Monday, September 03, 2012

Latest freakout for Muslims: Bar Mitzvahs at the Kotel!

Well, it only took 45 years, but the Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation has discovered that many Jewish 13-year old boys have their Bar Mitzvah ceremonies at the Kotel.

And, as usual, they are freaking out. (The autotranslation is pretty funny so I left some of the bizarre translations in.)

The Aqsa Heritage Foundation released a statement Monday, 9/3/2012 saying that the Israeli occupation invents new ways to Judaize monuments and the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem and the area around the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Recently, they have increased the so-called "biblical baptism at the Wailing Wall" offering a free ceremony for Jewish youth from all over the country and funded directly from the Office of Israeli Prime Minister. The "Aqsa Foundation" said that such events are intended to Judaize the most important monuments directly linked to the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Wailing Wall, and asserted that the Wailing Wall is an integral part of the al-Aqsa mosque.

According to "Aqsa Foundation" monitors there have been many recent concerts that are held in the Buraq, under the title "puberty concerts at the Wailing Wall", or what might be called "biblical baptism at the Wailing Wall" for free. They set up concerts of adulthood for young Jews from all regions, from Jerusalem and beyond, where they are organizing a private bus carrying family members, including young Jews celebrating by reaching 13 years, to outside the Mughrabi Gate where they hold  dances and songs and biblical hymns, and then to be admitted to the area of Buraq beside the Wailing Wall, and are "baptized in Torah" and carry a "travel Torah - the Tanach" and dance at the squares and then admitted to the synagogue adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The costs of this "baptism" are taken care by the so-called "fund to maintain the legacy of the Western Wall" - a government-owned company directly subordinate to the office of the Israeli Prime Minister, which is being promoted through a special website, including explanations for the ceremony, video clips and a photo album.
The photos they are using to illustrate this terrible trend comes from a private tour guide who specializes in Kotel Bar Mitzvahs.

But the website they are referring to is, I think, this one from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. I don't believe it is funded by the Prime Minister's office.

This press release is being propagated all over the Arabic media, from Egypt to the UAE.

The very idea of Jews doing strange puberty rituals in front of the Kotel with singing, dancing and Torahs apparently strikes a nerve.