Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Palestinian Arab kids are overweight than underweight

The Lancet is reporting that there is a "Double burden of undernutrition and obesity in Palestinian schoolchildren."

Data were obtained from 1484 (99%) of 1500 students. Prevalence of stunting was 97 (7%) of 1446 and underweight 94 (7%) of 1444 students. 180 (12%) of 1444 students were overweight and 86 (6%) obese. ...Obesity was more prevalent in UNRWA schools than in government schools (56 [7%] vs 30 [4%]; 1·63, 1·06–2·51; p=0·0246).

The data indicate that 18% of PalArab schoolchildren are overweight or obese, vs. 14% who are underweight or stunted.

This means that roughly the same percentage of PalArab children are overweight or obese as in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

Surprisingly, the abstract doesn't blame Israel for force-feeding fat Palestinian Arab kids the way that anti-Israel activists have blamed Israel for starving them in the past.

But I'm sure it is only a matter of time until the Lancet notices that the kids who throw rocks at Israelis are in better physical condition than those who watch TV all day - so the obvious recommendation will be to encourage more rock throwing.

While this study does not seem to blame Israel, The Lancet has a history of pushing junk science for the anti-Israel cause.

Previous studies have shown that there are lots of overweight Palestinian Arab adults as well.