Friday, September 03, 2010

Twit Khameini tweets

Iran's Supreme Leader, Honcho and Big Cheese now tweets!

Today, in honor of Al Quds Day, he tweeted:

Israel Is A Hideous Entity In the Middle East Which Will Undoubtedly Be Annihilated

A half hour later, perhaps thinking that he didn't properly make the point, he added:

Israel Is Rushing Towards Its Decline And Is Doomed To Annihilation.
He also posted this picture:
If "Allah has ordained that Palestine will be liberated" then why is he doing such a poor job of it? Wouldn't things have been easier in 1948?

Anyway, to make his point crystal clear, he tweeted in Farsi:
Israel will be destroyed

Even more amusing was his article in honor of Al Quds day. You see, the day was made up in 1979, and pretty much only Shiites and terrorists who rely on Iran for money (like Hamas and Islamic Jihad) are celebrating this annual hatefest. Other Arab governments have other days of the year to bash Israel - Naqba Day, Balfour Day, Partition Day, the anniversary of the Christian dude who set a fire in Al Aqsa, and pretty much any day that has a "d" in it.

But their failure to embrace Iran's special day really ticks off Khameini. Obviously, they are Zionist!

So he writes on his English website:
The battle against Quds Day by Israel’s official supporters and their allies – which are the unofficial supporters of Israel – is an interesting fight. They created a rival for Quds Day and tried to erase it from people’s minds. In no part of the world of Islam have global powers allowed local governments to encourage people to take part in Quds Day rallies. Unfortunately, the policies of the bullying global powers are influential in many Muslim countries. This is one of the misfortunes of Muslims and the world of Islam. Is there any reason why Muslim governments should not encourage their people to take to the streets on Quds Day? What harm would this do to them? If they support the ideals of Palestine, why do they not allow their people to take part in Quds Day demonstrations?
Does this sound like the supreme leader of a great nation, or a five year old child who didn't get his way? What a tool!

(h/t Foreign Policy blog)