Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yemen chess players fired for playing against Israel

The MEMRI blog reports:
Yemeni Sports Minister Hamoud 'Abad has fired members of Yemen's Chess Association and chess team.

The players were fired after they played Israel, in the Chess Olympiad currently underway in Russia.
The original article is here. A number of commenters say that the Sports Minister is the one who should resign for allowing the players to participate in the tournament against Israel in the first place, rather than have him fire the players.

One commenter asks the more fundamental question: who won?

Another one answers that is is obvious that Israel won because the minister was probably hoping that Yemen would beat Israel and he could gain a great propaganda victory. I'm not sure about that, but Israel did indeed win, shutting out the Yemeni team 4-0.

Israel plays Indonesia in the next round.