Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hamas starts humiliating Fatah

One of the corollaries of the honor/shame culture in the Arab world is that you don't only desire honor for yourself, but you want to humiliate the enemy. Fear of disgrace is a much bigger incentive than seeking honor.

So it is not surprising that Hamas is showing Fatah members this morning on TV in their underwear. Even Ma'an News, which is the only PalArabic news source that is not openly partisan, describes it as humiliating. And note the juxtaposition of humiliating Fatah and declaring the greatness of Hamas (autotranslated):
Broadcast space Aqsa loyal to Hamas pictures of dozens of soldiers and officers of the Force are without clothes, except their underwear while raising their hands while elements of the Qassam shooting over their heads in humiliating and insulting.

Hamas leader Sami Zuhri Ayo on the background of these pictures said : "Allah Akbar Allah Akbar, praise be to God a lot, It was a moment of victory and say to the nation and the people that this is the second liberation of Gaza Liberalization of the first settlers and the second liberation of these clients.
Notice also that Hamas' promises not to turn Palestine into an Islamic state during the election have gone out the window.