Tuesday, November 29, 2022

From Ian:

The Palestinians had a great Thanksgiving; Israel not so much
Over Thanksgiving week, the administration announced the creation of a special representative post focused solely on the Palestinians. This will be an enormous upgrade in relations. A State Department official said, "As the president reiterated in Israel and the West Bank, we remain committed to reopening our Consulate General in Jerusalem and to the vision of a two-state solution."

While the Palestinians are cosseted and rewarded for intransigence and violence, the Biden administration is attacking Israel by upgrading Israel's enemies, undermining its ability to defend itself and calling its democratic bona fides into question.

First, the administration called the Abraham Accords "normalization agreements," rather than the historic peace accords they are. But that was a minor slap compared to the gifts Israel's chief nemesis Iran received. The administration lifted sanctions on Iran's proxy terror organization, the Houthis. It pressured South Korea to free up more than a billion dollars in frozen Iranian funds. It provided sanctions waivers that allowed Iran to sell more oil to China – a boon for both countries.

And the administration did all of this while the US sat outside the room in Vienna where talks on reviving the 2015 nuclear accord are underway. The US, in other words, acted like the pariah Iran should be, and allowed Russia, China and the EU to offer Iran "inducements" to rejoin an agreement Iran has been violating for years. There has been no penalty for stealing US technology, putting it in Iranian drones and exporting the drones to Russia in violation of U.N. sanctions.

In addition, Iran's proxy Hezbollah was gifted with a maritime gas agreement between Israel and Lebanon brokered by the US The Biden administration put heavy pressure on Israel's outgoing government to reach a deal before the Israeli elections. Worst of all was that Israel received unspecified American "security assurances" should Hezbollah attack. This undermined Israel's decades-long policy that it would "defend itself by itself" and not ask the US to provide American soldiers for its security.

The administration also undermined Israel's position as a democratic ally by announcing the opening of an FBI investigation into the battlefield death of an Al Jazeera journalist, having previously accepted the findings of Israeli and Palestinian investigations and declaring the case closed. The announcement brought cheers from the PA, which demanded that the case go to the International Criminal Court.

The only saving grace was that US Ambassador Thomas Nides and President Joe Biden later said they had no idea such an investigation had been ordered by the attorney general. Really? President Biden didn't know? The US has a rogue attorney general?

The Palestinians had a very good Thanksgiving week. The Israelis much less so. Most Americans were too busy to notice.
A Book of Psalms saved a victim's life in Jerusalem terror attack
A man who was seriously injured in Tuesday’s Jerusalem bombing was spared from what could have been a fatal fate by none other than his book of Psalms – or Tehillim in Hebrew – which blocked a shard of debris from piercing his body, said Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

The victim, a 62-year-old man, arrived to Shaare Zedek hospital in serious condition and underwent a series of operations to remove shrapnel from his body.

While the man was recovering, visitors were stunned to discover that he had a book of psalms in his possession that was pierced almost entirely through by a shard of debris resulting from the explosion. The shard hit the back cover of the book and penetrated nearly all the way through – though stopping just short and potentially saving the man’s life.

Coincidence or divine intervention?
The shard penetrated the book up to the 124th chapter of the Psalms before stopping at the line: "Our soul is like a bird that escaped from a box of hardships."

The psalm that the shrapnel stopped is obviously very notable, as the message in the psalm is about being saved from hardship. The bus station bombing in Jerusalem on Tuesday killed two, including a 16-year-old boy, and wounded 18 others – including the fortunate man who had this book of psalms with him.
The IDF’s Judea and Samaria challenge: A spike in attacks and anti-terror raids
‘A synergy of explosive factors can produce a new intifada’
According to Col. (res.) David Hacham, a senior research associate at the MirYam Institute and a former adviser on Arab affairs to seven Israeli defense ministers, the dramatic rise in terrorist incidents is linked to a number of factors.

He detailed the first two as follows: “A rise in violent clashes between the IDF, as well as Israelis in Judea and Samaria, and Palestinians, often leading to casualties. A rise in tensions surrounding the Temple Mount and ongoing Palestinian incitement encouraging violent passions around this issue based on claims that Israel is changing the status quo. This can form a big potential for escalation because it plays on very sensitive strings.”

Terror factions led by Hamas have been promoting murderous incitement on social media using the Temple Mount issue as a key theme to call for attacks on Israelis.

A third factor, said Hacham, is the ongoing and escalating succession battle within Fatah over who will succeed Abbas. “The combination of these elements leads to an atmosphere filled with gasoline fumes, and can lead to an explosion and a new intifada, he warned.

“Other factors include the sense among Palestinians of a lack of any progress in the diplomatic process with Israel and the sense that the PA is unable to make Israel budge here. The Palestinians fear the formation of a new right-wing Israeli coalition that will promote the building of settlements, legalize outposts, build new bypass roads, and create an obstacle to the establishment of a future Palestinian state,” said Hacham.

“They fear the next government will not take the Palestinians into account at all. On the Palestinian side, Abbas, 87, is tired and sick. He is trying to prepare the ground for his chosen successor, Hussein al-Sheikh, whom he appointed as PLO Executive Committee secretary-general in May 2022,” he continued.

Israel has to keep its finger “closely on the pulse of every event in Judea and Samaria, which is at the gates, inside our home. It has to be able to detect and move to prevent negative events such as a Hamas takeover,” Hacham stressed.

Al-Sheikh, unpopular on the Palestinian street, would only acquire legitimacy if he won elections like Abbas did in 2005 to become PA president. “Here, there is an Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian interest to prevent a civil war between Palestinians and to avoid a scenario in which the militias of the candidates fight each other, which could be dangerous for us,” Hacham added.

Ahmad Tibi: Israeli Reporters in Qatar Think All Arabs Are Like Israel Lover Yoseph Haddad
During a faction meeting of Hadash-Ta’al on Monday, MK Ahmad Tibi was asked by a reporter about the hostile attitude Israeli correspondents run into at the World Cup games in Qatar. Tibi answered acerbically: “Who runs into whom? I have seen Israeli journalists sticking microphones in people’s faces and telling them ‘I am Israeli,’ then they complain.”

“There is a lack of love on the part of some journalists, who go to a World Cup packed with Arabs––by the way, Arabs also love soccer––and think that all Arabs are like Mohammed Saud or Yosef Haddad. Turns out there are different Arabs, too.”

In other words, Israelis have the delusion of being liked by Arabs, but, luckily, MK Tibi is here to disabuse them of that silly notion – for future references, you should know, Tibi says Arabs hate you.

Point taken.

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud supports Israel’s right-wing parties and preaches peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia that would benefit both sides. Saud taught himself Hebrew and was featured in campaign ads of the Haredi United Torah Judaism.

Yoseph Haddad, an IDF soldier who was wounded in battle, is an Arab advocate for Israel, a journalist, and a social activist in the Israeli Arab community. His goal is to integrate the Arab community into Israeli society.

By the way, Yoseph Haddad responded to Tibi’s comment that involved him, saying: “It’s true that not all Arabs love Israel as much as I do. At the same time, not all Arabs hate Israel as much as you do…”
Lapid calls to thwart UN push for ICJ opinion on ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria
Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid sent a letter on Monday to more than 50 world leaders calling on them to prevent a vote next month in the United Nations General Assembly on whether to task the International Court of Justice with issuing an advisory opinion on the legality of Israel’s military presence in Judea and Samaria.

In the letter, Lapid emphasized that should the vote go ahead, he expects Israel’s allies to stand alongside Jerusalem and vote against the resolution.

“This resolution is the outcome of a concerted effort to single out Israel, to discredit our legitimate security concerns, and to delegitimize our very existence,” wrote Lapid, according to a statement from his office.

He added that the status of the disputed territory should be subject to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and that bringing the matter before the ICJ would contravene the principle of direct talks accepted by the international community, while playing into the hands of extremists.

The letter was sent to world leaders from, among other countries, the United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Latvia, Georgia, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Vietnam.

Lapid earlier this month condemned the UNGA Fourth Committee’s adoption of an anti-Israel motion calling for the urgent rendering of an “advisory opinion” on Israel’s “prolonged occupation, settlement and annexation of Palestinian territory.”

IDF soldier seriously injured in terror attack near Jerusalem
An Israel Defense Forces soldier was seriously injured on Tuesday in a terrorist attack on Route 60 near Kochav Yaakov in the Binyamin region, just north of Jerusalem, according to the Israeli military.

Her assailant was shot dead by police following a brief pursuit.

First responders treated the soldier for a head injury before evacuating her to Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, where she was in stable condition.

The assailant ran the woman over before driving off. Police pursued the vehicle and opened fire on it, killing the driver.

Israeli media identified the attacker as 45-year-old Rani Mamoun Faiz Abu Ali, from the town of Beitunia. Abu Ali had a permit to work in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, according to the report.

Female Israeli soldier wounded in West Bank car ramming attack

BREAKING: Israeli woman seriously wounded in car ramming attack

IDF troops come under fire near Hebron
Israeli soldiers came under fire in Hebron on Tuesday morning near the city of Hebron, the military said in a statement.

Rioters hurdled bombs at two military vehicles, stationed just outside the town of Beit Ummar and fired shots at soldiers who responded with live fire, the IDF said.

Local officials said that two Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces on Tuesday morning, one near Hebron, and the other, in a separate incident, near Ramallah.

The IDF has been conducting almost nightly raids in Judea and Samaria since launching Operation Breakwater, a counterterrorism campaign that began in the summer in response to deadly terror attacks carried out by Palestinians in Israel earlier in the year.
IDF Kills 3 Terrorists in Hebron and Ramallah
IDF forces overnight Tuesday rescued two military jeeps that were stuck due to a malfunction in Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Local Arabs threw stones and improvised explosive devices at the forces, who responded with measures to disperse demonstrations and fired at key suspects. The IDF spokesman said at the end of the incident that “the jeeps were successfully rescued by IDF forces that entered the village. There were no injuries to our forces and minor damage was caused to the vehicles. The incident is being investigated.”

WAFA reported Tuesday morning that the IDF “shot and killed three Palestinians in the occupied West Bank this morning, one in Beit Ummar in the south of the West Bank, and two others, siblings, near Ramallah, according to the Ministry of Health.

“Mufeed Mohammad Khalil, 44, was shot in the head and killed during clashes between soldiers and stone-throwing Palestinians in Beit Ummar. Nine others were shot by live bullets, one hit in the chest and the others in the upper and lower limbs and reported to be in stable condition.

“In the village of Kufr Ein, near Ramallah, soldiers opened fire at the two siblings, Jawad and Thafer Abdul Rahman Rimawi, 22 and 21, and killed them. Jawad was shot in the pelvis and his bother Thafer in the chest, said the Ministry of Health.”

Kayed Al-Rimawi, head of the western municipality of Bani Zaid, told Al-Quds.com: “The occupation forces stormed an area linking several villages and towns, and confrontations broke out on the outskirts of the village of Kufr Ein, between the young men and those forces, which led to the injury of the two Al-Rimawi brothers, and they were taken to a hospital, where their martyrdom was pronounced.”
"Israeli Children Attacked by Terrorists in Hebron"
Three Israeli children were attacked Tuesday evening by Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists near the Givat Gal neighborhood in Hebron, according to TPS.

The terrorists beat the children, hurled rocks at them and aimed pepper spray at them, the news agency reported.

One of the victims, a 12-year-old boy, was evacuated to a hospital by Magen David Adom medics who reported he suffered multiple injuries.

A 14-year-old boy was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The third child, a 10-year-old boy, did not require medical care.

Earlier in the day, a 14-year-old Jewish girl was wounded by Palestinian Authority terrorists who hurled rocks at the vehicle in which she was a passenger as it passed the terrorist hotbed village of Beit Ummar, about 15 minutes away from Hebron.

Footage of Palestinian terrorist who murdered 3 shows lethal stabbing attack

The Israel Guys: Itamar Ben Gvir Signs Agreement to Join Netanyahu's Government
An agreement has been reached between two of the political parties on the right and Likud. the formation of a wing-ring government seems to be finally moving forward. The Palestinians apparently have a bone to pick with Qatar for hosting the World Cup in their country and not supporting their cause. Fatah, who is the political party of the PA, commemorated the death of Yassar Arafat in an event where they revealed their true intentions for Jerusalem.

Soldier Gets 10 Days for Telling Hebron Anarchist ‘Ben Gvir Will Make Order Around Here’
The Givati soldier who was documented telling left-wing activists last week in Hebron, “Soon Ben Gvir will make order around here, you ate it,” was sentenced to ten days in a military prison Monday night. The case of the soldier who was recorded losing his cool and punching an activist in the same incident is still being investigated (IDF Suspends Soldiers Who Responded to Relentless Harassment by Anarchists in Hebron).

The soldiers told their commander that the activists provoked them and said that in retrospect they would have behaved differently.

The father of one of the soldiers said “anarchists came to disturb them during their sacred duty of protecting the citizens.” According to him, “They came, disturbed and harassed them, you don’t see that in the videos. What was published is partial. My son says that they were bullied, spat on, cursed, and pushed to make political statements while being photographed. The anarchists actually forced them to make political statements even though it was not their job. The soldiers have a hard feeling that instead of dealing with the enemy, they have to deal with Jews who come to disturb their mission.”

Fatah official denies Israel's right to exist, “Palestine” is “from the river to the sea”

PA and Fatah lie, turn murderer of 3 into victim of “arbitrary attack” and “execution in cold blood”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is listed terrorist group ‘by association,’ Canadian court rules
A judge has ruled that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is a “terrorist entity” under Canadian law, adding fuel to the debate over how to deal with the branch of Tehran’s armed forces.

The Ontario Superior Court found the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was “a listed entity” because one of its branches, the Qods Force, was already designated as such by Canada.

The ruling was handed down in a case that weighed whether the estate of a late Canadian lawyer was required to pay almost $1 million to an Iranian aviation company alleged to be a front for the IRGC.

The judge dismissed the case because the owner of the Iranian company, Babak Zanjani, was an alleged IRGC financier. The court said paying the debt would have violated Canada’s anti-terrorism laws.

But the judge went further, ruling that not only did the IRGC meet the definition of a terrorist group, it was also a “listed entity by association” because of its relationship to the Qods Force.

Being a listed terrorist entity carries severe consequences. It is illegal to contribute to any activity of a listed group, and its property can be seized and forfeited.

The Liberal government has long faced calls to place the IRGC on Canada’s terrist list, particularly after the Iranian militia shot down a passenger plane carrying 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents.

MEMRI: Saudi Media Rallies To Qatar's Support: West Must Not Impose Its Abominations On Us; Homosexuality Is Not Legitimate
The 2022 FIFA World Cup is taking place amid pointed criticism of the host country, Qatar, over its human rights record, including its treatment of the LGBTQ community. Qatar itself rejects this criticism, presenting it as racist and Islamophobic.

Saudi Arabia has recently come to the support of its neighbor Qatar on this issue. In the past few days, the Saudi state media has published articles harshly condemning the West and calling for solidarity with Qatar. These articles called Western criticism of Qatar "insolence" and "madness" rooted in a false belief in the West in its right to impose its "poisoned" values on other societies in the guise of protecting human rights. One article even claimed that Hitler was "preferable to the homosexual machine that the German team is now promoting."

It should be noted that in January 2021 there was a reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, following several years of strained relations during the Saudi-led boycott of Qatar by the Arab Quartet (Saudi Arabia, Union of Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt). However, it appears that only now, with the opening of the World Cup, has the Saudi state media taken a positive tone towards Qatar.

Saudi Arabia, which also criminalizes same-sex relations, which it considers un-Islamic and a threat to human nature, apparently sees an opportunity to join forces with its neighbor Qatar in rebuffing the Western criticism that it too is facing over its own human rights record.[1]

MEMRI: In Viral Animated Video, Iranian-Led 'Resistance' Soccer Squad Beats U.S.-Led 'Human Rights' Team Consisting Of Trump, Bush, Obama, Bin Laden, Netanyahu, And ISIS; World Cup Match Ends With Execution Of Trump
An animated video depicting a "resistance" World Cup soccer team defeating a team comprised of Iran's enemies surfaced and spread on various online sources around November 22, 2022. The "United Resistance" team, coached by slain IRGC Qods Force Commander General Qasem Soleimani, is comprised of players from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Palestine, who are all replaced by children later in the game. The enemy team, which is referred to as the "human rights" team and which is coached by Uncle Sam, is comprised of the following "players," all depicted as overweight and brutish: former U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump; Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's former and recently re-elected prime minister; a big bully who turns out to be ISIS and who has a "Made in the USA" tattoo; former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson; Osama Bin Laden; Saddam; and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, referred to as "Bin Chubby." The referee in the game is wearing a United Nations shirt, and he repeatedly ignores infractions by the Human Rights team.

During the video, several allusions to Iranian conspiracy theories about events from the past several decades are made, including: George Bush's jersey number is 9/11; Osama Bin Laden launches explosives at his "teammate" George Bush, but Bush responds by beating up the resistance team's Afghan player, "as if these two unscrupulous [players] planned it all in advance"; George Bush and Uncle Sam beat up and steal oil from the Iraqi and Syrian players; Benjamin Netanyahu mesmerizes resistance team players by launching a social media attack against them; Uncle Sam forces a Ukrainian soldier to separate from his daughter to fight for U.S. interests; and Uncle Sam raises a poster bearing the anti-regime slogan "Woman, Life, Freedom."

In addition, the children who replace the adult players in the "resistance" team are emboldened by the Iranian song "Salute Commander" (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9719), and at the end of the video, an Iranian remote-control vehicle assassinates former U.S. President Donald Trump as he is sleeping on the soccer field after the match. The video is dedicated to the sons of the IRGC soldiers who were killed in Syria and to the sons of the security personnel killed in the recent protests.

PreOccupiedTerritory: Jews Of Iran Just Waiting To Be Scapegoated Again (satire)
Months’ worth of popular uprising against the repressive Islamist regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has one religious and ethnic minority hopeful for change along with many of their compatriots, tinged with resignation toward the inevitability that the embattled regime will target them, given the precedent of how that minority has fared throughout the Middle East and elsewhere for thousands of years.

The region’s largest Jewish community outside Israel – still sizable only because the Ayatollahs refuse them to emigrate – has grown accustomed to serving as the scapegoat for the regime’s various troubles, usually under the guise of “Zionism” as the source of all ills. It remains only a matter of time, community figures acknowledged, until Khamenei’s thugs subject the Jews collectively to repressive, punitive measures.

“We mouth all the correct mantras,” explained a teacher in the community who withheld his name owing to safety concerns. “Not one of us, with the safety of our families and friends in mind, would even imply that we support Zionism. Officially, barring Zionism, we’re ‘key threads in the glorious Iranian tapestry,’ or some such drivel. In practice, we’re restricted, our wives and daughters – and sons – are targeted for sexual abuse by regime thugs, no matter how loudly we proclaim our loyalty to the Revolution and denounce Zionism. The threat of mistreatment and violence is always hanging over us, and it gets more palpable when there’s trouble. So yeah, the time is ripe for a pogrom or something, given the way things are going.”

A representative of the Basij militia that leads the brutalization of protesters denied any specific orders to extend the brutalization to the Jews, who know better than to participate in overt displays of disloyalty to the Ayatollah. “That doesn’t mean we won’t go raping and beating if we feel like it,” he cautioned.

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