Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New shooting attack; 2 injured (updated)

From YNet:

The Magen David Adom emergency services' spokesman said Wednesday that two people were injured, apparently after being shot, at the Rimonim junction in Binyamin.

MDA teams are on their way to the scene. No further details are currently available.

My Right Word:
New Shooting Incident Reported; 2 Injured

On the road between Kochav HaShachar and Rimonim.

UPDATE 23:42

One critical; one light.

The car went off the road into a deep ditch.

Helicopter transport to hospital.


The car was traveling between Rimonim Junction and Kochav Yaakov (which would be close to Route 60. The critical wounded is having emergency respiration applied.
Maariv also says one in critical condition.

See the usual Israeli blogs (Israellycool, My Right Word, The Muqata) for updates - I will not be near a computer.

UPDATE: One was moderately injured, the other lightly:
IDF Central Command Spokesman Peter Lerner, who arrived at the site of Wednesday's attack, said the shooting victims managed to get out of the vehicle and flee the scene.

"The wounded came out of the vehicle and ran away to the wadi, where they waited for fear that they would be killed," he said. "Later they climbed back and called for help…the army, Shin Bet, and police have launched an investigation into the incident, yet at this moment there are no leads."

The attackers apparently fired at the Israeli car from a passing vehicle, he said.