Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Salafists release video of rocket launch to Eilat

The Salafi group Mujahideen Shura Council of Jerusalem released Wednesday a documentation of two Grad rockets at the direction of Eilat in Israel's south.

After presenting masked men as they are firing the rockets, the video features with the image of US President Barack Obama during his visit to Israel, as he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are reviewing the Iron Dome system – with a caption reading "The cardboard domes will not protect you."

The video later presents images signifying, according to the group, "The Judaization of Jerusalem and the torture of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons."

The group has claimed responsibility for Wednesday morning for firing rockets at Eilat, according to Arab media.

The IDF is looking into the failure of the Red Alert siren to forewarn Eilat residents from the rockets. Some witness accounts indicated the siren sounded moments after both rockets fell to the ground, causing massive echo across the southern Israeli town.
Am I crazy, or were both Grads pointed in different directions?

Also note how the jihadists take all the time in the world to set the rockets up.