Monday, December 10, 2012

Jordan pushes Jerusalem as "eternal capital of Arab culture"

Qudsmedia reports that Jordan is pushing an initiative to declare Jerusalem as the "eternal capital of Arab culture."

Officials are pushing the idea of Jerusalem cultural festivals "to affirm the importance of the city and its holy sites."

During Jordan's illegal occupation of Jerusalem, while it did encourage pilgrims to visit to gain tourist dollars, the nation did little to actually improve the city. King Abdullah II's father famously never visited Jerusalem after his own grandfather, Abdullah I, was assassinated in the Al Aqsa mosque.

Jordan did attempt to Islamicize Jerusalem. Not only did it destroy over 50 synagogues in the city and thousands of Jewish graves in the Mount of Olives, and deny Jews from visiting holy places there, but it also placed restrictions on Christian land ownership and schools in the city.

In 2009, Jerusalem was named the Capital of Arab Culture. The half-built website still exists where pains are taken to deny any Jewish connection to the city. Interestingly, most Arab nations all but ignored the initiative.

As usual, Arabs are using the word "culture"  as cover for politics.