Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today's fake PCHR "civilian"

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights wrote:

At approximately 09:00, an Israeli drone fired a missile in the vicinity of Dabbour farmland in Jabalya. As a result, Mustafa Awadh Mustafa Abu Hmaidan, 23, was killed.

They did not identify him as a member of an "armed group," meaning they assumed he is a civilian and apparently counted him as such.

Here is a photo of Mr. Hmaidan:

And here is his obituary from Hamas, where his Jihadist life is displayed and he is revealed to have been killed while in an act of "jihad." Interestingly, he joined the Al Qassam brigades while attending a UNRWA school in Jabalia.

This is the first obituary on the Al Qassam website from Pillar of Defense. Hamas does not want the world to know how many of the "civilians" were terrorists, and (as with Cast Lead) they will only reveal them in a trickle over the next few months. Their assumption is that by the time the numbers are added up and we can prove that the majority of those killed were terrorists, the damage from the lies by PCHR, the Gaza health minister and others will have already been done.