Monday, September 10, 2012

Muslims freak over "Judaizing" Christian concert south of Temple Mount

The Aqsa Foundation has released another seething press release that has been copied verbatim throughout the Arabic media world about the latest Israeli crimes.

And today's crime was a concert held last night by the southern wall of the Temple Mount.

The Foundation says that this concert, attracting foreign tourists, in the days before Rosh Hashanah, is another manifestation of Judaizing Jerusalem.

The Foundation complained that the sound of the music could be heard at the Al Aqsa Mosque and "confused" worshipers, which apparently is a human rights violation. They also really disliked the fact that there were dancers.

The photos of the concert provided in the article show that the singers and the audience were anything but Jewish:

Hmmm... that last photo makes it very hard to argue that the concerts were meant to "Judaize" Jerusalem!

The Al Aqsa Foundation also noted that Jews have been flocking to the Kotel at midnight and early morning to perform the Selichot services done every year before Rosh Hashanah and up until Yom Kippur. They declared that these concerts and prayers will never destroy the Islamic character of Jerusalem.

Notably, when it is in their interest, the Muslim leaders will cooperate with Christian dhimmi leaders of Jerusalem to complain about "Judaization" of the city, but when they are by themselves they will not admit any Christian history in Jerusalem either.