myths intersect, the myth always wins.

(H/T Shrinkwrapped)