Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Egypt pretending to want peace - but allowing jihadists to join Gaza terrorists

From an Al Monitor translation of a story in Al Masry al Youm:

Islamic leaders said that the majority of Salafist jihadists in the Sinai traveled to the Gaza Strip to join the Palestinian resistance. Jihadist leaders in Cairo held a meeting yesterday [Nov. 18] to examine the possibility of dispatching a second group to Gaza to resist the Israeli Defense Forces and prevent the aggression against Palestinians from continuing.

This comes as well-informed sources within the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed that a delegation of 10 youths from the Brotherhood in the Sinai traveled to Gaza to join the resistance. The sources said that a number of youths from the Brotherhood decided to travel yesterday [Nov. 18] to join the Al-Qassam Brigades and their struggle against Israel.

Salafist leader Sheikh Mohammed Muftah, known as Abu Yahya, revealed that the majority of Salafists in the Sinai traveled to Gaza since the first strike was launched by the “Jewish enemy.”

He said, “The Islamists are preparing themselves to fight for the cause of Allah,” adding that the coming days will see Salafist youth traveling from all Egyptian provinces to the Gaza Strip.

The Salafist jihadist operatives held an emergency meeting yesterday [Nov. 18] to discuss ways to support the people of Gaza and prepare those who would travel to Gaza after that the first group recently traveled across the border.

Morgan Salem, a leader of the Salafist jihadists, said, “Supporting the people of Gaza is a constant activity with different mechanisms; this is either provided materially or in the form of jihadists.”

For his part, the Hazem Abu Ismail movement's spokesman, Gamal Saber, launched an initiative to support Gaza designed to send youth from the Islamic movement to the Palestinian territory to to assist the people of Gaza in confronting the enemy and to provide fighters in Palestine with sufficient money and weapons to fight “the enemy of God.”
The story notes that the Muslim Brotherhood is discouraging its members from joining the fighting, which is a bit different than what a Freedom and Justice Party official said that MB youth were poised to enter.

Either way, it is clear that Egypt is aware of many Egyptians who want to fight in Gaza, and there is no indication that it is stopping any of them from traveling there.

The US needs to have this issue clarified as soon as possible. An Egypt that supports the jihadists cannot be an honest broker between Israel and Hamas.

(h/t Lachlan)