Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Showing insecurity, Hamas threatens Gazans who spy for Israel

Even though Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been emphasizing in their media over the past couple of years about how terrible and dangerous it is to collaborate with Israel, the Ahmad Jabari assassination today shows that there are still plenty of Israeli human intelligence on the ground in Gaza.

And they are not happy.

Felesteen reports that Hamas' interior ministry promised to go after "spies and traitors." In a statement, they said "our security will hunt down and strike with an iron fist all who are tempted to tamper with internal security and we will pursue them everywhere, as confirmed by the vigilance of our security services to protect the home front and secure the back of the resistance and the service of the Palestinian people."

The ministry also had harsh words for Arab leaders and the international community  who have not been publicly supporting Hamas' rocket barrages towards Israeli civilians.

Despite the harsh words, the impression given is that Hamas feels isolated in the world and insecure even among its own people.

Which is quite good news.