Friday, September 03, 2010

Meanwhile, in Lebanon... (updated)

Three breaking news ticker items from Naharnet:

1:00pm Security sources to VDL: Sounds of explosions were heard in one of Hizbullah’s bases in the southern town of Shehabiyyah

1:07pm Future News: A fire erupted in Shehabiyyah and sounds of blasts were heard.

1:15pm Al-Jazeera TV: The Shehabiyyah explosion went off at a house that is believed to be an arms depot.
Work accident!

I'm sure UNIFIL will get right there and condemn Hezbollah for violating the terms of UNSCR 1701 by openly bringing arms into southern Lebanon.


1:30pm Future News: Ambulances and firefighters rushed to the scene where the blast went off.
2:00pm MTV: Sounds of blasts continue to be heard in Shehabiyyeh.

2:15pm VDL: The 3-storey building in Shehabiyyeh is owned by a man from the Salloum family.

It wasn't too hard to find a connection between people named Salloum and Hezbollah.