Monday, November 19, 2012

The funny case of Moshe Rotoor, or how pin-up girls can win the war

From Haaretz, one of their examples of psychological warfare on the digital battlefield:

Thousands received emails from one "Moshe Rotoor," using a Russian account, who claims in broken Hebrew that "the military censorship of military intelligence is hiding the information about the attacks on our soldiers on the border of Gaza. See the picture of the field of death in which our soldiers are falling in Gaza." YouTube videos enclosed in the email claim to show an IDF jeep hit by an anti-tank missile. In reality it is a jeep belonging to the Reuters news agency that was hit on the border on Friday.

Notice the "field of death"? Hamas "martyrs" are regularly described as having fallen in the "playground of death."

I have received two emails from "Rotoor," but in the second email he admits to being a member of Hamas! He claims that Hamas has far more rockets than Israel assumes, and to watch out for long, dark night, but he signs it the Al Qassam Brigades.

Yet Hamas is using "Rotoor" in its own internal propaganda to prove to Gazans that Israelis secretly admit to more casualties, and are "secretly" publishing videos to YouTube showing how many Israelis are really dying. Of course, the YouTube channel is named for the fictional Moshe Rotoor.

So far, Hamas' attempts to manipulate Israelis have been laughable. But their attempts to do so show that they are projecting their own fears onto Israelis. Which gives us an opening to easily win this game.

Time to kick this psychological warfare up a notch.

Let's spam Gaza email addresses with photos of 1940s-era pin-up girls asking a very easy question:

Now, that will demoralize the terrorists!