Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's paranoid ramblings from a PressTV columnist

I enjoyed this one:
Prior to the establishment of what we know today as Israel, there were several attempts made to establish a homeland for Jewish people in other places throughout the world.

What appears to be the most successful attempt to establish the Jews in a homeland of their own is found approximately 5,000 miles east of Moscow close to the Chinese/Russian border in a town called Birobidzahn. Birobidzahn is the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR). This region was established by Joseph Stalin in 1928 as the first official Jewish homeland.

...According to the JAR official website, the Jewish settlers were given land, farm equipment and money donated by the various Jewish organizations and some sympathetic countries. This being the case, we are left to ask ourselves why an additional Jewish homeland was required and why in Palestine? Why weren’t the Jews who were evacuated from Germany and other parts of Europe after the Holocaust in Germany, not taken to their Jewish homeland in Russia, a homeland that by then was well established and at peace, the new settlers living peacefully among the people who were native to the region?

The answer is obvious. The Jewish homeland in Russia was not Zionist, it was Jewish.

What they apparently wanted was the land of Palestine, at least to start.

[Herzl] was looking for a base of operation from which a colony of militant extremist Zionist terrorists would be equipped with weapons by their Western sponsors.

In gratitude, these extremists would serve the British Crown and other Western powers as a military outpost. This outpost would serve as a launch pad for a series of wars and revolutions in the region that would culminate in the Zionist domination of the Muslim world. ...It was to conquer and to hold Jerusalem (al-Quds) and from Jerusalem (al-Quds) to dominate the entire Muslim world. It is quite possible that the grand Faustian deal struck between Herzl and the British Crown, resulting in the very unpopular Balfour Declaration was perhaps an agreement to allow Zionists to settle Palestine for that purpose.

Could it be that Herzl imagined that once Zionists had conquered Palestine, they would expand throughout the Muslim world through a series of revolutions? Is it possible that Herzl felt that anti-Semitism, would suffice to get Zionists into Palestine, but revolutions would be required for Zionism to spread and to dominate the Muslim world and to create Eretz Israel? Does this explain what we see today in Syria and the UK’s and France’s insistence that Israel be aided by NATO and the Western powers in its attempts at regime change and expansion into Syria? Does Herzl’s plan explain what happened in Libya and why Qaddafi was first driven from power and then seemingly killed?

There is little doubt that such ideas will be dismissed as mere conspiracy theory. Even so, we can say for certain, that no other theory suits so perfectly, the events in Palestine since 1948, including the 1967 war leading up to today’s headlines.
Why else could Jews have been interested in living in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel except to run roughshod over a billion Muslims? It all makes so much sense!