Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Dave Chappelle made it onto my Comprehensive List of Antisemitic Celebrities already a year ago. That’s approximately when his offensive Netflix comedy special, “The Closer” was first aired. The special included a joke about making a movie called “Space Jews.” It was masterful. No one could ever have imagined that so many antisemitic tropes could be packed into so few sentences: 

In my movie idea, we find out that these aliens are originally from earth. That they’re from an ancient civilization that achieved interstellar travel and left the earth thousands of years ago,” he said. “Some other planet they go to, and things go terrible for them on the other planet, so they come back to earth, [and] decide that they want to claim the earth for their very own. It’s a pretty good plot-line, huh? I call it ‘Space Jews.’

Let’s unpack that.

1.       Jews aren’t human. They’re “alien.”

2.       The Jews weren’t expelled from their homeland, but left for the Diaspora of their own volition, having “achieved interstellar travel.”

3.       Jews didn’t like the way they were treated in space/Europe, what with all the pogroms and the Holocaust and such, so they came back to earth/Israel to claim it for themselves. Of course, they don’t plan to stop there: the (Space) Jews are aiming for world domination.

The joke "works," so to speak. We know that Chappelle drove home his point, that the underlying meaning of Space Jews was received loud and clear. We know this from the reaction of at least one audience member who called out, “Free Palestine!”

The Jews Are White and Rich

But wait. There’s more. In case you did somehow manage to miss Chappelle’s meaning, or decided to give his short detour into Nazi ideology a pass, he revisits the joke some 30 minutes later.

There was a black man in South Carolina during slavery who somehow got granted his freedom by his so-called master. And when his master granted him the freedom he also gave him a plot of land. Now it turns out this brother was brilliant. He had a good eye, good knack for farming. And he farmed this plot of land very successfully and made a lot of money, and this is where the story gets crazy. When he got all that money this [guy] bought some slaves… Not only was he a slave owner, he became a slave breeder. And employed tactics that were so cruel even White slave owners were like, “Yo, my man.” He was a wild dude, but he did it just because that’s what successful people did at the time. He just wanted to be down, what a f**** tragedy. How can a person that went through slavery perpetuate the same evil on a person that looks just like him? It’s mind blowing. And shockingly, they’re making a movie about him. Ironically… It is called Space Jews.

So let's take a closer look. Unpacking Chappelle’s revisionist Jewish history of the South, we find that:

1.       At one time, Jews were oppressed and enslaved like blacks, but the whites let the Jews into their secret cabal of whiteness. The other whites then gave these Jewish “whites” land and their freedom.  

2.       The Jews were clever and sly, so the plantations they built did well and they got rich (like they always do).

3.       Once the Jews were rich, they forgot they themselves had been slaves in Egypt and enslaved the black man, treating him cruelly and subjecting him to all kinds of perversions. So shocking were these ugly Jewish deeds that even the (non-Jewish) white slave owners were appalled and took pains to protest.

4.       When confronted by the other whites, says Chappelle, the Jews made excuses for their horrid behavior to blacks. “It’s what successful people do," said the Jews, by Chappelle's account. "It’s what people did at that time to get ahead,” the Jews would say, according to Chappelle.

The Evil Jews Enslaved the Blacks

Chappelle, describing the Jews as evil, asks a question based on lies: How can a person that went through slavery perpetuate the same evil on a person that looks just like him? 

What is Chappelle REALLY asking? It's this:

  • How can the Jews, who were once slaves, enslave the black man
  • How can the Jews do the same things to the blacks, perpetrate the same evils, that the Egyptians once did to the Jews?

Arriving at the end of his "joke," Chappelle lands back where he started, at the movies: Not only is “the Jew” a cruel, rich, evil white oppressor of the black man, but he is celebrated for that fact in the movies and in Hollywood itself, which of course, is dominated by . . . “the Jew.”

Despite the overt antisemitism contained in Chappelle’s special, the Wikipedia entry on "The Closer" says not a peep on this subject. The entry does mention the Space Jews joke, but spells “Jews” with a lower case “j.” Under “critical reception” the entry quotes from Eric Deggan’s critical NPR review, decrying Chappelle for oversimplifying hate of various kinds.

"Untangling homophobia, transphobia, racism and white privilege requires a lot more effort and understanding than Chappelle makes here."

Wikipedia Buries the "A" Word

But the quote cited makes no mention of understanding or “untangling” antisemitism. That’s because Wikipedia wants you to believe that antisemitism doesn’t really signify in the official woke list of “hates.” Even Wikipedia, however, can’t quite avoid airing the truth. It would be too obvious an omission. Hence, we find the “A” word at last at the bottom of the page, in a footnote, in teeny letters, a further quote from Eric Deggan:

“[Chappelle knows] reviewers like me will quote the joke and criticize him for it, which I am. I don't really care what point he's trying to make; a joke that sounds like antisemitism gets a hard pass from me.

Even a reviewer at the woke NPR knows that Chappelle is an antisemite. Wikipedia, however, saw it fit to bury that fact. Wikipedia was happy to note however, that "The Closer" “received various award nominations including for two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Variety Special and Directing for a Variety Special.” 

Vindication! Not only did Chappelle get away with his antisemitic jokes, but he was nominated for awards in two separate categories! Jew-hate, for the win!

"Buying Time" Through False Contrition

Against this background, we arrive at today's big story: Dave Chappelle’s newest monologue, a defense of Kanye that further smears and maligns the Jewish people. It’s in his opening, where Chappelle suggests that if you want to be free to talk smack about kikes and still make money, you’ve got to dissemble and apologize to "the Jew”:

Before I start tonight, I just wanted to read a brief statement that I prepared. I denounce antisemitism in all its forms and I stand with my friends in the Jewish community. And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time.

We'd already forgotten about Space Jews, but with Ye in the news, Chapelle decided to ride the tail of West's sudden notoriety, and make himself relevant, by reminding us that he too is an antisemite. How best might he illustrate this fact other than to use his platform to let us know that every time someone references “the Jews,” something bad happens to blacks.

I gotta tell you guys, I’ve probably been doing this for 35 years now and early my career, I learned that there are two words in the English language that you should never say together in sequence and those words are “The” and “Jews.” Never heard someone do good after they say that.

"Deathcon 3 on the Jews" a Nothing Burger

Chappelle wants us to know that the whole Kanye thing is a tempest in a teapot—that no one even remembers how the whole thing started. Chappelle depicts as a minor event Kanye’s threat to go “deathcon 3” on the Jews. Just innocent, meaningless, harmless words. An empty threat.

After all, what exactly can Kanye do to “the Jews?” Nothing. It was all just words.  

Can’t even remember how it started. I vaguely remember it started with a tweet — a strange tweet. It was like, “I’m feeling a little sleepy, I’m gonna get me some rest, but when I wake up, I’m gonna go DEFCON 3! On the Jews!’ And then he just went to bed. I was up all night worried. What is he going to do to the Jews?

Some of Chappelle’s Best Friends are Jewish

Naturally, some of Chappelle’s best friends are Jewish, which is why he can say these things.

I grew up around Jewish people. I have a lot of Jewish friends so I’m not freaked out by your culture. I know a little bit about it just from hanging around like, yeah let’s get out after school tomorrow and it’s like we can’t go out it’s sha na na tomorrow. Like, what? What is sha na na? I had so many questions, like why do some of your people dress like Run-DMC?

Chappelle next sets his sights on Adidas, not without cause. From Chappelle’s point of view, Adidas has a huge hutzpah ending Kanye’s contract, that is considering the sports shoe company's own notorious antisemitic past history of cozying up to the Third Reich. Chappelle says that Adidas cut ties with Kanye to erase the past and placate “the Jews.” About this, at least, Chappelle is not wrong:

We went on [the podcast] Drink Champs again and this time he was all mad about something. He said “I can say antisemitic things. And Adidas can’t drop me.” Adidas dropped that [expletive] immediately.  Ironically, Adidas was founded by Nazis and they were offended. The student has surpassed the teacher.
"The student has surpassed the master." The West family in better times, all smiles, all chummy with Louis Farrakhan, antisemite par excellence.

The Jews are a Hollywood Mob

But now as in the "The Closer," Chappelle must then go back to his favorite target, the Jews. This time he has the Jews dominating Hollywood. He likens them to a mob.

It was a big deal. [Ye] broke the show business rules. You know, because it’s a rule, the rule of perception. If they’re Black, then it’s a gang, if they’re Italians a mob, but if they’re Jewish, it’s a coincidence and you should never speak about it.

And of course, says Chappelle, the movie touted by Irving was only some minor weirdness, as was the Holocaust, and anyway, “the Jews” always blame their troubles on the blacks.

Kanye got in so much trouble, Kyrie got in trouble. Kyrie Irving posted a link to a movie that he had seen on Amazon, no caption on the post or nothing like that. But apparently this movie had some, I don’t know antisemitic tropes or something, and it was a weird title like “From He-Bro to Negro” or something … He was slow to apologize and then the list of demands to get back in their good graces got longer and longer and this, this is where, you know, I draw the line I know that Jewish people have been through terrible things all over the world but you can’t blame that on Black Americans, you just can’t…Because Kyrie Irving’s Black ass was nowhere near the Holocaust. In fact he’s not even certain it existed.


“In Hollywood—It’s a LOT of Jews”

As Chappelle describes it, it’s an all-out Jewish invasion. The Jews, he says, have taken over Hollywood but you’re not supposed to talk about it, or you’ll be called an antisemite:

In Hollywood — don’t want ya’ll to get mad at me. I’m just telling you this is just what I saw. It’s a lot of Jews. Like, a lot. But that doesn’t mean anything. There’s a lot of Black people in Ferguson, Missouri … I can see if you had some kind of issue, I mean, you might go out to Hollywood and you might start connecting some kind of lines and maybe adopt the delusion that the Jews run show business. It’s not a crazy thing to think. 

But it’s a crazy thing to say out loud.

Actually, no Dave Chappelle. It’s not crazy to say so at all. The Jews have been successful and predominant in many spheres (oops, I said "the Jews" and nothing bad happened). What IS crazy and hateful to say is that Jewish success is due to some kind of secret behind-the-scenes stuff. Some white conspiracy. 

Well, let me tell you something Dave Chappelle. Jews are not white. And it’s called “sweat equity.” We worked hard and sweated blood to get to where we are. Perhaps you did the same. 

The Jews Stifle Free (Hate) Speech

Dave Chappelle tricked Lorne Michaels, the creator of SNL, into clearing his monologue by switching out his monologue during the rehearsal. It makes sense Chappelle would do this, try to put one over on Michaels. Michaels is a Jew. And Chappelle says that “the Jews” use antisemitism to stifle free speech. If Chappelle hadn't tricked Michaels into thinking his monologue was going to be about something else entirely, Dave wouldn't have been allowed his (antisemitic) say:

It shouldn’t be this scary to talk about anything. It’s making my job incredibly difficult. And to be honest with you, I’m sick of talking to a crowd like this. I love you to death and I thank you for your support. And I hope they don’t take anything away from me… whoever they are.

He's wrong of course. The rantings of Ye, Irving, Chappelle, and James Baldwin before them, are not free speech to be tolerated, but hate speech that should be given no quarter and never condoned. It begins with speech and ends with people dying by violent means. And the people who do the dying are "the Jews," despite them conquering Hollywood and enslaving the world and all that.

Chappelle's latest monologue contains all the hallmarks of classic black antisemitism. "The Jews" are white. "The Jews" are rich. "The Jews" enslave the black man. "The Jews" are cruel. "The Jews" are a mob; they have taken over Hollywood; they stifle free speech and force the black man to bow his head and apologize for his hate, a hate that is only natural, in the light of the awful phenomenon that is "The Jew."  

Like regular, garden-variety antisemitism, black antisemitism is informed by hate and superstition, and not a little jealousy. And of course, hate and jealousy don’t do well in a vacuum—these emotions require a scapegoat, and somehow that scapegoat is always “the Jew.”

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