Sunday, March 19, 2023

From Ian:

Terror attack: American-Israelis injured in shooting near Huwara
David Stern, an oleh from the US, was injured in a shooting attack near Huwara in the northern West Bank on Sunday afternoon, just three weeks after two Israelis were killed in a shooting attack in the Palestinian town.

Stern, a resident of the settlement Itamar and a former US marine, was transferred to Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva in moderate to serious condition. His wife, also a US citizen, was injured lightly in the attack as well.

After being shot, Stern succeeded in shooting back at the terrorist, injuring him. A soldier at the scene also shot the terrorist at the same time. The terrorist ran away, but was located shortly after by Israeli forces.

The terrorist was identified as Laith Nadim Nassar, a resident of the village of Madama, southwest of Nablus, according to Palestinian media.

A photo reportedly from the scene showed a vehicle with Israeli license plates with bullet holes in the windshield near the driver's seat. About 20 bullets were fired at the car, according to initial reports.

A senior Magen David Adom medic, Moshe Meir Shimon, who was present at the scene stated "We met up with the vehicle at the Einabus junction along with IDF medical personnel. We provided medical treatment to a man in his 30s who was seriously injured by a gunshot to his upper body and to a woman who fainted from anxiety. We quickly transferred them to ambulances and evacuated them to the hospital, as the man was in serious condition."

Israeli and Palestinian reactions to the terrorist attack in Huwara
"I've known the injured man for man years. He's a dear friend, a professional fighter and level-headed," Religious Zionist Party MK Tzvi Sukkot said in a statement.

"After a direct attack, he managed to return fire, hit the terrorist and take care of himself. A miracle has happened here!"
The Iran-led ‘axis of resistance’ is gearing up for a Ramadan terror offensive
According to security sources, Hezbollah Secretary-General Nasrallah increased his coordination meetings in Beirut’s al-Dahiya neighborhood with PIJ secretary general Ziad al-Nakhala and Hamas military chief Saleh al-Arouri, toward the beginning of Ramadan. An agreement was reportedly reached between Hezbollah, Hamas, PIJ00 and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to step up terrorist activities in the coming days.

Nasrallah said last week that Israel would collapse even before it marks the 80th year of its founding. The internal dispute in Israel and the wave of protests over the government’s judicial reform have increased the feeling among the terrorist organizations that Israel is on the verge of disintegration and that this is the time to increase the pressure.

Despite the hoopla at the time, the agreement regarding the division of Lebanon’s economic territorial waters designed by the United States, signed on October 27, 2022, did not reduce Hezbollah’s motivation for terrorism against Israel. Moreover, it allows Hamas to strengthen its military infrastructure in southern Lebanon and in the refugee camps in Tyre and Sidon.

Hamas officials say that the attacks on Israel in the coming days will be from all directions according to the doctrine of unification of the fronts, including rocket fire from southern Lebanon and infiltration operations from southern Lebanon into Israeli territory.

According to security officials in Israel, behind all this malevolent activity is Iran, which in the past year has smuggled arms and funds through Jordan to the northern West Bank into the hands of the terrorist organizations.

The axis of resistance led by Iran is preparing for a major escalation in the month of Ramadan. Israel is also seriously preparing for a scenario that may be bigger than the military conflict that took place in May 2021.
The Great Big Palestinian Brainwash: Why Children Are Turning Toward Terrorism
There is an issue with indoctrination in Palestinian society.

Scores of children are being taught by both their teachers and educational materials that Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth and that they should seek “martyrdom” by perpetrating deadly terror attacks against Israelis and Jews to do this.

And despite the problem being well documented — including pieces by HonestReporting — little has been done to tackle it.

According to the latest report by IMPACT-se, a non-profit watchdog group that monitors educational resources for extremist materials, and the non-governmental organization UN Watch, the extremist issue in UNRWA schools persists despite the UN refugee agency pledging to get to grips with it.

The most damning findings documented in the report include:
Numerous teachers whose social media accounts were awash with praise for terrorists who had perpetrated deadly attacks on innocent Israelis and Jews
One teacher shared Hamas propaganda videos that threaten the destruction of Israel and wrote tweets praising the proscribed terrorist organization
A teacher who liked posts praising the Jerusalem synagogue axe and shooting attack in which five Jewish worshipers and a Druze police officer were murdered
A teacher who wrote posts encouraging Palestinian children to commit attacks, labeling one such boy a “righteous hero”
An elementary school teacher who wrote antisemitic conspiracies online, including that “wealthy Jews… lead the world from behind”
A teacher who wrote social media posts venerating Adolf Hitler and Nazism, with one comment calling on Hitler to wake up because “there are still some people you need to burn” (three fellow UNRWA employees ‘liked’ this particular post)
Children taught in classrooms to lionize notable Palestinian terrorists, including Dalal Mughrabi, who was behind the 1978 Coastal Road massacre that left 38 civilians dead
Youngsters being encouraged to “liberate” the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which amounts to a clarion call for violence at the flashpoint site
Terrorists are portrayed in schoolbooks as heroes with explicit calls for children to follow in their footsteps
Exercises in school materials that celebrate a firebombing attack on a Jewish bus as a “barbecue party”
Schoolbooks that call on pupils to take up arms against Israel and murder Jews
Materials that promote anti-Jewish blood libels and falsely claim Israel is stealing Palestinian antiquities

and the problem is likely not confined to UNRWA-administered schools.

Israeli, Palestinian officials hold security summit in Sharm el-Sheikh
Israeli and Palestinian officials were scheduled to meet in the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, amid escalating tensions in the region in the run-up to Ramadan.

Jordan, Egypt and the United States were also to participate in the security summit, which comes nearly a month after a similar summit took place in the Jordanian Red Sea port city of Aqaba.

According to Hebrew media reports, among the participants at the meeting will be Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi, Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) director Ronen Bar, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Ghassan Alian, among others.

On the Palestinian Authority side will be P.A. Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh, General Intelligence Service head Majed Faraj and P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas’s political adviser Majdi al-Khalidi.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s senior Middle East adviser Brett McGurk and the foreign ministers of Jordan and Egypt are also scheduled to participate.

At the Aqaba meeting, Israel and the Palestinian Authority affirmed the need to “commit to de-escalation on the ground,” according to Jordan’s Foreign Ministry. Israel also committed to “stop discussion of any new settlement units for four months and to stop authorization of any outposts for six months,” according to the U.S. State Department.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied the report, stating on Feb. 26 that “there is not and will not be any freeze.”

Ramadan starts on March 23 and ends on April 21.
Israeli Delegation Walks Out of Egypt Summit with PA After Huwara Attack
A delegation of Israeli officials walked out of a summit with Palestinian Authority (PA) counterparts following a terrorist attack in the Huwara town in the West Bank, where an Israeli man was seriously wounded.

The summit was held in Egypt, a country that emerged in recent years as a key mediator between Jerusalem and various Palestinian factions. Officials from Israel, the PA, Egypt, Jordan and the United States participated in the emergency conference in an attempt to ease tensions in the region.

The past few months have seen an uptick in Palestinian terrorism against Israeli targets; there is real concern in Israel that the unrest could spill over into a new intifada (popular uprising), especially given the volume of incitement by Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

These efforts were also aimed at stabilizing the PA, primarily through economic aid. Ramallah had to comply with the request of Jordan, Egypt and the United States to attend the conference, and sent three representatives close to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. US President Joe Biden’s senior adviser Brett McGurk and foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan also attended the meeting.
Obstacle to Peace? Palestinian Authority Approves ‘Terrorists-only’ Settlement
Israeli communities in the West Bank are, perhaps, one of the media’s favorite talking points. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, 18 top-tier news websites produced over 500 articles that raised the issue, blaming much of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict almost solely on Jewish settlers and settlements.

However, as a result of this incessant fixation on “bricks over blood,” journalists have all too often overlooked Palestinian steps that jeopardize future negotiations and breach signed agreements between the two sides.

Case in point: On March 15, 2023, Hebrew media reported that the Western-backed Palestinian Authority (PA) had authorized the construction of a luxury village intended for convicted terrorists only. The new settlement will be built near Ofra in Area B of the West Bank, where the PA has civilian control but the Israel Defense Forces maintain security.

According to a report on Israel’s Channel 14:
In the past weeks, work has started to build a luxury neighborhood for terrorists who have spent at least five years in Israeli prison… The Arab organization behind the project is called ‘Al-Karamah Housing Cooperative for Detainees,’ whose members are Palestinians who have spent at least five years in Israeli jail for [their] involvement in terrorism. On its executive board, one can find family members of terrorists like Abla Saadat, the wife of PFLP Secretary-General Ahmad Sa’adat, and Naim Al-Sharif, the father of Hamas terrorist Imad Al-Sharif.

The project in the West Bank reportedly consists of 100 spacious freestanding homes, described by some local reporters as “the dream of every murderer of Israelis.” From their garden, the released prisoners will have a view of the British Police Junction on Road 60, where a Palestinian terrorist, in 2002, killed ten Jews using a Nazi sniper rifle.
2023 update: No Arab demographic time bomb
Artificially-inflated Palestinian numbers
• The demographic and policy-making establishment of Israel and the West refrains from auditing the official Palestinian data, and therefore does not report the following:
• Approximately 500,000 overseas residents, who have been away for over a year, are included in the Palestinian population census. However, internationally accepted procedures stipulate only a de-facto count. Furthermore, this number was 325,000 in 1997 following the first Palestinian census, according to the head of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. It increased to 400,000 in 2005, as documented by the Palestinian Election Commission. The number grows daily because of overseas births.
• Some 375,000 eastern Jerusalem Arabs, who possess Israeli ID cards, are double-counted. They are included in the Israeli census as well as in the Palestinian one.
• The more than 150,000 Arabs from Gaza and (mostly) Judea and Samaria who married Israeli Arabs and received Israeli ID cards are also double-counted.
• The P.A. census does not exclude some 390,000 Arab emigrants from Judea and Samaria. The census ignores the annual net emigration of Arabs (mostly young) from Judea and Samaria (around 17,000 annually in recent years). Net emigration has been a systemic feature of the area since the Jordanian occupation in 1950, if not longer. For example, 12,580 in 2022, 28,000 in 2021, 26,357 in 2019, 15,173 in 2017 and 16,393 in 2015, as documented by Israel’s Immigration and Population Authority, which records all Jewish and Arab exits and entries via Israel’s land, air and sea international passages.
• A 32% artificial inflation of Palestinian births was documented by the World Bank (page 8, item 6) in a 2006 audit. While the P.A. claimed an 8% increase in the number of births, the World Bank detected a 24% decrease.

While the official Palestinian population figure for Judea and Samaria is 3 million, when the above factors are taken into account, the resulting figure is less than half of that: 1.4 million.

The bottom line
The United States should derive much satisfaction from Israel’s demographic viability and the enhanced posture of deterrence deriving from it, which is the United States’ top force and dollar multiplier in the Middle East and beyond.

In 1897, there was a 9% Jewish minority in the combined area of pre-1967 Israel, Judea and Samaria, expanding to a 39% minority in 1947. In 2023, there is a 69% Jewish majority (7.5 million Jews, 2 million Israeli Arabs and 1.4 million Arabs in Judea and Samaria), with the trend heavily favoring Jewish population growth.

In contrast to conventional wisdom, there is no Arab demographic time bomb. There is, however, a robust Jewish demographic tailwind.
Noa Tishby talks about judicial reform on 'Real Time with Bill Maher'
Israel's Special Envoy for Combating Antisemitism and the Delegitimization of Israel Noa Tishby appeared as a guest on Friday on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, in which she discussed Israel's controversial judicial reform and the protests responding to it.

“I have read some really disturbing things, said Maher. “In the past, it was Israel against the people - their neighbors - who are not big fans of them... Now it's internal. Now Israel seems to be fighting with itself. I see protesters in the streets - hundreds of thousands - for people who are not following this, please tell us why the president of Israel said civil war is possible. He said, ‘The abyss is within touching distance.’ Why is this?”

Tishby downplayed the president's comments, saying that they were “slightly dramatic.”

“What's happening in Israel right now, what we're seeing is literally democracy on full display. It's actually quite extraordinary. So, let's backtrack for a little bit. So, a few months ago Benjamin Netanyahu - you know very well - won the election and because of how the parliamentary system is built in Israel, he started this coalition, which is on the extreme side, it's right-wing, more religious-” “Very right-wing,” Maher interjected. “As it happens in the US, when new governments come in, they jump in to make sweeping changes quite quickly, and that's what this government decided to do,” Tishby continued. “They suggested a judiciary overhaul, which is going too far, and the Israeli people are basically rebelling against it.”

Tishby discusses antisemitism on panel with Rep. Elissa Slotkin and Andrew Yang

On a panel with Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) and former US presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Tishby replied to a question about the difference between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitism.

“How can people distinguish between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitism?” Maher asked Tishby.

“Great question. So, anti-Zionism is antisemitism, first of all,” Tishby said, receiving cheers from the audience. “I'll tell you what the difference is, there's nothing wrong with criticizing [the] Israeli government, I just did that on the show. ...There's nothing wrong with criticizing [the] Israeli government's policies, politicians, that West Bank...if you have something against. If you're trying to dismantle the Jewish state, if you're trying to go against the existence of the State of Israel, that's where the line is drawn, and sadly... there are a lot of people that are saying that Israel is not a legitimate country, and that is unacceptable.”

Ivanka Trump criticized on social media for Western Wall visit
Ivanka Trump received a barrage of hateful criticism on social media after she posted an Instagram picture of herself in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, captioned, “Sunrise prayers at the Western Wall.”

Ivanka, 41, the daughter of former U.S. President Donald Trump and wife of Jared Kushner, who served in the Trump administration as a senior adviser, is a convert to Judaism. Her Hebrew name is Yael.

She is visiting Israel with her family.

Her post led to a thread of invective, with comments such as, “Its [sic] Palestine not Israel,” “From the River to the Sea Palestine Will be Free,” and “Palestine not Israel whether you accept it or not its [sic] Palestine.”

Many simply wrote: “Free Palestine.” One said, “I’m pretty sure she’s doing it for the photo, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

Some remarked on the tone of the comments in the Instagram thread, “Uh oh, here comes the hoard with their red black white green [PLO] flag pretending it [Palestine] exists” and “The angry Islamist comment section.”

Still others appeared to criticize her for converting to Judaism, “I pray that you’re teaching your kids about Yeshua, Jesus, the Son of God, Savior, and King of all Kings,” “Hail Christ,” “Christ is king,” and “Jesus is not about this.”

However, there were many who praised her, with the post garnering 146,618 likes.

Former Iraqi beauty queen, 33, who worked as a translator for the US military during the Gulf War plans bid for Congress 'to tackle Democrats' woke policies'
A former beauty queen who represented Iraq in the Miss Universe pageant and fled war-torn Iraq in search of a better life in America is hoping to run for Congress in California.

Twenty years on from the start of the Iraq War, Sarah Idan, who describes herself as a feminist and human rights activist, is looking to challenge was she believes to be the Democrats biggest weakness - its wokery.

Idan, 33, has spoken out against the extreme left of the Democratic Party and has openly criticized Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her comments on Jewish people and Israel.

'I don't stand for your anti-American, antisemitic, Muslim Brotherhood agenda, using this democracy to further your…Islamic socialism goals of dividing and weakening our country,' Idan tweeted in 2019.

'I would just be the opposite of Ilhan Omar. I'm a Democrat and liberal, but I don't think like you – I don't hate this country,' she explained.

A Year of Palestinian Violence: The Numbers Behind the Headlines
This March marks one year since the beginning of the current wave of anti-Israeli violence and terrorism that has claimed the lives of 45 Israeli citizens and residents of the Jewish state and has wounded scores of others.

While the international media have reported on major instances of Palestinian terrorism, the vast majority of violent incidents that have occurred over the past year continue to go unreported.

The following is a month-by-month breakdown of all the acts of anti-Israeli violence and terrorism that have taken place over the past 12 months.

Please Note: The only stone-throwing incidents that are recorded are those where someone was injured. This does not reflect the total incidents of Palestinian stone-throwing attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers during the time period.

The Israel Guys: DID YOU KNOW American Tax Dollars Are Paying Terrorists?
Did you know that American tax dollars being sent to the Palestinian Authority are directly used to pay the salaries of terrorists who murder Jews? Joshua breaks down exactly how the amount of money given in aid to the Palestinians, directly correlates to the number of attacks against Israelis.

Israeli man critically wounded in terrorist shooting attack in Huwara

The role of terrorist organizations in the last wave of terror attacks

Lions' Den terror group expands to Gaza, fires rocket at Israel

Palestinian women and female terrorists are “an example for the women of the world”
From the Palestinian Authority prime minister to the PA and Fatah, the Palestinian leadership praised Palestinian women on the occasion of International Women’s Day earlier this month.

But why are Palestinian women praiseworthy? According to the PA, the reason is:
- Because they are terrorists and murderers
- Because they are mothers of terrorists who have the “ability to withstand tragic moments” and sacrifice for “redemption”

Lauding Palestinian women, PA PM Shtayyeh specifically singled out female terrorists (“prisoners”) as well as mothers and wives of male terrorists (“Martyrs and prisoners”) for praise:
“On the occasion of the [International Women’s Day] event, [PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh conveyed his appreciation and blessings to the Palestinian women everywhere. He especially noted the mothers and wives of the Martyrs and prisoners, and the lauded female prisoners.
Shtayyeh emphasized that activity is continuing in order to advance the women’s status, protect their rights, and strengthen their participation in the various fields.”
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 7, 2023]

The PA announced in a headline in its official daily that Palestinian women are “an example for the women of the world.” Why? Because they know how to “withstand tragic moments” and know “that liberating the homeland and the people is an act of struggle whose price is heavy.” They are also outstanding becausethey understand that “sacrifices” are needed in order to bring about “redemption.” In other words, Palestinian women are admired forthe fact that their sons and husbands, and sometimes even they themselves, are terrorists – in PA terminology “self-sacrificing fighters,” or “Martyrs” in the event they get killed while carrying out their terror attacks:
Headline: “The Palestinian woman is lofty, and she is an example for the women of the world”

“The most prominent thing about the Palestinian woman is her ability to withstand tragic moments, difficult moments of loss, as she knows that liberating the homeland and the people is an act of struggle whose price is heavy, and that the sacrifices bring the redemption closer and put an end to the general tragedy.

It should be noted that more than 100 years of difficult conflict have created a deep consciousness that can be summarized thus: Palestine will return to the Palestinians only with the defeat of Zionism, and this defeat will not be achieved in a knockout, because Zionism is a transcontinental enemy that summarizes the orientalist colonialist ideology. Due to all this the battle is long and requires endurance, stamina, and sacrifice, generation after generation.”
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 8, 2023]
PMW: Mother justifies son’s murders: “The Jews forced us to do this… Everything in Palestine is ours”
Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance

Official PA TV host: “We are… in the home of the prisoner to whom we convey the sincerest greetings from [official] PA TV and the program Giants of Endurance, our brother Husam Shehadeh (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 6), who was sentenced to life … He began his 22nd year inside the prisons.”

Mother of terrorist murderer Husam Shehadeh: “The Jews forced us to do this. This is our right. This is our land. Our right. This is our land, our air. Everything in Palestine is ours. Everything in Palestine is ours, not theirs.”

[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, March 9, 2023]

Husam Shehadeh – Palestinian terrorist and member of the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction) convicted for his role in a terror cell that carried out a series of lethal shooting attacks between January 2001 and January 2002. The first attack was the murder of Akiva Pashkos on Jan. 25, 2001, in Atarot, in northern Jerusalem. Shehadeh was also involved in the murder of Yaniv and Sharon Ben Shalom, and Sharon’s brother Israeli soldier Sergeant Doron Sviri, in an attack on Aug. 25, 2001, on Route 443 between Jerusalem and Modiin. Yaniv and Sharon’s two infant daughters, 20 months and eight months old, were also wounded in the attack. The last of the series of shooting attacks took place on Jaffa Road in the center of Jerusalem on Jan. 22, 2002, in which Ora Sandler and Sarah Hamburger were murdered and over 40 others were wounded. Shehadeh was arrested, and was convicted of both the murders and of planning a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. Shehadeh is serving 6 life sentences.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad claims senior engineer assassinated by Israel in Syria
The Gaza Strip-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group on Sunday morning claimed one of its senior members, an engineer, was assassinated by Israel in Syria.

In a statement, the military wing of the PIJ, the al-Quds Brigades, said Ali Ramzi al-Aswad, 31, was shot dead by “agents of the Zionist enemy” in the Damascus area. The terror group said al-Aswad was a “leader” and an engineer.

The PIJ described al-Aswad’s killing as a “cowardly assassination bearing the fingerprints of the Zionist enemy.”

There were no further details on the alleged assassination. Syrian media outlets reported the killing took place in the Damascus suburb of Qudssaya.

The terror group said al-Aswad’s family originated from the northern city of Haifa and settled in a refugee camp in Syria following Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. The PIJ said he joined the group and worked as an engineer, eventually becoming a senior commander.

“We hold the Zionist enemy responsible for this crime,” the PIJ said, vowing a response.

Iran must be penalized for poisoning young girls - opinion
It has been over three months since the chemical attacks against Iranian schoolgirls started, leading to the poisoning of more than 5000 female students. It appears that these instances are likely part of a systematic and coordinated campaign aimed at suppressing teenage involvement in protests.

Some observers are holding the Islamic regime responsible for the attacks. Some others attribute the attacks to mass hysteria and anxiety. The article “Are Iranian schoolgirls being poisoned by toxic gas?” published by BBC News, stands out in this context.

According to the piece, several “key epidemiological factors,” including “the fact that it has been predominantly affecting schoolgirls,” suggest that these incidents were not a chain of poisonings, but were instead a case of “mass sociogenic illness” in which symptoms spread among a group with no obvious biomedical cause.

Such an evaluation is problematic for various reasons. First, the reason why the poisonings have predominantly affected schoolgirls is that the incidents occurred exclusively in female schools. It is important to note that gender segregation is a common practice in Iranian schools, where boys and girls attend separate schools. However, the poisonings have not been limited to schoolgirls only, and school staff and teachers have also been affected by these incidents.

Second, medical professionals, and even some regime officials, have verified that these incidents are a result of poisoning and not a mass sociogenic illness. Finally, these attacks are being coordinated nationwide and are not limited to a single town or school. These factors suggest that the poisonings are not isolated incidents but rather a coordinated campaign with a specific agenda.

CAA considering legal action after SOAS Palestine Society reportedly posts quote from Hizballah Secretary-General
Campaign Against Antisemitism is considering legal action after the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Palestine Society reportedly shared a quote from the Secretary-General of Hizballah.

In 2019, following a gruelling effort over several years by Campaign Against Antisemitism and our allies, Hizballah was completely proscribed by the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, with the support of the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Hizballah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, has previously said: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” Hizballah has been true to its mission, bombing Jewish targets from Buenas Aires to Burgas, and it has even been blamed for setting off two bombs in London outside buildings used by Jews and Israelis.

According to the JC, the SOAS society shared an Instagram post to its story which contained a quote from Mr Nasrallah that read: “The law of executing Palestinian prisoners will increase the faith, courage and willingness of the Palestinian youth to carry out operations, and this measure is a foolish one.

“Everything that is happening now indicates the end of the Zionist entity.”

The society reportedly also shared a video hours prior of an interview, during which a girl says that “The Jews are hateful”.

In 2021, Professor David Hirsh, a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London who was appointed as the Chairman of a panel that oversaw an antisemitism-related complaint at SOAS, said that SOAS could be institutionally antisemitic.

The incident related to a complaint from a former student at SOAS who sought to have his fees refunded after he was forced to leave the University due to a ”toxic antisemitic environment”.

The University has not adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism.

The University has told Campaign Against Antisemitism that: “While SOAS has not adopted the IHRA definition, we are committed to maintaining a neutral platform and ensuring that all members of our diverse community are free to express their opinions in a mutually respectful and collegial environment.
More of the same in BBC report on counter-terrorism op
In the early hours of March 17th (Israel time) the BBC News website published a report by David Gritten about a counter-terrorism operation that had taken place in Jenin the previous day.

Both the report’s headline – “Jenin: Four Palestinians killed in Israeli raid” – and opening paragraph refrain from noting the fact that at least two of the people killed were members of terrorist organisations.
“Israeli forces have shot dead four Palestinians during an undercover raid in the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian officials say.”

Using qualifying wording and punctuation which enables the BBC to adhere to its avoidance of the word terror except in quotes, the report continues:
“Israel’s military said troops killed two militants wanted for “terrorist activities” and a person who tried to attack them with a crowbar. They also exchanged fire with gunmen, it added.”

The BBC’s report does not inform readers that Nidal Khazem was claimed by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Yousef Shreim (or Abu Shrein according to some sources) was claimed by Hamas but rather attributes statements concerning their affiliations to the Palestinian health ministry:

Australia's Victoria state premier condemns Nazi salute
The premier of Australia's Victoria state condemned on Sunday Nazi salutes at a protest in the state capital Melbourne as an attempt "to scapegoat minorities" using "evil ideology".

Transgender rights protesters clashed with neo-Nazis in Melbourne on Saturday after a British anti-transgender activist sought to address supporters at the city's parliament building, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

On Sunday, The Australian newspaper posted to Twitter an image of several men dressed in black performing a Nazi salute outside the parliament.

Anti-transgender activists 'gathered to spread hate'

Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews said the anti-transgender activists had "gathered to spread hate" in the city.

"On the steps of our parliament, some of them performed a Nazi salute. They were there to say the trans community don't deserve rights, safety or dignity," Andrews said on Twitter.

Geniza manuscripts go on display in the UAE
Thousand-year-old fragments from the Cairo Geniza, a store of ‘sacred’ documents retrieved from the Ben Ezra synagogue in old Cairo in the 19th century, are on display in the Gulf states until 26 March 2023. The exhibition illustrates the influence on the medieval Jewish community of poetry written in Hebrew and inspired by Arabic sources. Report in The Khaleej Times (with thanks: Boruch)

A team from the European Research Council-funded project ‘Arabic Poetry in the Cairo Genizah’, has been conducting workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to bring this collection of epic poetry to the public’s attention, and to highlight the impact it has had on the study of the history of Arabic literature.

The project, based at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, has collaborated with the University of Cambridge’s Genizah Research Unit and hosts Al Maktoum College of Higher Education, Dundee, Scotland, to bring a rare selection of manuscript facsimiles for display in the Emirates.

New York University-Abu Dhabi will exhibit the delicately framed manuscripts until March 26, with the possibility of the project returning to Sharjah in the future.

“The important thing about these manuscripts is that it shows that there was always a dialogue taking place between Jews and Muslims and that they respected each other,” said Mirza Al Sayegh, chairman of the Al Maktoum College of Higher Education, created by the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, former Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance.
Archaeologists uncover Roman-era church mosaic along Israel Nat'l Trail
An ancient mosaic floor was uncovered along the Israel National Trail 40 years after it was first discovered, the Israel Antiquities Authority reported on Sunday.

The location where the mosaic was uncovered is in the industrial zone of Shoham.

The mosaic, which had been part of a church floor, was part of a church that most likely dated back to the Roman era. The design shows colorful sections with flower designs in them that are likely inspired by anemones that flower in the area.

The clean-up and restoration of the mosaic are being handled by volunteers from the IAA together with residents from Shoham.

The design was inspired by anemones
“It’s quite feasible that the mosaic artisan sat here and was inspired by the anemones flowering all around him," said archaeologist Yair Amitzur from the IAA. “When we first came to the site, the mosaic was covered over with earth and weeds. Over the last month, we have been uncovering and cleaning up the site together with the local community. We are working here among a carpet of flowering anemones."

“The site was first excavated in the 1980s by Professors Zeev Safrai and Shimon Dar,” said director of the Central District of the IAA Anan Azab. “It seems that the site was settled from the Iron Age or earlier, possibly as early as the Chalcolithic period, and down to the Islamic period.”
Israeli organization saves lives of Arab children, even from enemy countries!
Meet the Israeli organization that saves the lives of Arab children even from enemy countries! By: @-yosephhaddad9088

Thanks to @saveachildsheart1

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