Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Islamic Jihad tallies up their part of the intifada

Islamic Jihad has released a set of statistics on the tenth anniversary of the start of the terror spree known as the second intifada.

Since September 28, 2000, Islamic Jihad is boasting of 654 "martyrs" - meaning members of the terror group that have been killed.

They were behind 101 "martyrdom operations" (suicide bombings) killing, they say, 199 Israelis.

During this time period they boast of launching 2357 rockets and 848 mortar shells into Israel.

Last night, the IDF added three more to the ranks of the "martyred" as a group of Islamic Jihad terrorists were killed while they were trying to launch more rockets into Israel.

Allah willing, the number of Islamic Jihad martyrs will continue to increase into the tens of thousands in a similar fashion.