Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here's a fundraising idea for the Arabs "defending Jerusalem"

Every so often, I come across Arabic sites that talk about various Muslim organizations are raising funds to "defend Jerusalem." While they raise millions of dollars, it is never enough. (I have a sneaking suspicion that there is not much transparency in these supposed charities, and that a great deal of the money raised ends up in pious people's pockets.)

But I have a win-win idea that can help them raise funds.

You know how when you go on an amusement park ride, or embark on a boat ride, people take pictures of you and your significant other to sell it to you as a souvenir of your trip?

Well, the Islamists are already taking tons of photos of unsuspecting Jews who visit the Temple Mount. Like this one from today, for example:

That could be a great souvenir shot that this couple can show their grandchildren! Why put it on the Internet for free when you can charge a few shekels for it? Maybe make a cheap plastic commemorative frame to jack up the price!

Islamists can make trinkets that say "I did a Talmudic ritual - in Islam's third holiest place!", "Proud Settler" and "I'm a usurper par excellence!"

This will help the economy of Arab Jerusalem more than any number of unpaid pledges.

Muslims should take some of the spaces they use now for volleyball nets on the Temple Mount and build a gift shop to fleece those usurping Jews. Everyone will end up happy.