Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday links

From Ian:

Stand with Us: So, you think you know a lot about HAMAS?

Israel was planning to hit Haniyeh, went for Jabari instead, Kuwaiti report says

[Sorry, but Kuwaiti media simply make things up. All the time. I have never once seen a Kuwaiti "scoop" pan out. I cannot believe they still get any attention in YNet or TOI. - EoZ]

How the World Saved Hamas 20 Years Ago
"The expulsion of top Hamas leaders from Israel would have made it difficult for the terrorist group to continue its operations in Gaza and the West Bank. It would have dampened their strategic use of terrorism and made it easier to implement a peace plan. Only a madman would have objected to it.
Or so one might think."
Satire: 2016: Palestinian Diary
"Sometimes—even most of the time—being a leader means having to pretend. I had many differences with Raouf, but when he became “Arafat” he showed me and others just how far you could get by talking out of both sides one’s mouth. He was invited to the UN, and he got a Nobel Peace Prize for tricking the Zionists into thinking he actually wanted to make friends with them. He was a genius, that Raouf. And he was never even coached and trained the way the Russian KGB taught me. He was a natural dissimulator. Perhaps that is the reason he took the nickname “Abu ‘Amaar,” recalling ‘Amaar, the first Muslim to practice taqiyya, the art of Islamic deception."

Shame on Anyone Who Ever Thought Mohammad Morsi Was a Moderate
"Washington ought to have known by now that “democratic dialogue” is virtually impossible with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now mobilizing throughout Egypt to defend Morsi’s edict. The reason is that it is not a “democratic party” at all. Rather, it is a cultish organization that was never likely to moderate once it had grasped power."

Egypt’s top Islamist expects assassination of liberal figures
"A senior member of Egypt’s former militant Islamist group al-Gamaa al-Islamiya has warned that liberal politicians and intellectuals who oppose President Mohammed Mursi’s latest constitutional declaration could face a campaign of targeted assassinations starting from December."

Americans in Israel Sue Clinton for US Funding of Arab Terror
Two dozen Americans in Israel are suing Hillary Clinton for negligence in allowing the US to fund the PA, which used money for terror.

BBC’s Donnison May Lose Press Credentials After Blaming Israel for Syrian Child Victim in Tweet
"Walla news reports that Israel’s Information Ministry is exploring the possibility of denying Jon Donnison press credentials. According to the report Donnison has been invited to a hearing on Wednesday at the Government Press Office."
[This was verified by BBCWatch.] 

CAMERA: PBS Gaza Coverage Partisan, Shoddy, Unbalanced

Huffington Post Falsely Claims More Than Half of All Gaza Victims in Recent Conflict Were Children

BBC Watch: Examining the BBC’s portrayal of Operation ‘Pillar of Cloud’ as Israeli electioneering
"In other words, the BBC’s ‘it’s all because of the Israeli elections’ theme was clearly based on its promoters’ personal perceptions of specific Israeli politicians rather than on fact-based analysis and an understanding of the Israeli political scene."

BBC Radio 4 dances with the ‘apartheid’ trope
"Instead – as we have seen happen on various BBC outlets with increasing frequency of late – it provided a platform for an anti-Israel activist, supporting what is ultimately a racist cause, to spout factually incorrect propaganda posing as an ‘opinion’ – unchallenged. "

Operation Pillar of Defense Brings Out the Crazy
Jewish communities across the globe see protests, vitriolic chants

Vienna protesters call for 'death to Jews'

Following Gaza's Ceasefire, Cleveland Rally Calls For the Destruction of Israel

Montreal radio host suspended over caller’s anti-Semitic statements
Jacques Fabi didn’t correct remark that Holocaust was a ‘beautiful thing’

Italy’s Jewish leaders denounce mounting anti-Semitism
Unusually assertive public statement takes on soaring increases in vandalism, hate speech
and outright violence

Top English soccer team investigated for anti-Semitism
West Ham fans heard hissing — imitating the sound of gas chambers — at a match against Tottenham, which draws a large Jewish fan base

Dutch TV spoofs Netanyahu speech about targeting Gaza civilians
Satirical video shows prime minister bragging to Hillary Clinton about killing innocents

Exposé: the Vatican Welcomes Iran
"Hizbullah's officials, the Shiite terrorist group based in Lebanon, were hosted in Rome by the Vatican during the recent ceremony for the election of six new cardinals. Among the new cardinals is the Lebanese Patriarch, Bechara Boutros Rai."

'Russia supplying arms to Syria under old contracts'
Medvedev says Moscow is neutral on Syrian conflict; Russia also printed banknotes for Syria, dispatched via Iranian airspace.

French consulate hosts terrorist who planned to kill top Israeli rabbi
Salah Hamouri, who spent seven years in prison for his part in a plot to assassinate Ovadia Yosef, was a guest of honor at Jerusalem function

Seventy years after the Donau, what has Norway learned?
On the anniversary of the country’s largest transport of Jews to Auschwitz, a Norwegian journalist ponders the history and future of a tiny, endangered minority

French Writer-Filmmaker Explores Region Where Chinese and Korean Children Learn Yiddish (VIDEO)

Cracking a codebreaker’s birthday code
Three Israeli kids — one of them just 9 — sifted through a half billion 0′s and 1′s, and came up with a birthday present that would have made master cryptanalyst Alan Turing proud

Sesame synchrotron is a flash of unity in Middle East
"The plan is for a multi-million-pound synchrotron particle accelerator, known as Sesame.
It has backing from several Arab nations, together with Turkey, Pakistan, Cyprus, Iran and - astonishingly - Israel as well."

Israel in the frame (II)
Ten of the world’s top Instagramers take on the Holy Land