Saturday, November 03, 2012

Abbas explicitly affirms the "right of return," says Israel might assassinate him

Mahmoud Abbas has explicitly affirmed that he in no way, shape or form was weakening the long-standing Palestinian Arab demand to destroy Israel demographically using the bogus "right of return" in an interview on Israeli TV on Thursday. After much criticism from Arabs across the board, he said, as  I predicted, that he was only speaking about his own personal position, but not about the bogus "right" as a whole.

The PA's official WAFA news agency reports that Abbas claims that his words in the interview were taken out of context. He then said that "my talk about Safed was my personal position, but it does not mean a waiver of the right of return. No one can waive the right of return, all international texts and resolutions of Arab and Islamic states speak of 'a just and agreed solution on the issue of refugees in accordance with UN Resolution 194', and the words 'agreed' means the agreement must be made with the Israeli side."

He said that the so-called "right of return" would be put to a referendum to Palestinian Arabs who have been brainwashed for generations that they have such a right, and who have been refused citizenship in most Arab countries based on their own explicit discrimination against them, making such a referendum a fait accompli.

Abbas stressed that "the issue of refugees is sacred."

Abbas also claimed that Israel might consider assassinating him "like what happened with the late martyr Abu Ammar [Yasir Arafat.]"

Now, will the media that fell over themselves to report Abbas was showing new flexibility correct themselves now that Abbas has proven that he has once again not changed the official PLO position one bit since 1988?

Yeah, right.