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From Ian:

Palestinian Resolution at UN Is a Desperate Step
The worst-case scenario – a future declaration by the ICJ stating that Judea and Samaria are being annexed – will not be a blow to Israel, but a headache at most. The countries that are already hostile to the Jewish state do not need a court to justify their approach. Similarly, the states that understand the situation or support Israel will not change their policies because of a political opinion disguised as international law. There have been plenty of these over the years and we are still standing.

Saturday's vote at the UN makes it clear who is on our side and who is against us. Sixty-nine countries opposed the measure, which is not a few. These include the United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia, where left-wing governments have been in power in recent years. Italy stood by us for the first time as well, as did others.

Most other Western countries abstained. Those who supported the Palestinians were mostly Arab, Muslim, or African countries, with one notable exception: Ukraine, which continues to put sticks in our wheels at the UN while asking Israel for favors in reality. Strange.

And speaking of reality, it is not yet certain whether the ICJ will even publish the opinion that the UN is requesting. The whole world knows that the conflict is political, not legal. With this very rationale, many countries have turned to the ICC requesting not to advance Palestinian claims against Israel. By the looks of things, those requests were convincing. The process is stuck there, which is a good thing.

In any case, even if such an opinion is published, it will take years before it is written. So early in the game, no one knows what it will say, much less what its effect will be on the world. But it doesn't mean we can bury our heads in the sand.

The Palestinian appeal to the ICJ is a desperate step taken by Mahmoud Abbas and his people in order to internationalize the conflict. This process started more than a decade ago, which is when-then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not counteract.

Abbas learned that he is not held responsible for the diplomatic battles he starts with Israel, which is why he has since escalated by appealing to a long list of international institutions.

It was a dire mistake. Israel has and has had a lot of leverage against Abbas and the senior PA officials. There is no reason, for example, for him to fly to meet with leaders around the globe as long as he seeks to undermine Israel's status. The same goes for other senior PA members as well.

These are the first tools in the toolbox and they are now at the disposal of the new government. They will have to use them until the final vote in the General Assembly in a month. In addition, the new foreign and defense ministers – when appointed – will have to make it clear to the US that it must put limits on the Palestinian Authority. The administration is very afraid of its disintegration. It must therefore contribute to returning the demon attempting to internationalize the conflict straight back into the bottle.

Lapid calls to exact price from Palestinians for UN ‘occupation’ vote
Israel is preparing a security and diplomatic response to the Palestinians for their UN resolution calling on the International Court of Justice to consider the illegality of Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank, Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Sunday.

Lapid instructed the government to prepare a “security and diplomatic toolbox” to respond.

“The way to resolve the conflict does not pass through the halls of the UN or other international bodies, and the Palestinians’ move at the UN will have consequences,” the prime minister warned.

The UN General Assembly Fourth Committee voted 98-17 on Friday to ask the ICJ to consider whether the IDF’s ongoing presence in Judea and Samaria, east Jerusalem and the Golan can be considered de-facto annexation after 56 years. The resolution, officially proposed by Nicaragua because “Palestine” is a UN observer, questions the status of Jerusalem, ignoring Jewish ties to its holiest site, the Temple Mount, and referring to it as al-Haram al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary). The resolution must be approved in another, full UN General Assembly vote before it goes to The Hague.
Israel slams UN panel decision on West Bank probe
Israeli leaders are decrying a UN decision to seek a legal opinion from the International Court of Justice on Israel's activity in the West Bank.

Former ambassador Daniel Shek joins us to discuss how Israel will approach the resolution, and the countries that voted in favor, including Ukraine.

Alan M. Dershowitz: A Big Difference between Israel and the Palestinians
Part of the reason for the Palestinian Authority's unwillingness to let the people decide [in elections] is their understandable concern that Hamas will once again prevail.

[T]here is an added reason for why Israelis who used to vote for the left have moved rightward: Hamas rockets, Hezbollah tunnels, Palestinian terrorism, and the unwillingness of the Palestinian Authority to accept generous peace offers in 2000, 2001 and 2008.

It is not enough to remind the world that most Arab and Muslim countries have anti-gay, anti-female and anti-freedom-of-religion policies. More must be said and done.

The same may be true of the United States. But only Israel is condemned....

For many long-term Israel-bashers, the recent election merely provides a new excuse for an old bigotry.
Gil Troy: The new Jew hatred
The problem is daunting. Ending academic malpractice in the universities will take decades, while Jew-hatred has been mutating for centuries. But no solutions will ever emerge without first recognizing that there is a problem.

Without stifling debates about Israel’s rights and wrongs, it’s time to put this new Jew-hatred on every college leader’s agenda. Ultimately, it is a consumer protection issue: Last spring, the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Law found that 65 percent of students who feel proudly Jewish and committed to Israel report feeling unsafe on campus, while 50 percent felt compelled to play down their Jewish identities. That is far too many students left feeling uncomfortable, singled out, battle-fatigued, with some, as the ADL report details, bullied and traumatized. If campuses are “safe spaces” for all students, they must be welcoming to Jews too.

We also know that this academic Jew-hatred is particularly unsettling for American Jews because American Jews worship academia more than perhaps any other American institution. More than in most households, the typical American Jewish childhood revolves around college-worship. Jewish high schoolers are constantly asked by every significant adult in their lives “Where are you going to go to school?” until they are asked “Where did you get in?” until they are asked “What are you studying?” With all that pressure to get in and do well, it is no wonder that many American Jewish students not only choose to overlook the Jew-hatred but internalize it, excuse it—and sometimes help peddle it.

Hate breeds hate. Like all thought-viruses, Jew-hatred fuels other bigotries and respects no boundaries. Progressive antisemitism may begin with Zionophobia, disdaining Israel as too conservative; right-wing antisemitism may begin with Judaeophobia, disdaining Jews as too liberal. But, feasting on millennia of the same misanthropy, the same lies, they meet in exaggerations about Jewish money, power and evil.

These prejudices must be fought simultaneously, with partisans cleaning their own camps. Limiting your battleplan to confronting only right-wing Jew-hatred or left-wing Jew-hatred is as futile as fighting pollution over Beverly Hills and not Beverlywood.

Moreover, while rooting out the rot, refusing to settle for cheap, symbolic victories, we also have to fight the growing despair. America still is different. Unlike in Medieval Christian Europe or today’s Muslim world, most incidents of Jew-hatred in America have happy endings—with broad condemnations from neighbors, co-workers, celebrities, politicians and thought-leaders. I still lead students in singing “There are no cats in America,” along with Fievel Mouskewitz from “An American Tail.” We still need to define America by its majority of decent-people rather than its shrill minority of haters.

But the haters are both ever-louder and ever-more subtle. Without a united, multi-pronged front, glued together by zero-tolerance for the Jew-hatred of the street and the salon, this Jew-hatred of the sewer will get more toxic, will spill over more broadly, and become harder to combat.
German event comparing Holocaust to 'Nakba' canceled after Yad Vashem intervenes
The German state-funded Goethe Institute pulled the plug on a slated Sunday event in Tel Aviv that draws a line of connection between the Holocaust and the Palestinian “Nakba,” Yad Vashem chairman Dani Dayan announced on Friday.

Nakba (catastrophe) is the term Palestinians use for their defeat and exile at the hands of Israeli forces during the 1948 War of Independence.

Dayan wrote on Twitter: “At the end of our in-depth conversation, [Goethe Institute Board chairman Mr. Johannes] Ebert assured me that the event will not take place. Wise decision.”

When The Jerusalem Post queried the institute on Monday, Jessica Kraatz Magri, a spokeswoman for Goethe, told the Post that the organization “postponed the event” until Sunday and provided an updated link to the discussion. The event was sponsored by left-wing German political party Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS).

Foreign Ministry, Jewish and Zionist organizations express outrage at planned panel
Following a hailstorm of criticism on Wednesday about the event just as Jews around the world were commemorating Kristallnacht, Goethe stuck with its postponement.

The Foreign Ministry called for the cancellation of the event and expressed “shock and disgust” after the original announcement, calling it “blatant contempt of the Holocaust” and a “cynical and manipulative intent to create a connection whose entire purpose is to defame Israel.”

Dayan tweeted prior to the event that it “constitutes intolerable distortion of the Holocaust. Holding it on the anniversary of the November Pogrom (‘Kristallnacht’) is unforgivable.”
Yisrael Medad: A Failure of American Jewish Media
In fact, what is lacking at these press briefings, these challenges of American foreign policy and the prejudicial framing of the stories, is the voice of Israeli journalists and American Jewish media representatives. No one is there to politely, but authoritatively, ask questions predicated on the true circumstances.

They could request information on acts – or lack thereof – on the part of Mahmoud Abbas’s regime. They could ask why the Taylor Force Act is basically a dead letter. Or why President Biden, on his recent trip to Jerusalem’s Augusta Victoria Hospital, refused an Israeli escort, or whether the hundreds of millions of dollars his administration has pledged actually accomplish anything positive.

There are major Jewish media outlets, such as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and the Jewish News Syndicate, as well as national and Washington local Jewish weeklies like the Algemeiner, The Jewish Press and The Jewish Week.

There are Israeli newspapers, and radio and television correspondents based there. Can’t they regularly send a reporter, or pool a reporter, to cover the State Department beat? Even a college intern?

They seem to have enough staff to cover the conflict between American Jewry and Israel. The friction between an American administration and Israel, or the administration’s sympathetic treatment of Israel, fills many of their columns. Why does the State Department receive such negligent treatment?

I presume there are very good reasons why this is not happening. I would like to know them. I trust others as well. Perhaps they can be solved.

In the meantime, with no Israeli echo in that briefing room, Arikat continues his one-sided agenda, as he did on November 8, when he asked about a well-known provocateur, “The Israeli army declared that the Hebron home of a well-known Palestinian activist, Issa Amro, is declared a military post or whatever because he complained about the settlements. Would you call on the Israelis to vacate Mr. Amro’s home?”

The Israeli and American Jewish press have vacated the State Department media venue and the “news” is dominated by a message of Palestine.

Independence Day Terror Attack Victim’s Condition Deteriorates
The condition of a 75-year old Israeli man who was seriously wounded in a terrorist attack in Elad on May 4, Israel’s Independence Day, has taken a turn for the worse, Israeli media reported on Thursday.

Shimon Maatuf, of Moshav Barkat, was employed as an armed security guard at the amusement park in Elad set up for the Independence Day celebrations. He was attacked by two Palestinians armed with axes, and suffered severe head wounds.

Following initial treatment he was moved to a rehabilitation facility, where he had remained until Tuesday night, when his condition worsened and became life-threatening, at which point he was evacuated to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Maatuf is married, the father of six children and a grandfather of 13.
Israeli security forces arrest Islamic Jihad operative for arming Samaria terror cells
Israeli security forces on Saturday arrested a Palestinian Islamic Jihad member near Jenin wanted in connection with the arming of terror groups in Samaria, the Israeli military said in a statement.

The suspect, Muhammad Abu Zina, was freed from an Israeli prison in August, and promptly resumed “significant terrorism activity,” according to the Israel Defense Forces.

During the arrest raid in Qabatiya, rioters clashed with Israeli forces, hurling rocks and an explosive device, the IDF said.

Last month, eight Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of aiding the gunman who killed an IDF soldier and wounded a security guard at the Shuafat crossing in Jerusalem on Oct. 8, according to an Israel Police statement.

Sgt. Noa Lazar, a member of the IDF Military Police’s Erez battalion, later died in hospital of her wounds.

The suspects are all residents of Shuafat and the nearby town of Anata, and are relatives and acquaintances of the shooter, according to police. Weapons and military combat vests were also seized, according to the statement.
A day with former fighters from Israel's Shin Bet intelligence bodyguards
i24NEWS Correspondent, Matthias Inbar interviews former fighters from the 730 unit of the Shin Bet. They explain how they train their protection tactics.

2 Syrian soldiers killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes on Shayrat airbase
Two Syrian soldiers were killed and three others were injured in alleged Israeli airstrikes that hit the Shayrat airbase southeast of Homs on Sunday evening, according to Syrian state media SANA.

The airstrikes were conducted from over Lebanese airspace in northern Lebanon, according to SANA. Syrian journalist Nour Abo Hasan reported that the airstrikes targeted a shipment of weapons intended for Hezbollah which was on its way to Lebanon near the airport.

The last Israeli airstrikes to target Syria were reported on October 27, when alleged Israeli airstrikes targeted sites in the Damascus area. Two additional waves of airstrikes targeted the Damascus area in the days preceding those strikes.
PMW: Fatah: 3 female terrorists, who murdered dozens, prove equal opportunities for women in the PA
On the occasion of “Palestinian National Women’s Day,” both Abbas’ Fatah Movement and the PLO made a point of highlighting female terrorists. Fatah, the biggest party within the PLO, stressed that the achievements of two murderers and a bomber is proof of the equal opportunities for women in the PA. In a video, a female Fatah host mentioned the following three women terrorists as proof that “Fatah did not exclude the Palestinian women,” while photos of them were shown on screen:

Dalal Mughrabi - terrorist who led murder of 37, 12 of them children
Zakiya Shammout - terrorist, involved in murder of 1
Fatima Barnawi - terrorist, placed bomb in movie theater
Fatah host:“The Fatah Movement has included the Palestinian women in all fields of the struggle... The Fatah women participated in the struggle and the battles on the ground, and they carried the pen and the sword. Here [were] Zakiya Shammout (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 1), Fatima Barnawi (i.e., terrorist, placed bomb in movie theater), Dalal Mughrabi (i.e., terrorist who led murder of 37, 12 of them children), and a long list of female self-sacrificing fighters. Fatah did not exclude the Palestinian women. On the contrary, they were present in every form of struggle... They participated in heroic battles and reached senior positions in the Palestinian revolution.”
[Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, Oct. 24, 2022]

Last year, Palestinian Media Watch exposed that the PA’s female minister of women’s affairs mentioned female murderer of children Dalal Mughrabi and other “female Martyrs” as proof of gender equality in Palestinian society.

This year, Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr similarly chose to highlight women terrorists, singling out 2 murderers, 2 hijackers, and a bomber, including Mughrabi, Shammout, and Barnawi noted above, in addition to:

Laila Khaled - terrorist hijacker, involved in murder of 1
Theresa Halsa - terrorist hijacker

"Major Terror Attack in Turkey, 6 Dead, 53 Wounded"
At least six people have been killed, and 53 others wounded Sunday afternoon in a major terrorist attack that took place in the iconic Taksim Square section of Istanbul, Turkey.

Taksim Square is the main square of the ancient city once known as Constantinople.

A preliminary investigation found that a woman who arrived at the scene about seven minutes before the explosion planted what was probably the IED that exploded, and left, according to a report by Israel’s Channel 12 News. Turkish media released security footage showing the woman.

The blast took place on Istiklal Caddesi, a street filled with shops and restaurants, as the local Jewish community was hosting a day of Jewish culture at nearby Neve Shalom synagogue, the largest synagogue in Istanbul.

The synagogue event — filled with attendees and which was to include a memorial ceremony marking the anniversary of a massive terror attack at the synagogue in 2003 — was immediately ended in the wake of the blast.

Nineteen years ago, Neve Shalom and a second synagogue were both bombed during a two-day terror spree that left 55 people dead, including six Jews. Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs donated a beautiful chandelier to the rebuilt synagogue, along with a plaque to commemorate those who lost their lives in the attack.

It is possible that Sunday’s explosion was deliberately timed to mark the anniversary of the 2003 terror attacks.

At least 6 killed, 53 injured in Istanbul explosion

Dave Chappelle: 'Not a crazy thing to think' that Jews run Hollywood
American comedy superstar Dave Chappelle dove deep into the recent claims of antisemitism surrounding black personalities Kanye West and NBA player Kyrie Irving during his opening monologue as host of Saturday Night Live.

“Before I start tonight, I just wanted to read a brief statement that I prepared. ‘I denounce antisemitism in all its forms, and I stand with my friends in the Jewish community.’ And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time,” said Chappelle at the outset of his monologue.

“It’s a big deal. [Kanye West] had broken show business rules,” added Chappelle referring to West’s recent tirades against Jews in Hollywood. “This is a rule. You know the rules of perception: if they’re black then it’s a gang, if they’re Italian it’s a mob, but if they’re Jewish it’s a coincidence and you should never speak about it.”

Chappelle noted how he had never heard anyone do anything good after using the phrase ‘the Jews.’

“I’ve been to Hollywood and I don’t want y’all to get mad at me, this is just what I saw: It’s a lot of Jews. Like a lot. But that doesn’t mean anything. There’s a lot of black people in Ferguson, Missouri, but that doesn’t mean we run the place.’

‘I just feel if you go out to Hollywood you might connect some kind of lines and come under the delusion that the Jews run Hollywood. It’s not a crazy thing to think. But it’s a crazy thing to say out loud at a time like this,” added Chappelle.

‘Trusted Sources,’ Fake News MSN News Publishes Fabrication on Palestinian Deaths By Asphyxiation
Ranked second in the world for the number of visits, is a news site with big traffic. 775.6 million visitors, to be exact. It also has a big problem. “World class news from trusted sources” is the tagline for the giant news aggregator, even as it posts blatantly fake news.

The Sierra Leone-based News 360 story appearing on MSN News yesterday (“Several Palestinian civilians die of asphyxiation in clashes with Israeli forces“) claiming that several Palestinians died Nov. 11 as a result of tear gas inhalation during clashes is a fabrication through and through. Writer Daniel Stewart of News 360 fabricates:
Several Palestinian civilians were suffocated to death on Friday during clashes with Israeli forces near the Abu al-Rish checkpoint, located in southern Hebron, southern West Bank.

In addition, dozens of others faced breathing difficulties after inhaling tear gas north of Hebron, in al Aroub refugee camp, and as many others in the center of the city, in Bab al Zawiya area, WAFA news agency reported.

Even the Palestinian government-controlled WAFA news agency cited by News 360 does not claim that any Palestinians died due to teargas inhalation on Friday, Nov. 11. Moreover, WAFA does not report on any Palestinian deaths at all under any circumstances in clashes that day. In the past, unsubstantiated claims that Palestinians died as a result of teargas inhalation were disputed or retracted.

It’s unclear on what basis MSN has determined that the Sierra Leone news outlet is a “trusted source.” In any event, surely the “world-class” news aggregator can do better than a made-up news story on Palestinian deaths.
BBC rejects complaint about framing of IDF investigation
Readers may recall that in a report published on the BBC News website on October 1st (discussed here) the BBC Jerusalem bureau’s Tom Bateman claimed that:
“Meanwhile, the IDF’s competence or willingness to investigate itself over fatal incidents has been increasingly subject to question this year.

After the killing in Jenin of the Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, Israeli officials gave misleading statements to the media, before a final internal probe falsely suggested a soldier probably mistakenly shot her because he was being fired at by militants from her location at the time.”

CAMERA UK submitted a complaint to the BBC regarding those claims. We pointed out that Israeli officials did not give “misleading statements to the media” but rather that they issued statements based on the information available at the time, prior to a professional investigation into the incident. We enquired as to the basis of Bateman’s assertion that the IDF investigation “falsely suggested” that Abu Akleh may have been accidentally hit by IDF gunfire aimed at armed terrorists.

The BBC’s response to that complaint indicates in no uncertain terms that – like the persons and bodies it has chosen to quote and promote since literally just hours after the incident took place – the corporation dismisses the findings of the IDF’s professional investigation and prefers to believe the version of events put forward by Abu Akleh’s employer, among others:

Under 1/3 of antisemitic content on LinkedIn removed - FOA report
Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA), an organization that monitors online anti-Jewish prejudice, recently conducted a survey that revealed abundant antisemitic content on LinkedIn that was reported but not removed.

The survey used the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of antisemitism to identify over 100 antisemitic posts.

LinkedIn, the business and employment social media website, has committed to opposing discriminatory content, as per its "professional community policies."

Their professional policies page prohibits user behavior that is harmful, misleading, and hateful.

For instance, they claim to forbid "content that attacks, denigrates, intimidates, dehumanizes, incites or threatens hatred, violence, prejudicial or discriminatory action against individuals or groups because of their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, or disability status."

Still, of the over 100 "antisemitic" posts that the survey found, less than a third (31.7%) were removed.

Why were so few antisemitic posts on LinkedIn removed?
According to the FOA manager of monitoring, “The concerning issue with posting antisemitic content on LinkedIn is that the same people that spread hate content, also boast various academic and professional degrees and titles. That way they are attempting to make their hateful content more credible. All reported content was scanned and checked under a microscope according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definitions and terms. Like all other social networks, LinkedIn also claims to fight this phenomenon, but unfortunately, our survey shows a different reality, the system that is supposed to stop this phenomenon does not work the way it should. We are calling for LinkedIn to collaborate with civil associations and organizations in order to remove antisemitic content quickly and efficiently, all while improving the existing policy on anti-Israeli content considered as antisemitic.”
Polish Independence Day march features Nazi symbol, calls to burn Jews
Opposition politicians in Poland criticized police Saturday for detaining anti-fascist activists but not reacting to the appearance of a Nazi-era symbol during a nationalist march.

The detention of the activists occurred during Friday’s yearly far-right-led Independence March in Warsaw.

Many liberal groups who oppose the march have accused the police for years of displaying favorable treatment toward the nationalists while treating protesters of the event unfairly.

The counter-protesters held white roses and a banner reading “Nationalism is not patriotism” before police removed them from a location near the march route.

An opposition lawmaker, Michal Szczerba of the centrist Civic Platform party, accused the ruling Law and Justice party Saturday of creating “an oppressive state” with its treatment of peaceful protesters.

A Polish senator who also is a member of the political opposition, Krzysztof Brejza, tweeted a photo from the march of participants carrying a banner with the “Black Sun” symbol of Nazi Germany’s SS guards. Brejza noted that police did not intervene.

Google, Microsoft top list of Israel’s best employers
Tech titans took seven of the top 10 spots in this year’s survey of the 150 best employers in Israel.

According to the survey, published by Globes and conducted by Statista, of the 150 best employers in Israel, 43% of respondents have been employed for five years or more, and 38.2% for between one and five years.

The top 10 companies, starting from the top, are Google, Microsoft, Intel, Meta, SAP, IBM, Tidhar Group, ISR-Israel Railways, Ezer Mizion and Apple.

With an average score of 7.38 (on a scale of 0-10), the 40-49 age group is the happiest, according to the report.

The ability to work from home has become a standard, and according to the Statista survey, most employees believe that their work can be done from home.

Israel's DeserTech to help African countries adapt to climate change
DeserTech – an Israeli platform for climate technologies that focus on dry and desert climates – on Thursday launched a program in partnership with the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and the 11 African nations leading the “Great Green Wall” initiative.

The African-led “Great Green Wall” project is aimed at rehabilitating almost 250 acres of degraded land across the Sahel region by the end of the decade, generating millions of jobs and capturing 250 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

DeserTech’s launch was hosted by the Senegal pavilion at the UN COP27 climate summit in Egypt before an audience that included environment ministers from Mali and Mauritania and a member of the Chadian parliament.

Sinai Gohar Barak, DeserTech’s ecosystem development manager, said the project has two goals – developing and implementing technologies that address global challenges, and turning Israel’s southern Negev region into a global hub for desert technologies.

The hot and dry Sahel, which stretches from the Sahara Desert to the north and Savannah to the south, is not only one of the poorest and most violent regions in the world, but also one of the most exposed to the devastating effects of climate change – including drought, food shortages, conflicts over natural resources, and mass migration.

Since the launch of the “Great Green Wall” project over a decade ago, almost 44.5 million acres of degraded lands have been restored and 350,000 jobs created.

DeserTech, based in the Negev city of Be’er Sheva, is a joint initiative of the Merage Foundation Israel, Israel Innovation Institute, the Environmental Protection Ministry, and Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

'Let there be light': UAE holds first commemorative program of Kristallnacht
In a sign of the post-Abraham Accords era, The Crossroads of Civilization Museum in Dubai held a commemorative program marking 84 years since Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) pogrom, a first of its kind in the UAE. Featuring testimony from a Holocaust survivor, we bring you a special look at the commemoration that focused on inclusiveness and coexistence.

An inside look at the largest mixed city in Israel where you'll find Muslims, Christians and Jews!
An inside look at the largest mixed city in Israel where you'll find Muslims, Christians and Jews working together in partnership everyday. Welcome to Haifa!

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