Thursday, April 12, 2012

Early weekend links

I will not be posting anything until Saturday night or Sunday, so have a great weekend/chag sameach!

To tide you over, here are some links:

Another British group supporting Habima playing at the Globe.

While there are a lot of Israel-haters in USC, it didn't stop a delegation from the school from visiting Israel in February.

Sarah Honig on the bigger picture around Gunter Grass.

Obligatory NYT piece about supposed "Islamophobia" following the Merah murders.

Time for the eight-state solution?

Good morning Tehran! Israeli radio station broadcasts in Farsi, and a lot of Iranians tune in.

The most profane bar mitzvah ever filmed.

The Titanic had a kosher kitchen!

(h/t DKrieger, Norman, Zvi, Ronald)