Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kuwaiti politician accuses Muslim Brotherhood of being Jewish!

Arabic media, including Akhbarak and Egypt's El Barad, are reporting that Safa Al-Hashem, activist and political candidate for the Kuwaiti parliament, has launched a sharp attack on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Funny, he doesn't look Jewish
He said the Brotherhood was like poison that has spread in the body of the Arab world under the auspices of America.

Al-Hashem told Al-Watan-Kuwait that the Brotherhood has a plan to deploy this poison in the Gulf, and he claims that Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was really a Moroccan immigrant of Jewish descent! According to al-Hashem, al-Banna really meant the "Jewish brotherhood" when he founded the organization.

Dr. Mohamed Badie, leader of the Brotherhood, suggested that al-Hashem read history instead of hiding behind "the guise of religion."

The bottom line is that both the Islamists and the anti-Islamists in the Arab world can be counted on to be anti-semitic. Not only that, but the fact that someone can make such an accusation in order to defame a person or group proves that they know that the entire Arab world is anti-semitic as well - otherwise, it wouldn't be an insult!