Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Russia calls off sale of missiles to Iran

From BBC:
A top Russian general has confirmed that a sale of S-300 air defence missiles to Iran will not go ahead because of UN sanctions.

Gen Nikolai Makarov, head of the general staff, told reporters the missiles were "definitely" subject to new sanctions introduced in June.

At the time, Russia's foreign minister said the S-300 deal was not affected.

Possession of S-300 systems would enhance Iran's defence of its nuclear facilities against attack from the air.

"They are definitely subject to sanctions."

Asked if Russia had torn up its contract with Iran, he replied: "We'll see. That will depend on how Iran behaves."
Not that Russia has an ethical problem selling missiles to rogue states:
Russia will complete the delivery of anti-ship missiles to Syria this year and may sell more arms to the Mideast nation after assessing the impact on the regional balance of power, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said.

“All weapons within the earlier contract will be delivered by year end,” Serdyukov said in an interview in Moscow. Syria has made new requests “that are being considered at present,” he said. “Pre-contract work can last a few months to a few years. There is no guarantee a contract will be signed in the end.”