Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Video: Islamic Jihad leader admits receiving missiles from Iran

Mayadeen TV (pan-Arab TV channel based out of Lebanon), November 15th, interview of Khaled Al-Batsh, a senior Islamic Jihad leader by Ghassan Bin Jiddo.

Ghassan Bin Jiddo: Mr. Khaled Al-Batsh, the Fajr 5 missiles, where do you get them from? Are they manufactured locally, or are they from outside the Palestinian lands?)

Khaled Al-Batsh (via phone): Of course they are 100% Iranian made, received by the Resistance in the framework of the legitimate aid which the Islamic Republic gives to the Palestinian people. This is well known, and was published in the media.

By the way, this same Ghassan Bin Jiddo was the TV host who celebrated the birthday of child-murderer Samir Kuntar in this stomach-turning video from 2008:

(h/t Al Gharqad)

UPDATE: This JPost article seems to confirm my conjecture yesterday that some of the rockets are manufactured in Gaza according to Iranian blueprints:

The deputy leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nakhleh, has said that rockets fired by Hamas and the “Palestinian resistance” at Israeli towns and cities are of Iranian origin, Lebanon’s el-Nashra newspaper reported on Monday.
Some of the weapons were manufactured locally in an Iranian factory, Nakhleh said, adding that the rockets Hamas has fired at Tel Aviv have a range of “up to 80 kilometers.”