Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hamas captures Fatah's collection of blackmail sex tapes

Ma'an reports on a Ma'ariv story, not otherwise translated into English yet:
The Israeli newspaper, Maariv, reported on Wednesday that Hamas discovered videotapes during the seizure of power in the Gaza Strip that reveal the corruption of the security forces and the sexual deviancy of several Fatah leaders.

Maariv reported that Hamas members discovered dozens of recorded sexual encounters of leading figures, which were being used by the security forces as blackmail. According to Maariv, Fatah ordered the videotapes to be destroyed so they did not fall into the hands of Hamas.

Hamas said the videotapes involve several Fatah ministers and prominent leaders. Maariv added that many of the tapes remain in the hands of Hamas.

Maariv said that the videotapes show several Fatah leaders committing infidelity.

The videotapes were recorded in several locations including offices, hotels, hospitals and houses. The purpose of the recordings was to recruit agents and collaborators and blackmail Fatah officials.

The paper added that some of the videotapes were recordings of Hamas leaders, one of whom was forced to collaborate with Fatah against Hamas. The tape showed him cheating on his wife.

Maariv added that some of the women who appeared in the tapes were imported prostitutes. Maariv’s reporter said that he had seen one of the tapes which was recorded in a hospital and involved a doctor with a girl. The reporter said that this type of blackmail is very common.

Maariv’s reporter concluded that Hamas are very satisfied by their discovery, which they intend to use to blackmail the Fatah figures recorded on the tapes.

And here I thought that Hamas members were so dead set against corruption and immorality.