Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Syria also threatens Lebanese civil war

Right after Hezbollah threatened a Lebanese civil war if the UN-sponsored Special Tribunal for Lebanon makes its findings public, its Syrian sponsor seconded the threat. From the WSJ:
Lebanon remains an issue of tension between Washington and Damascus. The U.S. has strongly voiced its support for the U.N. completing its investigation into Mr. Hariri's murder, as well as trying those indicted for the crime at a U.N. court in The Hague.

Mr. Moallem [Walid Moallem, foreign minister of Syria] alleged Monday that the U.N.'s work in Lebanon has been irredeemably "politicized" and that Damascus has received word that members of Hezbollah were soon to be formally charged with the murder. He said that such developments risked plunging Lebanon into a new round of sectarian strife and that the U.N.'s investigation should be replaced by a purely Lebanese investigation to ensure fair treatment.

"We are convinced that a condemnation of the prosecutor of this court against Hezbollah will be a factor of disturbance in Lebanon," Mr. Moallem said.
Hezbollah publicly supported the STL before it was apparent that they were going to be found to be behind the murder.

Still, no outrage from the West over these threats. In fact, there has been little note of them altogether.