Sunday, January 24, 2016

From Ian:

Honest Reporting: Fading Truth on the New York Times Editorial Page
The Fading Two State Solution is a New York Times editorial that makes the observation that “even truth telling can ignite a firestorm.” Quite a claim considering the lack of truth-telling in the editorial itself.
The editorial begins by defending U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro’s speech in which he accused Israel of having double standards when administering law and order in the disputed territories.
Palestinians have been victims of assaults and acts of vandalism by Jewish extremists, including an arson attack in July that killed a toddler and his parents in the West Bank village of Duma. None of this is acceptable.
The reality is that in the case of the Duma arson, the security establishment has been pursuing the case with the same sense of urgency and tools that would be used against Palestinian terrorists. Many would argue that the state is using more resources to bring the perpetrators to justice than in other cases.
Yet this is one egregious case of an attack in which the victims are Palestinians. The Times implies that there are more attacks that are comparable to the terrorist attacks in which Jews have been the victims. But the numbers prove this is not the case.
Since 13 September 2015, 29 people have been killed (including a Palestinian, a foreign worker and a U.S. citizen), and 289 people injured in Palestinian terrorist attacks. These attacks include 110 stabbing attacks, 38 shootings, and 22 vehicular (ramming) attacks. During the same period, there have been no stabbing, shooting, or vehicular attacks against Palestinians. This, of course, does not include cases where Palestinians have died in the course of committing these attacks. Is the Times claiming that there is no difference between self-defense and unprovoked attempts at murder?
PMW: PA daily: US suspected of causing the 9-11 attacks to create anarchy in Arab world
An op-ed in the official PA daily accuses the US of being behind all the turmoil and civil wars in the Muslim and Arab world, even the Sunni-Shiite fighting. Moreover, the writer claims that this turmoil, which the US is allegedly orchestrating, is the direct result of the 9-11 attacks on the US. The US utilized this attack to create "an imaginary enemy called 'terror,' and it supervised the cultivation of the idea until it ripened into what is known today as the Islamic State organization," the writer states. Moreover, the writer claims that the evidence and facts indicate that the US itself is the number one suspect in the 9-11 bombings.
The accusation that the US is behind all the crises and wars in the Middle East, sometimes in collaboration with Israel, has been voiced often in the official PA daily and documented by Palestinian Media Watch, as well as the claim that US and Israel are behind and controlling the Islamic State terror organization.
Terrorist killed by own bomb during attempted attack on security forces
An 18-year-old male Palestinian died late Saturday night after a pipe bomb he intended to throw at Border Police officers stationed at a security checkpoint near Abu Dis, adjacent to Jerusalem, exploded in his hands.
“He had a pipe bomb that he was planning on throwing at security personnel in Abu Dis and it accidentally exploded before he threw it, and he died of his wounds,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld on Sunday.
“He was not a suicide bomber,” Rosenfeld added, noting inaccurate media reports claiming the teen was wearing an explosive vest. “We’re talking about a Palestinian with a small explosive.”
None of the officers were wounded in the explosion, he said.
The body of the suspect, identified by Arab media as Muhammad Halbiya, was transferred by Palestinian Red Crescent paramedics to a nearby medical clinic.
Edgar Davidson: Terrorist death creates crisis for world media
The story tonight from Israel that a terrorist has been killed by his own bomb without any intervention of any Israeli during an attempted attack (as reported in the Jerusalem Post) is causing panic and hysteria among the international media.
They are searching frantically for a headline that can make Israel the aggressor (earlier today after a female terrorist was shot dead in the act of stabbing a security guard the New York Times led with the headline shown at the bottom of this post).
Assuming that even they will not fall for the inevitable Arab spin on the story ("Israel kills Palestinian with planted bomb") my bet is that the media will come up with one of the following compromises:
"Palestinian killed in Israel bomb attack"
"One Palestinian killed, no Israelis killed in latest Israel violence"

For the time being the entire Western media seems to playing safe and doing what they do when only Israelis are killed in terrorist attacks: refusing to report the attack at all.

Teen Otniel killer influenced by TV show, Shin Bet says
The Palestinian teenager accused of stabbing Israeli mother-of-six Dafna Meir to death last week was influenced by Palestinian TV, the Shin Bet security agency said Sunday.
The linkage between the fatal attack and the Palestinian broadcast was the latest in a string of accusations from Jerusalem that an almost 5-month-long wave of violence is being driven by Palestinian incitement on social media and via official channels.
Prior to carrying out the deadly attack, 15-year-old Morad Bader Abdullah Adais watched “Palestinian television broadcasts which portrayed Israel as ‘killing young Palestinians,’” a statement from the Shin Bet said, a week after the slaying of Dafna Meir in her home in the West Bank settlement of Otniel.
“On the day of the murder, while under the influence of the programs he had been exposed to on Palestinian television, the minor decided to commit a stabbing attack with the goal of murdering a Jew,” the statement read.
The agency did not name what shows Adais had watched, or explain how it knew there was a direct link between the broadcast and the terrorist act.
PA intelligence officer arrested with others for attack on IDF soldier
Security forces, acting on Shin Bet intelligence, arrested three members of a terrorist cell near Tulkarem on Friday. The suspects include a member of the Palestinian Authority's General Intelligence Service, the Shin Bet added. The cell members allegedly carried out a gun attack on the army last week, injuring an IDF soldier.
Members of the cell, from Danabe, near Tulkarem, include two gunmen who fired on an injured IDF soldier on January 20, and a third suspect, named as Ala Barkawi, 32, who works in the Palestinian Authority's General Intelligence Service.
The PA suspect is accused of aiding the gunmen after the attack and hiding the firearm used to open fire on the IDF.
"The three were taken for questioning by the Shin Bet, and confessed to carrying out the shooting. They disclosed the location of the firearm they used in the attack," security forces said.
3 alleged accomplices of TA gunman face indictments
Three residents of the northern town of Arara face likely indictments over allegedly helping Tel Aviv gunman Nashat Milhem as he fled authorities earlier this month.
Milhem, an Israeli Arab from Arara, killed three Israelis on January 1 before fleeing authorities and hiding in his hometown for several days. He was killed on January 8 in a gun battle with police.
Police and Shin Bet arrested eight people from Arara, including several of Milhem’s family members, on suspicion of helping him escape.
On Sunday, prosecutors in Haifa notified three of them that they would issue indictments against them in the coming days. Prosecutors’ declarations of their intent were being filed Sunday with the Haifa District Court, while investigators asked for a five-day extension to the suspects’ remands.
IDF arrests Palestinian lawmaker, former official
IDF soldiers overnight Saturday arrested two prominent Palestinians along with four others suspected of terror activities in the West Bank.
Hatem Qafisha, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and Issa Al-Jabari, former Palestinian minister of local government, were arrested in Hebron.
They have both been detained many times in the past by security forces. The two men were transferred to the Shin Bet security service for questioning.
PreOccupiedTerritory: We Need To Kill Lots Of Jews, But Not So Many That We Lose Sympathy By Mahmoud Abbas (satire)
Balance is the key to the successful conduct of any enterprise. Give too much weight to only one set of interests, and the entire project will be in jeopardy. For us Palestinians, the challenge since at least the 1960’s has been to kill as many Jews as we can, but not so many that it seems excessive and we lose the enthusiastic backing of the international community.
In other words, our national mission has to be cultivating the role of the underdog, the outgunned, the victim, and to use that role as the pretext for pursuing manifestly genocidal ambitions, but only to the point where those ambitions are still plausibly deniable. Overdoing it risks blurring the roles of victim and victimizer, so we have to be careful to kill only as many Jews at once as the world considers reasonable.
Of course that number does not remain constant, fluctuating as it does with various events that bring a waxing and waning of international interest in Jewish welfare. That unpredictability accounts for many of the optics failures of the Palestinian national cause over the last five decades. And I will be the first to agree that over the years we could have done a better job gauging and managing our adherence to that line. But with the help of better statistical tools, we hope to do just that. From now on look for a more consistent Palestinian approach to officially condoned violence, one that more readily strives to kill the highest number of Jews we can while still not triggering a level of international disapproval that would actually hurt our interests.
Abbas: We will not back down from our demands
Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday met with Arab correspondents and stressed that the PA would not back down from its goal of establishing a state.
Abbas also declared that he would only be willing to resume talks with Israel if it stops building “settlements”.
"We adhere to our national founding principles that speak of the establishment of our independent state with its capital in East Jerusalem, along the borders of 1967," he told the journalists.
"Anyone who agrees to a Palestinian state without Jerusalem as its capital is a traitor,” declared the PA chairman.
He stressed that the Palestinians will not accept a situation in which Israel does not implement the agreements it signed and will not agree to temporary arrangements that will not lead to the realization of the “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”
Saeb Erekat: PA 'waging a war' with Israel
Senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official Saeb Erekat divulged new details about one of his assistants who has been accused of spying for Israel and was captured by Palestinian intelligence.
According to Erekat, the alleged spy was in charge of supplies at his office and was not one of his advisors. Following his interrogation he will be brought to trial by the Palestinian Authority.
Erekat served as the secretary-general for the PLO and headed the Palestinian negotiating team during peace talks with Israel. He often threatened Israel with ending the security agreement and worked hard to stop Israeli political efforts abroad.
While answering a question posed by Hamas-affiliated newspaper Al-Risalah, Erekat said the reason Israel wanted to place a spy in his office was because “the Palestinian Authority is waging a war in every sense of the word against Israel."
"This is being done without artillery or bullets," he continued. "But Israel wants to wage war against us as well and therefore wishes to obtain a better understanding of our method of thinking.”
Khaled Abu Toameh: PA arrests imam after strongly criticizing intelligence chief
The Palestinian Authority on Friday arrested mosque preacher Musab Abu Arkoub, who strongly criticized Intelligence Chief Majed Faraj.
The arrest came amid growing criticism of Faraj for revealing that the PA security forces have foiled 200 attacks against Israel since October 2015. In an interview with Defense News, Faraj, who is believed to be a strong candidate to succeed Mahmoud Abbas, also revealed that 100 Palestinians have been arrested for planning attacks against Israel.
On Saturday, the Palestinians security forces arrested four residents of the village of Qarawet Bani Hasan, near Nablus, on charges of spraying graffiti on walls accusing Faraj of treason.
The four suspects were identified as Adnan Mir’i, 21, Ahmed Mir’i, 20, Ayoub Mir’i, 38 and Mohamed Mir’i, 35.
The graffiti denounced Faraj as a “traitor” and called on Palestinians to kill him.
Hamas Terror Tunnels Collapsing Under Heavy Rain in Gaza
As Jews around the world continue to beseech the One Above to continue the nurturing rains of winter in the Land of Israel, Mohammed Ashour al-Naj’ar, has found his rest after many hard hours living as a tunnel digger in Gaza.
The Izz a-Din al-Qassam military wing of Hamas announced Saturday al-Naj’ar, 31, was buried alive in a tunnel collapse due to weather conditions.
The Khan Younis resident added his body to those of numerous other victims who chose to uselessly sacrifice their lives to the terrorist organization.
The soft sands of Gaza are easy for diggers to tunnel through, but that same softness becomes a death trap when the moisture seeps in from the heavy rains of winter. It is then that the weight of the mud above transforms their work environment into a grave.
Palestinians in Gaza fire rocket at Israel
A rocket was fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip Saturday night, the latest attack by Palestinian terrorists in the coastal territory.
The projectile exploded inside Palestinian territory, and there were no reports of casualties or damage.
Israel regularly responds to rocket attacks with air strikes on terror targets in Gaza. There was no immediate word of such a strike.
In early January, Israel Air Force fighter jets conducted several air raids on Hamas targets in the northern Gaza Strip after at least two rockets fired from the Palestinian enclave landed in open areas near the southern city of Sderot
PA Training Forces to Prevent Islamic State Takeover in Lebanon
The Palestinian Authority is sponsoring training for Fatah and PLO loyalists in Lebanon to prevent the fall of Palestinian refugee camps into the hands of the Islamic State, a top Palestinian security official told Breitbart Jerusalem.
The training course, led by Fatah’s senior militant, Munir Maqdah, enlisted 500 participants whose induction was similar to that of the Palestinian National Guard.
In April of last year, IS fighters stormed al-Yarmouk camp, a suburb of Damascus, which is home to the largest Palestinian refugee population in Syria.
The security official said that the PA leadership was traumatized by the fall of al-Yarmouk. Particularly troubling was the fact that the last line of defense was made up of Hamas fighters and members of other organizations that are not part of the PLO.
Palestinian and Lebanese representatives in refugee camps have noticed increased Salafi activity, including greater adherence to IS. Fearing it may destabilize the camps and spill over into the rest of Lebanon, which is home to some 500,000 Palestinian refugees, the PA has decided to launch training programs.
Despite its financial constraints, the PA funds the training and pays the cadets. The training is done in conjunction with the Lebanese government and local security forces, the official said.
'More Ruthless Than The Zionists': Hezbollah's Popularity Sinks To New Low
Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian civil war has delivered a significant blow to the Lebanese militia’s popularity in the Arab world.
Pan-Arab adulation for Hezbollah culminated in the wake of its 2006 war with Israel, when it was hailed for its steadfast fighting and the heavy losses it inflicted on Israel which led, among other things, to the resignation of the Israeli defense minister and military chief.
But the deeper the Shi’ite militia got involved in fighting to save Syrian President Bashar Assad, the more it was accused of showing its true colors as a sectarian, Iran-controlled, Shiite organization.
Criticism of Hezbollah peaked last week due to the siege it has imposed on the 4,000 residents of the Syrian town of Medaya, near the Lebanese border. News of a humanitarian crisis unfolding in the town has emerged, leading to the creation of several Facebook campaigns featuring pictures of malnourished children. They started as an appeal for aid, but soon transformed into Hezbollah-bashing forums.
It is probably the first large-scale campaign against Hezbollah, saying its fighters “are even more ruthless than the Zionists.” It was also claimed that the organization has been nothing more than “the long arm of Shi’ite Iran that masqueraded as a resistance army fighting Israel.”
Anti-ISIS group in Syria demands the international coalition stop attacking civilians
A leading anti-ISIS group in the Syrian city of Raqqa called Saturday for a halt to attacks by the international anti-ISIS coalition, arguing that the attacks were harming Syrian civilians.
In its statement, the group calling itself "Raqqa is being slaughtered silently," wrote in both Arabic and English that the city of Raqqa, which ISIS defines as its capital, is currently exposed to a “genocide” as the result of the international coalition’s attacks on the city, which they say are mainly hitting civilians.
The international coalition against ISIS, that is headed by the US and consists of Western and Arab states, such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia, launched an aerial campaign against the organization's positions in Syria on September 2014.
Since the international coalition launched its first airstrike on Raqqa a few months ago, there have been an increasing number of voices claiming that the civilian death toll is rising as a result of bombardments on public facilities, such as schools and hospitals, as well as buildings ISIS fighters use as shelters.
A recent example of the alleged targeting of civilians in Raqqa is the American bombardment of a wedding convoy in the city on Friday, which killed several people, sparking furious reaction against the international coalition on Arabic social media.
'Iran keeps region in growing death spiral'
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's acknowledgement last week that some of the billions of dollars in sanctions relief granted to Iran under the nuclear deal will go to terrorist groups has drawn much criticism, particularly from Republicans in the U.S., who used Kerry's statement to attack the Obama administration's foreign policy.
"Talk about stating the obvious," Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire said. "I mean, come on. I mean, this is something we've all known from the beginning."
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina noted, "Secretary Kerry announced to the world that it's 'likely' that Iran will use some of this money to support terrorists. Secretary Kerry, it is certain that they will use this money to support terrorism. You might as well have written the check to [Syrian President Bashar] Assad yourself. You might as well have funded Hezbollah yourself."
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called out Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her role in the Iran nuclear deal. Clinton served as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
Khamenei: God delivered US sailors into our hands
Iran’s supreme leader said divine forces had delivered American sailors into the hands of his country’s naval forces.
Meeting with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy unit that took 10 US sailors captive when they strayed into Iranian waters on January 12, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hailed the “courage” and “strong faith” of the unit, semi-state Iranian news site Fars reported on Sunday.
“You did an excellent job,” Khamenei told them. “Certainly, it was the divine job that sent the Americans straying into our territorial waters only to be promptly captured with their hands behind their heads.”
Iranians caught in India with fake Israeli passports
The two are reported to be a married Iranian couple who had been living in India for the past several years and intended to use the fake passports to immigrate to the United States.
When arrested, they had just arrived on a domestic flight from Goa, and were trying to board a British Airways flight to the UK.
After being taken into custody, police questioned the two, looking into the possibility of hostile activity.
Preliminary investigations indicated that the woman, aged 35, had been living in the city of Pune for the past 10 years, while the man, 25, had worked for an unspecified number of years in Goa.
It wasn’t the first time Iranians have been caught abroad with forged Israeli travel documents. In 2014, two Iranians were arrested at the airport in Nairobi, Kenya, after attempting to enter the country using fake Israeli passports. They were sentenced under anti-terrorism laws to two years in prison and ordered to pay a large fine.
Leftist Embarks on Tel Aviv-to-Tehran Peace March, Arrives in Six Pieces (satire)
An Israeli pacifist has died trying to fulfill his dream of “spreading the message of love and liberty across the hate-filled deserts of the Middle East.”
27-year-old Ori Ashkenazi left Tel Aviv to great fanfare, telling CNN: “Ever since I was a kid at a candle-lit memorial for our slain prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, I’ve dreamed of peace in the region. I may not make it back alive, but it’s a cause for which I’m prepared to die.”
While Ashkenazi made it across the West Bank and Jordan to the Iraqi border relatively unscathed (he sustained light injuries in a stabbing attack near the Palestinian city of Nablus), he was promptly seized, tortured and decapitated when he strayed into ISIS-controlled territory in Iraq’s Anbar province after his GPS device malfunctioned.
In keeping with his wishes, Ashkenazi’s body was wheelbarrowed across government-controlled territory by the Red Crescent, arriving at the Iranian border in two pieces. However, the mutilation was not over: Suspicious Iranian border guards – thinking Ashkenazi’s limbs were implanted with “Zionist spying devices” – then proceeded to cut off his arms and legs.
The Indelible Stain: Jew-Washing, Antisemitism, and Zionophobia
Among the many difficulties confronting Jews who are comfortable calling themselves Zionists is the phenomenon of Jew-washing. Inspired by expressions such as “whitewashing” and “pinkwashing,” the idea is that if someone can count Jews among those endorsing his beliefs or behavior then his beliefs or behavior cannot be deemed antisemitic. Indeed if he can count Jews among his personal friends, if some of his “best friends” are Jews, then he cannot be deemed an antisemite. The problem for Zionists is clear: the fact that so many Jews are comfortable calling themselves anti-Zionists means that the underlying antisemitic nature of most forms of anti-Zionism is easily obscured.
The aim of this essay is to demonstrate what has sorely needed demonstrating for a long time: that Jew-washing simply doesn’t work. In fact it obviously doesn’t work, once you think about it even a little.
It’s commonly assumed that racism has a general nature: to be a racist is to display a certain negative attitude or behaviors toward all members of the targeted group. This assumption is reasonably grounded in the paradigmatic manifestations of racism throughout history. When medieval Christians hated Jews on the basis of religion, for example, they hated all Jews (we usually think), until they converted. When the Nazis hated Jews on the basis of race, they hated all Jews (we think) no matter what their creed, even those Jews who had converted and assimilated.
It makes sense: if you’re a Jew-hater, then you hate all Jews.
Except that it simply isn’t true.
Neither empirically, nor theoretically.
Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi’s S.S., famously complained that the Nazis’ fatal efficiency was often compromised because everyone had his favorite “A-1 Jew.” There were very dedicated Nazis, filled with Jew-hatred, who still found room in their hearts not to hate some particular Jew or another, for whatever the reason. Those exceptions didn’t mean they weren’t Jew-haters, of course. But sometimes other considerations overrode their general hatred.
So a bona fide Jew-hater is capable of not hating every single Jew.
Protesters disrupt Jewish reception at Chicago gay conference
Hundreds of protesters sought to disrupt a Shabbat service and reception for Jewish participants at a gay activism conference in Chicago.
Chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, pinkwashing has got to go,” hundreds of protesters streamed through the Hilton Chicago on Friday night toward the service hosted by A Wider Bridge, a Jewish LGBTQ organization that seeks to build ties between gay communities in North America and Israel. Pinkwashing is the term used to described alleged efforts by Israel to cover up its treatment of Palestinians by touting its record on gay rights.
The program, which featured members of Jerusalem Open House, a gay activist organization based in the Israeli capital, had earlier been cancelled by The National LGBTQ Task Force, which organizes the Creating Change conference. The organization later reversed its decision.
A statement Saturday from A Wider Bridge said protesters had entered the reception and taken over the stage, preventing the visiting Israelis from speaking.
Unversities must fight back against student protesters
Yet today, when radicalised views are incubated on campus and a toxic line cohort tries to squash free speech, little is done.
Esther Enfield, from KCL's Israel Society potted the issue when she said on her Facebook page: "When did it become so unsafe in one of the global universities in the world that we can no longer hold an event without being scared of our safety. What if KCL's Action Palestine would have come to the event with questions and challenged the speaker in a respectful and peaceful manner?"
Maybe the answer to both questions lies in the fact that the protesters knew they had little to lose. Or to fear (No arrests were made on the night)
It is time for universities to punish those who seek to hijack civilised debate – suspending perpetrators or issuing punitive bans on attending university outside of tutorials, lectures and libraries.
Otherwise maybe LSE should bring back those steel gates back. If only to protest at the day our universities threatened to forfeit the iron in their soul.
British MP compares anti-Israel university riot to Kristallnacht
A senior British MP has compared a violent anti-Israel riot at a London university last week to kristallnacht, as condemnation of the violence carried out by pro-Palestinian activists continues to mount.
In an interview with Sky News on Sunday morning, Sir Eric Pickles - a former minister who now serves as the United Kingdom's Special Envoy for post-Holocaust issues - likened the incident, in which windows were smashed and at least one Jewish student was physically assaulted, to the Nazi pogrom in which anti-Semitic thugs ransacked Jewish-owned synagogues, shops and other establishments in Germany.
"You've got a situation where a bunch of people are gathered, they were listening to a speaker who wanted to talk about how peace was going to be possible in the Middle East, and a bunch of Palestinian activists come in, smash the windows, smash glass," he said, branding the incident "anti-Jewish."
"It just seems to me that one thing you shouldn't do in an anti-Jewish protest is to smash glass - it's just ludicrous!"
Guardian ignores widely reported anti-Israel violence at Kings College
Tellingly, the Guardian is one of the few major UK new sites which has thus far failed to cover the incident.
This of course isn’t the first time the Guardian has sanitized or ignored extremism by pro-Palestinian demonstrators. In September, David Collier noted that a Guardian report by Peter Beaumont about an anti-Netanyahu rally at Downing Street failed to inform readers that some demonstrators waved the flags of Hezbollah and Hamas, whilst others engaged in explicit antisemitism.
Similarly, the Guardian failed to report antisemitic banners and extremist sympathies at a pro-Palestinian rally in London during the 2014 summer war between Israel and Hamas.
NUT leaders ‘colluding to undermine anti-terror policies’
Leaders and activists of Britain’s biggest teachers’ union are colluding with Islamic extremists to undermine policies aimed at preventing terror attacks.
Private emails leaked to the Telegraph show that Rob Ferguson, a senior National Union of Teachers (NUT) activist in heavily-Muslim Newham, east London, is working with Mend, an extremist front group, and Cage, the notorious organisation which backed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) killer known as “Jihadi John”.
Mr Ferguson is orchestrating a campaign with Mend to discredit Prevent, the Government initiative which aims to spot signs of radicalisation in young people. A member of the NUT’s ruling national executive, Alex Kenny, and Ian Hale, the NUT’s assistant secretary in Newham, are also involved.
Mr Ferguson is a senior tutor at Newvic, the borough’s largest sixth-form college. One of its students was Roshonara Choudry, who later stabbed the local MP, Stephen Timms, trying to kill him, as punishment for his support of the Iraq war. Another student was Hassan Farooq, who stated on social media that “the solution to Newvic’s political problem = Hitler… the hour will not come until the Muslims kill the Jews.”
Dropping the Knife
Here is the original headline that the New York Times ran to introduce an article describing the results of an unsuccessful Palestinian terrorist attack.
"Palestinian Girl, 13, Shot Dead by Israeli Guard"
Even the Times realized at some point how completely misleading its headline was, so they dropped in two words that make a huge difference (even though they do add “police say” to perhaps cast some doubt on whether she even had the knife. The original headline had no such caveat.)
"Palestinian Girl With Knife Killed by Israeli Guard, Police Say"
But is this really enough? Granted, the fact that the Times — in hindsight — felt readers were entitled to know that this girl had a knife is important. But it does beg the question why whomever was in charge of the headline did not instead make clear that she not only HAD a knife, but she was killed while attempting to USE the knife against an Israeli guard. All they would have had to do was read the first paragraph of the article under the headline to see that she was killed “after she ran at him with a knife.”
But how many people saw the original headline and concluded that an Israeli had killed an innocent girl?
Why does BBC News continue to qualify information on dead terrorists?
Once again the use of the qualifying term “Israel says” prevents readers from being able to judge the Swedish FM’s remarks in their appropriate context.
The BBC has had ample opportunity to independently verify the facts behind that now standard insert to any article relating to the ongoing wave of terrorism against Israelis and – especially in light of its supposed commitment to due accuracy and impartiality – should by this stage be capable of telling its audiences in its own words that the majority of Palestinian casualties were indeed shot whilst carrying out terror attacks.
Instead, the corporation continues to employ the qualifying term “Israel says” in a manner not seen in its coverage of similar stories from other countries, meaning that the question which must inevitably be asked is whether that editorial policy has been influenced by other factors.
BBC Two’s ‘Newsnight’ gives a stage to Galloway’s conspiracy theories
Following the publication on January 21st of the results of the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, the producers of BBC Two’s flagship current affairs programme ‘Newsnight‘ apparently reached the bizarre conclusion that their mission of providing audiences with “comprehensive coverage of the day’s important national and international news stories” could best be met by bringing George Galloway into the studio.
During that interview, Galloway made the following statement:
“Look, I know Plutonium [sic] 210. I was at Yasser Arafat’s bedside in France when he died from Polonium 210, so I know how foul a murder this was.”
Despite the fact that the conspiracy theories concerning Arafat’s supposed poisoning with Polonium were laid to rest months ago, presenter Evan Davis made no effort to relieve viewers of the inaccurate impression created by Galloway.
George Galloway bans Israel supporters from election events
Jewish activist Ben Gross of the Israel Advocacy Movement had attempted to enter a public talk by Galloway last week, but was rejected and physically blocked from entering.
If Gross was under any doubt as to why he was turned away, Galloway himself quickly made it clear to his audience that it was his pro-Israel sympathies which made him a persona non grata.
"We rejected at the door one of the main Zionist agitators in London, who wanted to come in here," Galloway told his audience. "If he had come in here he would have, in his inimitable style, accused us of terrorism!"
"It was a slightly surreal but not unexpected experience being told I'm not allowed in but never being given a reason why," Gross told Arutz Sheva. "It's clear they had profiled me prior to the event and upon reflection it smacks of fascism to ban someone for his political views."
Galloway's "no-Zionists" policy is hardly a surprise coming from a man who, as MP, branded his constituency an "Israel-free zone," and who infamously walked out of a debate upon discovering his opponent was Israeli.
Still, it is ironic given the Galloway campaign's official slogan for this year's London Mayoral Elections: "A London for all."
Israel’s HomeBioGas installs unit at Ugandan orphanage
The system lets users cook dinner with the gas produced from lunch’s leftovers, and also provides high-quality fertilizer for the garden.
A TevaGas bio-digester from Israel’s HomeBioGas is now converting organic waste into clean renewable energy at the Buvundya Orphanage in Uganda, thanks to a donor who bought the system.
“These children lit up when they discovered the HomeBiogas magic — that they can transform their waste and produce their very own energy,” according to the company’s chief scientist and cofounder, Yair Teller.
TevaGas provides a sustainable solution in warmer climates for off-grid urban and rural families, environmentally conscious homeowners and small farm owners.
Previously, Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection purchased and installed TevaGas units in two Bedouin Negev villages without access to clean energy and garbage removal. They now can produce their own clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting, as well as organic liquid crop fertilizer.
US-Israel cyber-security firm Forescout hits billion-dollar mark
ForeScout Technologies, an US-Israeli cyber-security firm with a large R&D staff in Israel, announced Friday that it had raised $76 million in additional financing. The company now has a valuation of $1 billion, making it the latest tech “unicorn,” the term for a privately-held firm that makes it to the billon-dollar club. With the funding, said ForeScout, it has tripled its valuation over the past 18 months. Financing was led by Wellington Management Company LLP.
Why has the company been so successful? ForeScout is in the right place at the right time – developing technology to protect Internet of Things devices. “It took 25 years for the world to get to 5 billion connected devices, but with the explosion of the IoT we’ll see around 30 billion by 2020 — an entirely new approach to security is required,” said Michael DeCesare, ForeScout CEO and President.
That new approach comes in the form of ForeScout CounterACT, which is designed to automatically prevent connections from devices that don’t belong on a network, said DeCesare. The system also connects to the many software solutions, switches, appliances, and other components that companies use to protect themselves against hackers. “We regulate connections, and work with threat detection systems from companies like FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Bromium, Damballa, CheckPoint, McAffee, and many others,” said DeCesare. “We gather information from their systems and then determine what level of access to give a connecting device, thus keeping problems off the network in the first place.”
PreOccupiedTerritory: Blatt Dismissal A Setback For Zionist Global Domination (satire)
Officials in Israel’s intelligence and security apparatus voiced concern today that the firing of Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt yesterday put a serious crimp in the nation’s plan to subjugate the rest of human civilization.
A Mossad representative said the organization and its parent group the Elders of Zion had been conducting marathon emergency sessions since the basketball team decided to part ways with Blatt after a disappointing start to the season. According to the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity citing agency rules, the Elders and their various offshoots now must scramble to find someone else to fill the unique mission that only the head coach of a slightly-better-than-average professional basketball team in some Midwestern backwater can perform.
“We’re at wit’s end,” said the official. “All of our intricate plans and conspiracies depended on Mr. Blatt remaining at the helm of the Cavaliers at least through the end of the 2015-2016 season, but all that has to be put on hold. There are teams of special forces in position in various parts of the world who now have to abort and bug out because of this.” He declined to elaborate on the specific locations or nature of those forces’ missions.
For more than a hundred years, the Elders and the Zionists have used well-placed Jewish figures to facilitate the quiet conquest and control of the global financial, political, media, and economic systems, despite constant loud warnings by concerned parties such as the Ku Klux Klan, Henry Ford, Louis Farrakhan, and Europe. Analysts say Blatt was likely placed in charge of special operations that would have attracted too much attention if performed by a more prominent player in global entertainment such as Steven Spielberg.

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