Saturday, November 27, 2010

People are excited about the Hasby Awards! (corrected)

There have been hundreds of votes so far for the People's Choice Hasby Awards, and the two front-runners are - almost suspiciously - European.

It appears that two sites,  drzz.info and Europe-Israel, have been pushing the awards on their sites, and as a result the early (and possibly insurmountable) lead is for the unique protest against the Museum of Modern Art, Paris.

There are a lot of votes also for Pilar Rahola's essay, which didn't make such big waves when it was first published. She would also be a European favorite.

It's great that the awards are getting international attention, even if they are skewing the results a bit. But I will certainly announce the Readers' Choice awards along with the official Hasby Awards during my live appearance in New York on December 7!

(Correction: I had said that the two sites were campaigning for votes, and they were not. I apologize.)