Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane update and Tuesday links

I am still without power and without my T Mobile hotspot on my phone that would allow me to blog on a laptop. Blogging on an iPhone, as I am doing now, is painful.

And I can't easily get to my job.

So it looks like this blog will be on a hiatus with only occasional updates.

So for now, here is the Tuesday link dump, unformatted, from Ian:

IDF Blog: Hamas Terrorists Firing Rockets on Israel from Houses in Gaza
"The terror group Hamas benefits from using its own people as human shields. When the IDF refrains from firing into densely populated areas, such as neighborhoods or suburbs, the terror organization becomes less vulnerable by default. Most of Hamas' military infrastructure is purposely placed in the middle of Gaza City and scattered throughout crowded refugee camps, further putting civilians in the direct line of fire."

UK academic union faces claims of ‘institutional anti-Semitism’
Severe anti-Israel bias ‘makes Jews feel uncomfortable and unwelcome,’ lecturer charges in landmark tribunal
"The UK’s trade union for academics, the University and College Union, is “institutionally anti-Semitic,” a London employment tribunal heard Monday.
The claim was made on the opening day of a potentially landmark case, which partially revolves around UCU’s resolutions concerning an academic boycott of Israel."

CIF Watch: Six more Palestinian ‘building inspectors’. Again, no context.
“The caption failed to mention the attack against Israel which precipitated the IDF operation – a grad rocket launched from Gaza that morning which destroyed a house in Netivot and injured several Israelis – nor that the building in Nuseirat was reportedly a weapons manufacturing facility.

Seumas Milne, antisemitism and “the usual internet suspects”.
“Milne wasn’t condemning Holocaust revisionism. He was merely defending Stalinist revisionism.
Those of us among “the usual internet suspects” need not offer an ounce of gratitude to those who cynically champion the cause of dead Jews but seemingly remain indifferent to the aspirations of living Jews.”

BBC Watch: BBC report on Jews in Tunisia tainted by agenda-driven addition
"So, despite numerous examples, including the massacre of Jews in Baghdad in 1828, mass forced conversions in the Persian city of Meshed in 1839, the Damascus blood libel in 1840, the pogroms in Morocco in 1905, the 1929 Hebron massacre and the Farhud in 1941, the BBC once more returns to the simplistic narrative of contextualising prejudice and violence against Jews from Arab lands solely as a reaction to Israel and Zionism."

PMW: PA TV teaches children paradise is reward for martyrdom
“PA TV music video featuring Muhammad Al-Dura, the boy who was killed in a televised crossfire (apparently by Palestinians). Al-Dura calls other children to follow him to joyous child-Martyr Paradise. Al-Dura is shown frolicking joyously on the beach, with his kite, and even going to an amusement park.”

IDF busts Hamas cell in Ramallah, arrests 30 members
Suspects allegedly sought to rebuild Islamist terror cells in Hebron and Bethlehem

Jewish Leaders Blame Hillary Clinton For 'Legitimizing' Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Party
"Israel has expressed “deep concern” at a political breakthrough by an extremist party in Ukraine that is well known for its attacks on Jews and foreigners, and which managed to win a large number of parliamentary seats for the first time on Sunday thanks to an election pact with controversial opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party. The opposition was also boosted by the tacit support of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

Sherrod Brown's Controversial Comments on Obamacare, Iran, Israel
"The senator refused to affirm Jerusalem as capital of Israel, merely stating the following:
I understand the symbolism of it, I’ve been to Jerusalem a number of times. I understand the importance of it, I understand the volatility of it. The Dome of the Rock is the center in many ways of three religions, at least three religions say that. So I understand all that."

Anti-harassment activist “depressed”
In Cairo, at least 87 harassers were arrested; most of them in Downtown where many people go to cinemas, restaurants and other public places to celebrate Eid, which represents the peak season for harassment.

Angry mob bars church goers in Beni Suef (Egypt)

Iranian warships dock in Sudan, days after alleged Israeli airstrike
Naval commanders of two states to meet, as Tehran conveys ‘message of peace and friendship’

Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in French town
Notices call on locals to ‘drive out the Jews’ from small town near Lyon

Their brother's keepers, Schalit and unit tour US schools
“On the one-year anniversary of his release, Gilad Schalit embarked on a speaking tour in New York City and Connecticut, accompanied by 17 soldiers from his old unit. The unit as a whole was affected psychologically by the abduction. Many still suffer from forms of post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor's guilt, insomnia, anxiety attacks, and anger. “

Israeli tech firms raise $488 mln in Q3 from VCs
Israeli high-tech firms raised $488 million in venture capital in the third quarter, up 8 percent from the second quarter, the Israel Venture Capital (IVC) Research Center said on Tuesday.