Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hamas Gaza "refugee" group denounces UNRWA

Hamas paper Palestine Times has an article about "The Committee on the Affairs of Palestinian Refugees" and its problems with UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip.

Among their problems:

- The creation of a UNRWA Women's Committee meant to foster equal rights between men and women is really meant to end chastity and purity.

- UNRWA sometimes sponsors trips for students where they are in danger of meeting Jews and Zionists.

- UNRWA schools were rumored to have taught about the Holocaust which teaches students to sympathize with Jews

- Some schools have more females than males, causing them to have more female teachers than male teachers

- UNRWA salaries are too high

- UNRWA's services have decreased as their budget gets stretched.

It seems that the more that Arabs complain about UNRWA, the more that UNRWA defends them.

(h/t Ali)