Thursday, April 12, 2012

The birth of an new Muslim lie

From Al Resalah:
The Jewish settlers are desecrating the Ibrahimi Mosque in Passover this year through burning parts of it, resulted from the candles left behind by the extremist settlers.

"Thousands of Zionists broke into the Ibrahimi Mosque to celebrate the Passover," said Hassan Alrejoub, a Palestinian journalist. "Muslims were thoroughly denied access to the Mosque," added he, " and the Islamic section of the Mosque was burnt because of the candles the Zionists left behind".

Yet Palestine News Network even reported that the fire was accidental and caused no (or little) damage.

Israeli sources show that the fire occurred during early morning prayers on Monday, and from the photos is appears that it was apparently on the Jewish side of the building, inside a structure meant for candles. It was put out by Israeli police using sand and water. There was slight smoke damage. During the incident, Jews were not allowed to enter the building.

Al Resalah also doesn't mention that for ten days a year Jews are denied access to the entire building so Muslims can perform their "Koranic rituals." Nor does it mention that some 81% of the building is used by Muslims during the year.