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From Ian:

Overhaul protesters gear up for ‘day of resistance’ throughout the country Thursday
The protest movement against the government’s judicial overhaul plans was set to conduct a second major campaign to disrupt daily life in Israel on Thursday, in what activists are calling a “day of resistance.”

The day notably includes plans to block roads around Ben Gurion Airport in an attempt to make it difficult for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to get there for his flight on an official visit to Italy. This in addition to marches, temporary workplace strikes, the blocking of main thoroughfares, disruption of train services and rallies outside the homes of top government officials.

The protest events were laid out in detail on a dedicated website and map (Hebrew), with organizers promising “many surprises,” indicating there were more planned actions that had not been announced publicly.

“It is a civic duty to resist the dictatorship and this is the only way to return Israel to the path of democracy. This is a great battle for the independence of Israeli citizens against the tyranny that will destroy what we have built here for over 70 years. We call on the entire public to participate in protests,” the organizers said in a statement.

Protest heads have specifically called for demonstrators to block roads around Ben Gurion Airport when Netanyahu and his wife are scheduled to depart on their flight to Italy. The trip previously faced setbacks when national carrier El Al was unable to find a crew to man the prime minister’s flight — an issue blamed on crew shortages but which may have also been affected by growing public anger at the government as it pushed forward with efforts to weaken the justice system.

Some media reports indicated Netanyahu was looking at possibly taking a helicopter to the airport to avoid the expected road disruptions.

A major rally in Tel Aviv was to set off from the city’s Habima Square. In addition, protests by workers from the tech sector were planned at 15 locations around the country.

Police said they too were preparing for the demonstrations, with 3,000 cops set to be deployed across the country.
Ruthie Blum: IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi should call his troops to order
Those who defended Bar’s remarks (delivered several weeks before the Knesset election) did so on the grounds that terrorists apprehended by the Shin Bet told their interrogators that internecine strife in the Jewish state was bolstering their confidence and resolve. In other words, since perception influences enemy actions, security bigwigs have a responsibility to monitor and caution about pitfalls in this realm.

It’s a logical position, particularly in view of the gleeful way in which the international Arab and Iranian media outlets are depicting the present crisis in the country. That they’re being given a serious boost by the Israeli press may be extremely disconcerting, but it’s the price—and privilege—of free speech.

Soldiers don’t enjoy this luxury, however. On the contrary, their individual ideologies are irrelevant to the assignments they are charged to execute. Halevi has the duty to remind them of this in no uncertain terms. His failure on this score only encourages the very foes that the IDF, thankfully, is still fighting on more than one front.

“When we are on the battlefield, we don’t look to the right and left to discern the political views of our brothers and sisters,” said Netanyahu on Monday, after attending a Purim megillah reading at a Border Police base in the Jewish community of Beit Horon. “We [do it] with the knowledge that together, shoulder-to-shoulder, we are storming our enemies, in order to safeguard our security and future.”

This, he stressed, “is the first and most important foundation of our existence in our land. It rests on the deep understanding that whatever the controversies among us, we are always united against those out to kill us. This is how it was during all of Israel’s wars.”

He went on: “Refusal to serve threatens this existential foundation, and thus has no place in our ranks. Israeli society always condemned the refusal to serve.… We never allowed it a foothold—neither in the regular army nor in the reserves; neither in the security forces nor anywhere else. It had no place in the War of Independence, the Oslo Accords or in the disengagement [from Gaza]. There is no room for it now, nor should there be in the future…. because the minute that we give this illness legitimacy, it will spread and become systemic…in controversies to come.”

Netanyahu concluded with a Purim analogy.

“When Haman sought to find the Jews’ weak spot, he said, ‘There is one people that is scattered and divided.’ But…we rose as one; we banded together and achieved victory for generations. We will do it again this time, as well.”

It’s a message that Halevi would do well to hear, heed and repeat.
Ben-Dror Yemini: Leave the IDF out of the protest
This is one of the most legitimate protests in Israel's history.

Some have tried to quash it by pointing out a handful of Palestinian flags flown at rallies, but for every such flag, a thousand Israeli flags were raised, so that fell flat.

Others claimed the protest wasn't about the judicial overhaul at all but rather an attempt to overrule the will of the voter, but that too missed the mark. This protest's success lies in its expansion to more and more audiences, it's not merely a left-wing protest. Prominent religious and right-wing figures have also joined in, and while most of them don't take the streets, they make their voices heard by appealing for dialogue and broad consensus.

Are they too anarchists? Who are you trying to fool?

As for those screeching voices on the margins flying the BDS flag, let them, they clearly do not represent anything.

But the protest also brings the pain. The fissure is here. And 37 out of 40 pilots of the Israeli Air Force's elite 69 Squadron declaring they won't report for training is the closest thing to mutiny.

We must not allow this terrible scourge to become the face of the protest for there is a fine line where a protest shifts from an opposition to the government to an opposition to the state. There are too many elements on the left that had done so, there's no need for the protest to tread the same line.

Crossing that red line would only harm the protest since it draws its success from the fact that it has become a consensus in and of itself, and public opinion polls show as much.

As soon as the protest crosses these red lines, it will become a sectoral protest of the extreme left. This was not the intention of the pilots who declared that they won't report for reserve duty, but this may be the result. So yes, we must apply pressure to prevent harm to democracy. But there is no need for the protest to exacerbate that harm.

The Caroline Glick Show: Politics is poisoning the IDF
Mob violence against Sara Netanyahu; 37 out of 40 elite Air Force reservist pilots refusing to show up to duty. These are, but two of the most recent examples of the protests against the judicial reform proposed by the Netanyahu government.

To discuss the shocking turn of events and the leading role that retired leftist generals are playing in the left’s efforts to coerce the government to shelve its efforts to restore Israeli democracy, the guest on this week’s show is Brig. Gen. (res.) Amir Avivi.

Avivi is the founder and CEO of the Israel Security and Defense Forum (Habithonistim), a social movement and think tank comprised of retired senior officers, soldiers and concerned citizens working to reinstate the Zionist ethos in the IDF. Glick and Avivi also discuss at length the issue of Iran, which the United States now acknowledges had become a threshold nuclear state..

In addition, Glick devotes her opening remarks to an analysis of the central (hostile) role the Biden administration is playing in the events on the ground in Israel.

‘Why do we need judicial reform?’ An architect behind the proposal explains
Professor Moshe Koppel, one of the architects of the Netanyahu government’s judicial reform program, spoke to JNS last week about why the reform is needed and what it’s really about.

Contrary to the claims of its opponents, who say that it will strip Israel of its checks and balances, judicial reform will restore the checks and balances that have been stripped away by a court system that has arrogated powers beyond its purview, said Koppel, chairman of the Kohelet Policy Forum, a Jerusalem-based think tank that seeks to “broaden individual liberty and free-market principles in Israel.”

“The problem is that all the checks and balances that exist in other [Western, democratic] countries do not exist in Israel,” he said. “The [Supreme] Court can do whatever it wants…. Judicial reform is trying to rein in the court.”

Secondly, the Supreme Court turned the attorney general into “the long arm of the court within the government,” so now the attorney general can “push the government around on its behalf,” Koppel said.

The judicial reform has five parts, he said. The first addresses the issue of the attorney general. The reform makes clear that the role of the attorney general is that of an adviser. “The attorney general is not the boss of the government,” Koppel said.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, in unveiling the “first stage” of the reform plan on Jan. 4, said that legal advisers are “advisers, not deciders, who represent the government and not their personal positions.” He called for an end to the “subjugation of the government to an unelected rank.”

Said Koppel, “The government should hear the advice of its lawyer and then decide whether it wants to take that advice, or doesn’t want to take that advice, just like anybody else in the world who has a lawyer.”

There have been instances where the attorney general has refused to represent the government in a case, while refusing to allow the government the right to hire private counsel, leaving the government without legal representation to defend itself in court. The reform will allow the government to hire its own counsel in such an event, Koppel said.

The second part of the reform concerns the way judges are appointed. Appointment of Supreme Court justices currently requires the approval of seven out of nine members of the Judicial Selection Committee. As three are justices they effectively have veto power. “It causes the court to be too homogeneous,” Koppel said. The reform will change the composition of the panel. There are discussions about how to do it, “but the short version is you want the judges to have less influence over the appointment of new judges.”

The last three parts of the reform address ways in which judges can weigh in on legislative and governmental decisions.

One addresses the judicial pretext of “reasonability,” whereby judges overturn laws and administrative decisions based on whether they consider them “reasonable” or not. The pretext is vague enough that opponents of reform (at least in its current form) agree that it shouldn’t be allowed.

On Feb. 12, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said in an address to the nation, “An unrestricted use of the pretext of reasonableness could become the basis for a disproportionate entry of the judicial authority into the exclusive territory designated for the executive and legislative branches.”

Koppel said the “reasonability” pretext was first used in a court case in 1981 by then-Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak. Barak, who went on to become president of the court from 1995 to 2006, is widely considered by Israel’s right wing as responsible for the “judicial revolution” that the current government seeks to correct.

Israel slams 'disgraceful' South Africa vote to downgrade diplomatic ties
Israel rebuked the South African parliament for voting to formalize a governmental decision taken four years ago to downgrade its ties with the Jewish state.

“The symbolic resolution taken yesterday by the South African parliament calling for the downgrading of relations between South Africa and Israel is shameful and disgraceful,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry said.

“Even as a symbolic resolution, it does not contribute in the least to the promotion of any viable solution in the Middle East,” it explained.

A symbolic move
The move comes as Israel is pushing to expand its ties with Muslim and Middle Eastern states.

“At a time when many African and Muslim countries are strengthening and deepening ties with the State of Israel for the benefit of everyone's common interests, it is unfortunate that South Africa continues to adhere to anachronism and the deterioration of relations, a move that will only harm South Africa itself and its standing,” Israel Foreign Ministry said.

South Africa recalled its ambassador from Israel in 2018 to protest the IDF’s response to Palestinian rioters along its southern border with Gaza during the Hamas-led Great March of Return.

One year later it decided to downgrade both its diplomatic ties with the country and the embassy to the status of a liaison office.
Poland denies agreement reached for return of Israeli high school trips
Poland denied that Israeli high school trips to visit the concentration camps in Poland are set to resume after a one-year suspension, one day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Office announced the return of the trips.

"After a wasted year, we are resuming the teen trips to Poland,” Netanyahu said after the announcement that was issued jointly by his office, and the offices of Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and Education Minister Yoav Kisch.

“The lessons of the Holocaust can be learned in many ways, but there is nothing better than seeing it with one’s own eyes,” Netanyahu said.

A sign of thawing ties between Israel and Poland
The trips were suspended last year due to a dispute with respect to the curriculum and the presence of armed security guards. Ties between Jerusalem and Warsaw have been strained following the Polish passage in 2018 of legislation against speaking of Polish complicity in the death of Jews during World War II.

The resumption of the teen trips are viewed in Israel as a sign of that relations have improved between the two countries.
Polish National Bank Issues Coin Honoring Anti-Communist Leader Accused of Murdering Jews
Poland’s National Bank has announced that it will issue a special silver coin commemorating a leading figure in the post-war anti-communist underground who was accused of murdering Jews in the country’s Podhale region.

The coin honoring Józef Kuraś, to be issued on March 15, forms part of a series commemorating the “doomed soldiers” who fought the Soviet Union’s takeover of Poland in the aftermath of World War II. Kuraś joined the anti-Nazi resistance in 1939, emerging as a leading figure in the anti-communist movement in April 1945. For nearly two years, units of Kuraś’s “Błyskawica”organization were active in southern and central Poland. In Jan. 1947, Kuraś is understood to have committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner by the communist authorities amid a gun battle in the village of Ostrowsko.

Kuraś’s nom-de-guerre was “Ogien” — Polish for “fire,” a moniker he adopted after his wife, father and baby son were murdered and burned in their own home by German Gestapo agents in June 1943.

Several historians have charged that Kuraś was responsible for the murder of dozens of Jews in the Podhale region during his struggle against the communists. In his book ”Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz,” Prof. Jan Gross of Princeton University described Kuraś as as “legendary outlaw in the mountainous region of Podhale, where he battled the regime by killing Jews who were fleeing Poland by one of the Brikha exit routes.”

Gross specified that Kuraś had recorded the murder of Jews in his diary, citing the killing of twelve Jews near the village of Kroscienko on May 6, 1944.

A separate article by Karolina Panz — a Polish historian based in the town of Nowy Targ, where Kuraś was active — concluded that during 1945-47, “the number of Jewish victims exceeded thirty, including children from Jewish orphanages. Among the perpetrators of those acts of terror were partisans from the group commanded by Józef Kuraś ‘Ogień’ – one of the most important symbols of anti-communist resistance.”

Poland’s leading anti-racist organization condemned the coin’s issuance as another example of the Polish state lionizing wartime figures with established records of antisemitism.

The Israel Guys: In Israel, NOT ALL MEDIA Stories Are As Real As They Seem | Purim Special
Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim, a day when Israel celebrates their victory over their enemies, and a day when we’re reminded that not everything is as it seems. What is hidden, or distorted, will eventually come to light, and stories that are untrue, or outright lies, will ultimately not prevail.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian terrorist responsible for Huwara attack
The terrorist who killed brothers Hillel Menachem Yaniv and Yagel Ya’acov Yaniv on February 26 was killed Tuesday in a raid in Jenin carried out jointly by the IDF, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Border Police.

Six Palestinians died in the raid and 26 more were wounded, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Hiding out in Jenin, he was identified as Hamas operative Abdel Fattah Hussain Harusha, 49, from the Askar refugee camp near Nablus. Harusha had recently been released from an Israeli jail after an eight-month prison sentence for conspiracy to plan a terror attack.

Harusha’s sons, Khaled and Mohammad, were arrested in Nablus on suspicion of involvement in the Huwara attack, Israel said.

After the operation, the Islamic Jihad terrorist movement warned that “the resistance will not let the blood of its fighters and citizens be wasted, and the resistance’s response to the enemy’s crimes will not be long in coming.”

Hamas called for an escalation of violence in the West Bank after the raid, stating “The crimes and massacres of the occupation will not frighten our people, but rather will increase their determination and strength in confronting the occupation and its settler militia.”

The Yaniv parents said: “A stone was removed from our hearts when we heard that the terrorist was killed and not arrested. We feel, despite the difficulty, that God is beside us, leading us, and we are thankful that on the day of Purim, grief turns into joy, we are comforted a little by the killing of the terrorist.”
The ‘new normal’: Gaza terrorists respond to Israeli military ops in Judea and Samaria
A new normal is taking hold in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian terrorist factions in the form of responses by Gazan armed factions to events in Judea and Samaria, commonly referred to as the West Bank.

The responses so far from Gaza are deliberately designed to send a message without crossing what Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad consider to be Israeli red lines, which would trigger broader Israeli retaliation in Gaza.

The latest example of this developing trend occurred on Thursday when terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket that exploded just on the Israeli side of the security barrier. Hours later, the Israel Defense Forces reported that an explosive device planted on the Gaza-Israel security barrier went off near Israeli soldiers conducting activity in the sector. In response, Israeli tanks hit a Hamas military post in southern Gaza.

These events are occurring hours after an Israeli counter-terrorism operation in Jenin resulted in the killing of Hamas terrorist Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha, 49, as well as five other Palestinian gunmen during a battle with the elite Israeli Counter-Terrorism Unit. That unit acted on precise Shin Bet intelligence to reach Kharousha in broad daylight. Kharousha had shot dead Israeli brothers IDF Staff Sgt. Hallel Menachem Yaniv and his brother, Yagel Yaakov Yaniv, while they were driving near Huwara in Samaria on Feb. 26.

An Israeli defense source assessed that a lengthy period could be ahead consisting of an “equation” in which terrorists launch attacks in Judea and Samaria, Israeli forces launch counter-terror raids, and Gazan terror factions launch limited attacks, triggering limited Israeli retaliation.
US backs Israel’s ‘legitimate right’ to fight terror following Jenin operation
The United States expressed support on Tuesday for an Israeli counter-terror operation in Jenin earlier in the day. During the daylight raid, Israeli forces eliminated the terrorist responsible for the murder of two Israelis on Feb. 26, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

“Israel, as we have made the point before, has the legitimate right to defend its people and its territory against all forms of aggression, including, of course, those from terrorist groups,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price during a press briefing.

“And we’ve, as I just mentioned, seen far too many vivid illustrations of the terrorist threat that Israel faces, including in recent days. We remain deeply concerned by the sharp rise in violence in [Judea and Samaria], and we continue to urge the parties to take immediate steps to prevent the further loss of life,” he added.

The terrorist, identified by Palestinian media as Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha, 49, a member of Hamas, shot dead brothers Hallel Menachem Yaniv (21) and Yagel Yaniv (19) while they were driving near Huwara in Samaria, according to the IDF.

Kharousha was released from prison four months ago, after being arrested for planning to murder Israeli soldiers. He had served just under three years and was freed despite warnings from intelligence and security officials.
Four Israelis inherit corneas of brothers killed in terror attack
The corneas of two Israeli brothers killed in Samaria a week ago Sunday were transplanted into the eyes of four Israelis at Beilinson Medical Center in Petach Tikvah on Wednesday.

“I’m so excited. I couldn’t have imagined. What a strong family. I’m so looking forward to meeting them already. Just to hug them,” said one of the recipients, Ziona Salzberg.

Ron Carmeli, another recipient, said, “When this terrible incident happened, I looked at the TV and saw their beautiful, big blue eyes. I never imagined even in my wildest dreams that I would be able to see again thanks to them. I appreciate them so much, and this noble act.”

Esti and Shalom Yaniv, the brothers’ parents, said, “We were excited this morning to receive the news about Hallel and Yagel’s corneal transplants. We wish the donors to see the world with goodness and joy, as our sweet Hallel and Yagel saw it. The kind and beautiful eyes of Hallel and Yagel will continue to illuminate our world through [these] dear emissaries and it fills us with satisfaction that even after their death they were able to do good to others.”

On Feb. 26, a terrorist opened fire on Hallel and Yagal Yaniv as they sat in traffic in the Arab village of Huwara in Samaria. They were evacuated to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The terrorist, identified by Palestinian media as Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha, 49, had been released from an Israeli jail only months earlier. He was killed by Israeli forces during an operation in Jenin on Tuesday.
Yaniv brothers’ killer was released from Israeli jail months before the attack
The Palestinian terrorist who gunned down the Yaniv brothers on Feb. 26 had been released from an Israeli jail only months earlier, against the recommendation of elements of the defense establishment, Arutz Sheva reported on Wednesday.

Hamas member Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha, 49, shot dead 21-year-old Hallel Menachem Yaniv and 19-year-old Yagel Yaniv while they were driving near Huwara in Samaria.

Kharousha was released from prison four months ago, after being arrested for planning shooting attacks against Israelis. He had served just under three years and was freed despite warnings from intelligence and security officials, according to the report.

Kharousha was killed on Tuesday in an Israeli military operation in Jenin, a hotbed of Palestinian terrorism in northern Samaria. In concurrent operations in Nablus, Israeli forces arrested two of Kharousha’s sons for suspected involvement in the attack that killed the Yanivs.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the soldiers who “eliminated the abhorrent terrorist who murdered the two wonderful brothers, Hallel and Yigal Yaniv, in cold blood.”

He continued, saying “our brave soldiers acted with surgical precision in the heart of the murderers’ lair. I commend them and send my best wishes for a swift recovery to our wounded. As I have said repeatedly: Whoever harms us will pay the price.”

Hallel and Yagel Yaniv were laid to rest on Feb. 27 on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.
Media Miss Mark Following ‘Surgical’ Anti-Terror Raid in Jenin
As Israelis celebrated the holiday of Purim on Tuesday, security forces entered the terror stronghold of Jenin with an eye to capturing a suspect in the murder of Hallel and Yagel Yaniv, two Jewish brothers who were fatally shot while driving through the West Bank on February 26.

According to an Israel Defense Forces statement, Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha and other Hamas operatives had barricaded themselves in a house while firing “heavily” at soldiers. Troops reportedly employed shoulder-mounted missiles in a bid to make the terrorists surrender.

During the shootout, which included gunmen targeting security forces from an ambulance, Palestinians hurled rocks and explosive devices, with the US-designated terrorist organization Islamic Jihad confirming its involvement in the clashes. Unconfirmed video footage showed two IDF drones being shot out of the sky.

In response to the events in Jenin, terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at Israeli territory. Meanwhile, in Nablus, where Israeli forces apprehended two men suspected of aiding Kharousha, the Lions’ Den terror group vowed to “wreak revenge on Zionists” and attack Tel Aviv.

When the gunfire fell silent, local media reported that six Palestinians were killed in the arrest raid. In a press release, Hamas described all casualties as “martyrs,” “combatants,” and “fighters,” and independent researchers soon confirmed that no civilians died in the military operation.

PA security forces fire tear gas at Huwara terrorist’s funeral in Nablus
Palestinian security forces in the West Bank fired tear gas Wednesday at mourners attending the funeral of a Hamas terrorist killed by Israeli forces, as they chanted slogans against the Palestinian Authority.

Hundreds marched through the streets of the northern West Bank city of Nablus for the funeral of Abdel Fatah Hussein Kharousha, 49, killed a day earlier along with five other Palestinians during an intense gunfight with Israeli troops in Jenin.

The Shin Bet security agency said Kharousha, a Hamas member from the Askar refugee camp near Nablus, was the terrorist who opened fire on an Israeli car driving through the town of Huwara on February 26, killing Israeli brothers Hallel and Yagel Yaniv.

Hamas’s armed wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, called him a “heroic martyr.”

As mourners carried the body of Kharousha through Nablus, some shouted insulting slogans against the Palestinian security forces and other officials, calling them “prostitutes” and “spies” for Israel.

Palestinian officers fired tear gas and stun grenades, an AFP correspondent said, and the body was taken in an ambulance.
PMW: PA libel: Israel tries to maximize murder of Palestinians
A number of times when Israeli forces entered Nablus to arrest Palestinian terrorists, among them two murderers, they were attacked by other Palestinian terrorists and in the ensuing gun battles several Palestinian terrorists were wounded and one Palestinian was killed.

The PA used these incidents to reinforce the demonic image of Israel and Israeli soldiers it has painted and transmitted to Palestinians at every opportunity for years.

The official PA daily described the entrance of Israeli forces as the “occupier’s” mission to “realize its craving for murder.” Israeli soldiers were said to be deliberately seeking to murder Palestinians, shooting “not randomly, but rather in order to wound and kill.”

“The occupier infiltrates Nablus, which is always ready for the next invasion. As is its custom, it insists on committing a new crime while realizing its craving for murder… Bloody hands pull the trigger on a hunch, as long as the target is Palestinian… The occupation… spread out its snipers everywhere and began to shoot live gunfire – not randomly, but rather in order to wound and kill… The occupier, who is an expert in the language of sadism.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 14, 2023]

When 5 Hamas terrorists were killed while shooting at Israeli forces at the time of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, regular columnist of the official PA daily, Muwaffaq Matar, who is also a Fatah Revolutionary Council member, accused Israel of being an “earthquake of the aggression and organized terror” that is worse than “crimes against humanity”:
“These are victims of the earthquake of the aggression and organized terror of ‘the State of Israel’ – an earthquake that has been continuing for more than 100 years against the Palestinian people, and whose intensity is greater than crimes against humanity of the most severe level.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 7, 2023]

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed numerous examples of PA hate speech and demonization of Israel and Israelis.
Abbas: “Colonialist states conspired… to get rid of the Jews in Europe”

Abbas: Palestinians “own” the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Western Wall because they are “an Islamic waqf”

Fatah proud of murderer and Fatah members and PA Security Forces’ involvement in terror attacks

UN Clash: Iran Tries to Silence Testimony on its Terror Support
Iran’s delegate twice tried to stop Hillel Neuer from testifying about its sponsorship of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

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