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From Ian:

Avni: Terror shouldn’t be rewarded
Making sense of death is a near-impossible task. But with more than four months having passed since the brutal murder of my father, Richard Lakin, a dual citizen of both Israel and the United States, some things have become clear to me.
Firstly, the evil of terrorism does not discriminate, striking down the very best of people.
Secondly, terror does not occur in a vacuum. More than 30 Israelis have been killed during the latest wave of violence, almost half murdered by Palestinians aged 20 or under — children who have been indoctrinated to kill through poisonous incitement.
Thirdly, and perhaps most unequivocally, my father’s treasured values of coexistence, equality and peace must not be allowed to perish with him.
You would be hard-pressed to find a greater advocate for peace and coexistence than my father. As a young man in Connecticut, he pioneered the integration of the school at which he served as principal, and marched alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights struggle.
Our family has been following the terrible events of the past few months closely. With every attack we relive the nightmare and ask ourselves the same question: What causes a teenager to grab a knife and butcher an innocent civilian? As my father well understood, people are not born with hate, it is inculcated.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas must shoulder much of the blame. He has shamelessly endorsed the actions of countless terrorists, praising their “martyrdom.” He even made a condolence call to the family of Bahaa Allyan, one of the two young terrorists who murdered my father.
Last month I wrote to President Obama, urging him to condemn Abbas’ visit to the parents of the terrorist who murdered my father, and to call upon Abbas to curtail the wanton incitement that is fueling this wave of terror. I know that Vice President Joe Biden, who will be visiting Israel soon, shares the same values as my father. I am sure that he too will take the simple message of my father’s book, “Teaching As an Act of Love,” and convey it to President Abbas: “Every child is a miracle,” a miracle that should be nurtured with love, not hatred.
Jaffa terror victim was US Army vet, Vanderbilt student
The American tourist killed in Tuesday’s terror attack in Tel Aviv was identified as 29-year-old Taylor Force, a graduate student at Vanderbilt University, the school said in a statement.
Force, a Lubbock, Texas native, was killed and at least 10 people were injured Tuesday evening when a Palestinian man carried out a stabbing spree in Jaffa. Five of the injured were described as being in critical condition.
The attack was the third of the day; two policemen were badly hurt in a Jerusalem shooting earlier, and a 40-year-old father-of-five was stabbed repeatedly and moderately injured in an attack in Petah Tikva before managing to stab his assailant with his own knife.
Force was a US army veteran, according to his LinkedIn profile and an article published on a business school review website. He graduated from West Point Military Academy in 2009 and served as a field artillery officer from 2009-2014 at Fort Hood. A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, he was in Israel on a school program.
Force’s wife was severely injured in the attack, according to Zaki Heller, spokesperson for the Magen David Adom ambulance service.
“It is with extreme sadness that I write to inform you that Taylor Force, a student at our Owen Graduate School of Management, was fatally wounded March 8 in a stabbing attack while on an Owen school trip to Tel Aviv, Israel,” the Nashville, Tennessee university said in a statement. “All other Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff on the trip are safe.”
“This horrific act of violence has robbed our Vanderbilt family of a young hopeful life and all of the bright promise that he held for bettering our greater world,” school Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos wrote. “Taylor’s family and his friends and colleagues have our deepest sympathy and utmost support.”
Fatah celebrates murder of American tourist
Fatah and the Palestinian Authority celebrated yesterday’s murder of Taylor Force, an American tourist who was visiting Israel with Vanderbilt University. Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a drawing of a knife held over the PA map of “Palestine” that includes all of Israel and the PA areas.
Text on arm: “The heroic Martyr (Shahid)”
Text on map is name of Taylor Force’s murderer: “Bashar Masalha”
[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 9, 2016]
Palestinian terrorist Masalha ran through the streets of Tel Aviv-Jaffa yesterday stabbing every civilian he passed, killing Force and injuring 11.
Official PA TV coined the American and other victims “settlers.” The PA often calls all Israeli cities - "occupied" - and all Israelis - “settlers” - a category of people they have claimed that international law gives them the right to murder. By calling the American a “settler” - even though he is not Israeli and was in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, official PA TV news is putting the blame on the victim.
PA TV likewise honored the killer calling him a “Shahid” - an Islamic Martyr:
PA TV News: American terror victim is “settler,” his Palestinian killer is holy “Martyr”

Israeli Wounded in Palestinian Stabbing Attack Pulls Knife Out of Neck, Turns on Terrorist: ‘I Knew I Had to Fight Back’ (VIDEO)
“I thought I was going to die,” the victim of Tuesday’s Palestinian stabbing attack in Petah Tikva told Israel’s Channel 2 from his bed at the Beilinson Medical Center.
The approximately 40-year-old, Orthodox, married father-of-five, who had not yet revealed his name to the media, recounted the frightening moments from the time he felt he was being stabbed in the neck, until turning the tables on the terrorist.
When he first felt the knife enter his body twice, he said, “I thought this was it. But then I pulled myself together. I understood it was a terrorist and that I had to fight him to keep him from killing me and other people.”
“It occurs to everyone at some point that such a thing could happen,” he said. “But we don’t obsess over it or spend all our time looking over our shoulders.”
He concluded: “I thought this was my last day [on earth], but I was given my life as a gift, pure and simple. If God hadn’t wanted me to be here, I wouldn’t be here.”

'Guitar hero' who broke his instrument when he used it to bash terrorist on the head in Jaffa raises more than $1,000 on GoFundMe
A quick-thinking 26-year-old stunned a Palestinian man on a stabbing spree in Tel Aviv, Israel on Tuesday when he smashed his acoustic guitar over the terrorist's head.
Yishai Montgomery was playing his guitar on the beach when he heard screams and saw a man later identified as Bashar Masalha, 22, running towards him with a knife, Jerusalem Online reported.
In the heroic effort to stop the assailant, Montgomery managed to stun Masalha, who reportedly killed an American tourist and injured up to a dozen people before he was gunned down by the police.
With a large hole left in Montgomery's guitar, people have lauded the 26-year-old for his bravery and contributed money towards a new instrument.
An a report on Jerusalem Online, Montgomery told Channel 2 News: 'I had just sat down to play my guitar near the ocean when I heard screams from down the road.'
The 26-year-old then realized a man was running towards him with a knife.
According to the Times of Israel, Montgomery said: 'He jumped on the bench yelling at me and trying to stab me so I grabbed my guitar and hit him over the head with it.
'He was so stunned and didn’t know what to do with himself and then started running away.'
Montgomery then pursued the 22-year-old from the West Bank settlement of Qalqilyah, yelling: 'Terrorist!'
Other bystanders joined the chase, and police eventually shot Masalha dead.
In apparent swipe at Abbas, Biden slams failure to condemn terror
US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday appeared to condemn Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for not speaking out against terror attacks.
His comments, delivered in Jerusalem, came minutes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Abbas’s political group had not only failed to condemn but had in fact praised a terrorist who killed an American citizen in Jaffa in a stabbing spree Tuesday evening.
“Let me say in no uncertain terms: The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts. This cannot become an accepted modus operandi,” Biden said during a press conference alongside Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s Office.
“This cannot be viewed by civilized leaders as an appropriate way in which to behave,” he continued. “It is just not tolerable in the 21st century. They’re targeting innocent civilians, mothers, pregnant women, teenagers, grandfathers, American citizens. There can be no justification for this hateful violence and the United States stands firmly behind Israel when it defends itself as we are defending ourselves at this moment as well.”
Biden: US condemns international failure to denounce Palestinian terror attacks
US Vice President Joe Biden denounced those in the international community and in the Palestinian Authority who have failed to condemn Palestinian terror attacks against Israel.
“Let me say in no uncertain terms the US condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts,” Biden said in Jerusalem on Wednesday at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
He spoke just one day after a Palestinian terrorist went on a stabbing spree in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, killing a Vanderbilt graduate student, Taylor Force, 29, and wounding 12 others.
Force was a US veteran who had served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan only to be killed on the Jaffa boardwalk by the Mediterranean sea on Tuesday evening.
The attack occurred just a short distance away from where Biden was meeting former president Shimon Peres.
Israeli envoy calls on UN Security Council to condemn Palestinian terror attacks
Following Tuesday’s three terror attacks in Israel, Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon sent an urgent letter to the UN Security Council demanding they condemn the stabbings. Some 14 people were injured in the attacks which took place in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva on Tuesday. Twenty-nine year old American tourist Taylor Force succumbed to his stab wounds.
In his letter to the Security Council, Ambassador Danon wrote that since the onset of the current wave of violence the Palestinians have committed 317 attacks against Israelis at an average of 2.18 attacks every day, a third of which, he noted, were committed by minors. “This ongoing wave of terror has claimed the lives of thirty four victims - thirty four fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, buried by their loved ones,” the Ambassador wrote.
“Yet, the Security Council has not condemned Palestinian terror even once,” he continued. “The international community must not continue to ignore this ongoing campaign of brainwashing and indoctrination,” he wrote, referring to Palestinian incitement. “I ask you to open your eyes, condemn the ongoing attacks,” Danon concluded.
Police: Biden visit to Israel may have triggered Palestinian stabbings
Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel may have served as the trigger for Palestinian assailants to commit attacks against Israelis on Tuesday, defense officials said.
Police said that after a situation assessment held by the senior police brass and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, they decided to increase their manpower and patrols across the country as a result of Tuesday’s attacks.
They added that they have not found any linkage between the three attacks and that they had no prior warnings.
An American tourist was murdered and 12 people wounded Tuesday, including a pregnant woman, as a Palestinian terrorist went on a stabbing rampage on the Tel Aviv seashore before being killed by police.
The stabbings were one of the three unrelated terrorist attacks that broke the relative quiet in Israel of recent days.
Honest Reporting: March 9 Terror Against Israelis
We go to the scene of one of the 5 terror attacks in the last 24 hours. And we ask: why are the headlines disconnected from reality?

Terrorists carry out two shooting attacks in Jerusalem; One critically wounded
Two Palestinian terrorists responsible for separate drive-by shootings in Jerusalem Wednesday morning were shot and killed by Special Patrol police during a shootout outside the Old City following a city-wide manhunt.
An Arab-Israeli man was critically wounded after being shot twice by the suspects during the gun battle.
At approximately 8 a.m., police first received reports about two suspicious Arab men driving a blue vehicle on Golda Meir Boulevard in the Ramot neighborhood of the capital. Moments later, shots were fired from the car in the direction of an Egged bus, police said.
Before police arrived at the scene, an armed Israeli man who witnessed the shooting exited his car and fired a single shot at the terrorists’ vehicle before they fled the area.
“We know that shots were fired in the area of the bus by two Arab suspects armed with automatic weapons, but no bullet holes were found on the bus,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, adding that no injuries were reported.
“Police units immediately launched a search for the vehicle driven by the terrorists, which we knew was still in Jerusalem, and was spotted by special patrol units between the Old City’s Damascus Gate and New Gate one hour later.”
Palestinian woman with a knife caught inside settlement
Israeli security forces arrested a Palestinian woman who broke into the Kedumim settlement armed with a knife on Wednesday, an army spokesperson said.
The woman snuck into the Mitzpeh Yishai neighborhood of the Kedumim settlement, which is located just east of the central Israeli city of Kfar Saba.
The suspect chased after a female resident of the settlement before security forces arrived to the scene and wrestled her to the ground, the IDF said. She is suspected of having intended to attack the woman in her home, Army Radio said.
She was taken in for further questioning.
Amid bout of attacks, Netanyahu decides to complete barrier in Jerusalem area
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to complete the security barrier in the area of Jerusalem in the aftermath of the three terror attacks Tuesday, in which an American graduate student was killed and 15 people were injured.
The attacks occurred around the time that US Vice President Joe Biden landed in Israel for a two-day visit.
Late Tuesday night, Netanyahu held security consultations with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordecai and representatives from the IDF.
During the meeting, Netanyahu took a number of security decisions in addition to the already existing ones such as the closure of villages where Palestinian terrorist live or from where they left to execute their attacks.
Media outlets that promote incitement will be closed. Legislation to punish those who help Palestinians illegally enter or live in areas of Israel within the Green Line will be fast tracked.
Work and trade permits for Palestinians will also be denied.
Off-duty soldier slain in supermarket to be recognized as combat casualty
An off-duty IDF soldier who was stabbed to death as he fought a knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist with his bare hands is to be memorialized as having fallen in combat and not as a victim of terror, following a request from his widow.
Yael Weissman had protested a Defense Ministry decision to categorize her husband Tuvia Yanai Weissman, 21, as a terror victim rather than as a soldier who fell during battle.
Following the intervention of MK Elazar Stern from the Yesh Atid party, the ministry reconsidered the matter and decided that Weissman’s gravestone at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery will include either the phrase “fell in battle during a terror attack” or “fell in battle.”
The couple and their baby were shopping at the Rami Levy supermarket in the Sha’ar Binyamin industrial park, north of Jerusalem, on February 18. They were on the far side of the supermarket when two Palestinian teenagers entered the store and began stabbing shoppers. Weissman, who was not armed, ran to help and was fatally stabbed.
Uruguayan Jew stabbed to death in suspected anti-Semitic attack
A Jewish man died Tuesday after being stabbed repeatedly in a suspected anti-Semitic attack in Uruguay.
David Fremd, a 54-year-old local businessman, was attacked in the western Uruguayan city of Paysandu, on the border with neighboring Argentina.
One of his three sons was also injured in the attack, but his wounds are reportedly not life-threatening.
Fremd was a local representative of the Uruguayan Jewish umbrella group. His family suspects that the attack was religiously motivated, according to a report by local news outlet Subraydo.
His suspected assailant, a 35-year-old man with a criminal record, reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” before stabbing him, the local El Pais newspaper said.
Police arrested the suspect.
Jewish Agency to distribute money to terror victims
The Jewish Agency announced on Wednesday that it will distribute one million Dollars to more than one hundred victims of the current terror wave in Israel, including foreign nationals, in “an expression of Diaspora Jewry’s solidarity with the people of Israel.”
The Agency’s Fund for Victim’s of Terror, in cooperation with the Jewish Federations of North America and Keren Hayesod-UIA, will disburse the money to individuals and families who, since October, have been affected by the attacks.
“The support provided by Jewish communities around the world is not only financial in nature. This is an expression of Diaspora Jewry’s solidarity with the people of Israel, which is also manifested by the hundreds of thousands of Jews who visit Israel, the tens of thousands of Jewish young people who participate in Israel experience programs, and the record number of Jews who choose to immigrate to Israel – even now,” said Agency chairman Natan Sharansky in a statement.
Each victim or family will receive approximately $6,400 above and beyond an initial, and unrelated, grant of around four thousand Shekels offered to families affected by terror intended to help cover immediate needs after attacks. The Agency said that it has provided such assistance around seventy times during the current wave of terror.
In February the Shin Bet announced that it had recorded 228 attacks since October, a number which has only risen in the month since.
Avraham Hasno's murderer caught nearly 5 months later
It was released for publication Wednesday morning that IDF special forces from the elite Duvdevan unit, together with Israeli Security Agency (ISA) forces, on Tuesday night captured the Arab terrorist who murdered Avraham Hasno of Kiryat Arba in mid-October 2015.
The terrorist, a resident of Yatir in southern Judea, had been held at a Palestinian police station until several days ago when he was released. He was arrested after his release by Israeli forces, thanks to intelligence operations and ISA investigations that located him.
Hasno, 54, who was recognized as a terror victim in early November, was lured out of his car by an Arab rock ambush, at which point the Arab truck driver terrorist ran him over and murdered him.
An Arutz Sheva analysis of photographic evidence of the incident reveals the driver, who turned himself in to Palestinian police claiming it was an accident, ran over Hasno at least twice in cold-blooded murder. Arab residents cheered and whistled as paramedics unsuccessfully tried to save the victim's life.
Just this Sunday Hasno's family announced that a grandson has been born to the terror victim.
Israeli group to turn to ICC over PA incitement
Palestinian television has reached new lows over the past few months, as it continuously incites to murder Jews and praises terrorists.
In addition, official Palestinian Authority TV shows insist on calling Israeli victims "settlers," even if they live in Petah Tikvah and Ra'anana, well within the Green Line. During the ongoing wave of terror, numerous terrorists have committed their attacks after seeing incendiary broadcasts clearly calling to murder Jews.
Shurat Hadin, which fights terror around the world through legal action, has been putting together a lawsuit against the heads of the Palestinian broadcasting authority, Riyad al-Hassan and Ahmed Assaf.
The organization intends to submit the claim to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague. In order to do so, it is looking to enlist thousands of claimants from around the world to sign on to the case.
Such a move has legal precedent: the ICC placed Rwandan television and radio executives on trial for war crimes after they incited to murder during the country's civil war. The defendants were sentenced to life in prison.
Hamas lauds rash of ‘heroic’ terror attacks across Israel
The Hamas terror group praised a series of attacks across Israel on Tuesday that left a US tourist dead and 14 Israelis injured.
In the wake of a deadly stabbing spree in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, the third serious attack in a matter of hours, the group said the events of the day prove that the wave of violence that began in October is not over.
“Hamas congratulates the three heroic operations this evening, in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Jaffa, and considers this proof of the failure for all these theories to abort the Intifada, which will continue until the realization of its goals,” said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri in a statement.
“Hamas celebrates the martyrs that have ascended through these operations, and confirms that their pure blood will, God willing, be the fuel for escalating the intifada,” he said.
Twenty-nine Israelis and four non-Israelis have been killed in a wave of Palestinian terrorism and violence since October. Some 180 Palestinians have also been killed, some two-thirds of them while attacking Israelis, and the rest during clashes with troops, according to the Israeli army.
Tuesday’s attacks resulted in one of the highest one-day casualty counts since the beginning of the ongoing unrest.
Palestinian Terror Rampage: Headline Shockers
Over the past few hours, multiple terror attacks have taken place in Israel. In the worst incident, a Palestinian went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa, killing an American tourist and wounding several others.
Two border policemen were injured in a shooting attack near Jerusalem’s Old City, while another Israeli was injured in a stabbing in Petah Tikva.
The news is still fluid and breaking. Updates can be found on The Times of Israel site.
Some of the international media, however, are more concerned about the Palestinian terrorists than their victims.
Here is the latest headline from the International Business Times:
And New Zealand TV’s One News:

CNN Obscures Palestinian Attacker's Identity, Again
CNN Obscures Palestinian Attacker's Identity, Again
Yet again, CNN obscures the identity of another Palestinian attacker. Yesterday evening, Bashar Masalha, a 22-year-old Palestinian from the northern West Bank, went on a stabbing spree in the mixed Arab-Jewish city of Jaffa, killing Taylor Force, and wounding several more. As of this writing, CNN's headline about the attack is: "American fatally stabbed in Israel terror attack that wounds 10 others."
The headline, in passive voice, fails to identify who stabbed the American, a key piece of information about the incident which was readily available. According to the time stamp, the post was last updated at 6:38 am GMT today. Some 12 hours before then, Israel police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld had already confirmed that the attacker was Palestinian.
In addition, the accompanying article buries the essential bit of information -- who carried out the attack -- in the 17th paragraph. The relatively few readers who make it that far learn:
Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld tweeted that the attacker, a Palestinian from the West Bank, was fatally shot by police.
Then, incredibly, several paragraphs later, CNN explains that Israeli authorities blame Palestinians for a spate of terror attacks, as if it isn't actually certain that Palestinians are responsible for the spate of terror attacks.
Do Israeli Jews really want to expel Arabs? The (huge) holes in the Pew survey
Every opinion pollster hopes that their survey will generate a strong headline, and when Pew released its magnum opus on Israel this week, it certainly got its wish. One in two Israeli Jews want to see Arabs chased out of their country, it seems from the figures.
There is a worrying strain in Israeli society that believes in forcing Arabs to leave, but one in two Jewish citizens — seriously? This is off the chart compared to past surveys on similar topics. What, exactly, were people asked?
At first glance, the question seemed straightforward. People were asked if “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel.” But this actually left a lot for the respondents to define for themselves.
Did they respond in relation to all Arabs, as one would gather from the way results have been presented? Or were they thinking about specific cases, such as Arabs who sympathise with terror or — as-per the policy that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently having checked by state lawyers — to move the families of terrorists who carry out attacks out of Israel?
Every respondent will have interpreted the question in their own way, which is bad planning by Pew because it needed just one more letter to make this aspect of the question clearer. The definite article is extremely important in Hebrew, and if Pew was interested in what Israeli Jews think about the presence of Arabs, it should have asked about “the Arabs” not “Arabs” — which would have required one extra letter, a hey.
The Israel Prize-winning sociologist Sammy Smooha of Haifa University, who compiles a regular survey on Jewish attitudes towards Israel’s Arab minority and vice-versa, has called the question “misleading and vague”.
The Independent Claims Survey Reveals Israelis Support “Ethnic Cleansing”
A major Pew survey has generated much discussion and debate. It covered numerous questions surrounding Israelis’ political and religious views. One question in particular has caused legitimate concern after it revealed that nearly half of Jewish Israelis agree that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel.
Cue The Independent, which has come up with its own analysis and a headline to boot:
Nearly half of Israeli Jews believe in ethnic cleansing, survey finds
How has The Independent come up with the term “ethnic cleansing?” Some analysis from an Israeli academic? A nasty comment from a Palestinian?
New French FM rescinds ultimatum to Israel
France’s new Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, appears to be backtracking on plans to unilaterally recognize Palestinian statehood.
Speaking on Wednesday, Ayrault rejected plans proposed by his predecessor, Laurent Fabius to “automatically” recognize a Palestinian state if a Paris initiative to host an international conference aiming to revive Israel-Palestinian peace talks fails.
"There is never anything automatic," Ayrault said. "France will present its initiative to its partners. It will be the first step, there is no pre-requisite." The Foreign Minister presented a far softer tone on the issue than his predecessor, limiting the scope of the French initiative.
"What we want, and that is our commitment, is to resume the negotiation process," he said.
Then French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, stirred Israeli anger in January by proposing such a conference and saying France would automatically "recognize a Palestinian state" if peace talks failed.
Islamic Leaders: Yes, Our World is in Crisis But Palestine Must Remain ‘The Central Issue’
Islamic nations’ leaders meeting in Indonesia Monday acknowledged the chaos wracking parts of the Muslim world, but said that should not move the spotlight away from “the central issue” for the world’s Muslim community: Palestine.
A resolution endorsed at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) “extraordinary” summit on the Palestinian issue said the leaders were “aware of the tragic spread of crises” in the Islamic world, including armed conflicts and terrorism.
“Nonetheless,” it said, that situation “should not divert international attention from the cause of Palestine and al-Quds al-Sharif [Jerusalem], which must remain the central issue of the Islamic ummah [global community].”
Hamas frogman dies in training accident
A member of Hamas’s military wing died during a training exercise Wednesday morning, according to a statement released by the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.
The man was named as Suleiman Mohammed al-Ayadi from the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.
Local sources told the Palestinian news site Milad that al-Ayadi, 22, drowned during a training session with the al-Qassam Brigade’s frogman unit.
A tweet from the official al-Qassam Brigades account showed a picture of the deceased and quoted a popular Quranic verse about martyrdom.
Egyptian court to consider ruling Hamas a terrorist organization
An Egyptian lawyer has filed a lawsuit seeking to label Hamas a terrorist organization, following the recent declaration by the Egyptian interior minister on the movement's involvement in the assassination of Egypt’s public prosecutor.
The lawsuit, submitted by Tarek Mahmoud, will be heard in the Alexandria Court of Urgent Matters on March 23. Mahmoud told al-Arabia news site Tuesday: "The remarks by the Egyptian interior minister during the press conference he held prove that Hamas is a terror organization which trained the terrorists who carried out the terror attack against the Egyptian public prosecutor.
Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, was killed by a car bomb in Cairo in June 2015. He was the most senior state official assassinated since the toppling in mid-2013 of elected president Mohammad Morsi.
"According to Hamas's charter, the movement regards itself as the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, which indicates that Hamas has carried out this terror attack and attacks that hit Egypt recently on the behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood," Mahmoud stated.
MEMRI: Article In Iraqi Newspaper: Iraq Needs A Hitler To Stop The Jews Who Are Planning A Takeover Of Iraq
On March 6, 2016, the Iraqi daily Al-Zaman published an article titled "Iraq Needs Hitler" by Karim Al-Taee that quoted some of Hitler's statements about the Jews from Mein Kampf stating that they were correct also about the Jews today in Iraq.
The article added that the Jews living in northern Iraq today have a secret plan to take over Mosul, in order to prepare for a Jewish-Western takeover of all Iraq's resources. They are doing this by means of distracting the Iraqis, overloading the political arena with bogus issues, and by means of taking advantage of the Iraqi MPs that they control.
The following are translated excerpts from the article:
"Hitler said: 'I could have killed all the Jews, but I kept some [alive] so the world would understand why I killed them.'
"When I read Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf, I discovered that the situation from which Germany suffered is identical to that which has beset Iraq ever since the 2003 replacement [of the Saddam Hussein regime] in 2003. The main reason for the war in Germany was the Jews, because they weakened the nation and its people and [completely] consumed [the country's] resources. They exploited [their control] of funds and the interest [earned on them] in order to attain the most senior positions in the state, and to kill its people both spiritually by poisoning their minds with ideas distancing the people from their nationalism and affiliation, and physically by starving them and making the daily concern about food into their main worry.
Wounded Syrians Treated in Israel ‘Overwhelmed With Gratitude,’ Says IDF Medical Corps Deputy Surgeon General (INTERVIEW)
“At first, they were afraid to be treated by Israelis, whom they were taught their whole lives are their worst enemies,” the deputy surgeon general of the IDF Medical Corps told The Algemeiner this week. “But once they began to accept our medical help, they became overwhelmed with gratitude and their entire attitude towards us changed.”
Col. Dr. Tarif Bader was referring to the many wounded Syrians who have crossed the border into Israel from their war-torn country to receive top-tier care, both at the IDF field hospital set up along the border and at official medical centers in the north of the country.
Since 2013, Bader said, the IDF has been administering the same advanced care to Syrians injured in the fighting between President Assad’s forces (backed by Russia and Iran) and rebel groups as it does to Israeli civilians and soldiers. This, emphasized Bader, is “without selection or prying into their ethnic background or side in the conflict” that has led to the death of an estimated 200,000 combatants and civilians over the past five years.
“But this is in keeping with what we teach our teams in the military medical academy: that their job is to treat all injured people, regardless of who they are, and the only thing they have to do in primary triage is to treat those with the most serious injuries first, including if they are terrorists,” he said.

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