Monday, September 20, 2010

Report:Hebron terror attackers meant to steal victims' bodies

Al Ahram is reporting that Palestinian Arab security sources have revealed the intent behind the Hamas terror attack that killed two men and two women outside Hebron on August 31st.

According to the report, the point of the attack was not just to disrupt the negotiations that were starting in Washington but to force Israel to impose a siege on all of the West Bank. The intent was not just to murder the victims but to take their bodies away and bury them, and then claim that they had kidnapped them.

The murderers started dragging the bodies out of the car to hide them but an approaching vehicle forced them to flee.

The plan was meant to order to trigger a massive Israeli response, with the IDF occupying large areas under PA control and, they hoped, leading to Mahmoud Abbas' resignation.

The attack was also meant to pressure Israel to release more prisoners, and to force Israel to withdraw from negotiations altogether.

The report says that the attack was planned jointly by the Syrian and Gaza leadership of Hamas.