Wednesday, September 22, 2010

George Galloway whines that he is "exiled from Palestine" (updated)

From Ma'an:
Former British MP George Galloway appealed to Egypt on Wednesday to reconsider the government's decision to deny him entry to the country as he heads the fifth Viva Palestina convoy heading for Gaza.

"I have no wish to have a fight with the Egyptian government; my fight is with Israel," Galloway said in a statement issued from Paris.

"I am already forbidden to enter Palestine by Israel. If I am now unable to enter through Egypt this amounts to an exile from Palestine, a country I have struggled for these last thirty five years and which is deep in my heart."
Wow, it sounds like Galloway is claiming a "right of return"!

Perhaps the Egyptian policeman who was killed in the protests that his group sparked was merely a victim of his "fight against Israel."

Update: I just recalled that Galloway's group fought with Egyptian security forces in March of 2009 as well.